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Interview with William Jarrell Looney, 5 July, 1982

Notes from Interview with William Jarrell "Bill" Looney, Marietta, GA July 5, 1982 by Teresa McVeigh. He recounts his father's life, his early life and time in the Army during World War II.

(After his mother died) Mortimer Looney was raised by old maid aunts--the kids were split up.

Earl Mortimer Looney came there [Lexington, GA] as a school teacher. He taught all age boys--math, English, and literature. He specialized in math. When they got married he was 30 and she was 20. He was born and raised in Fayetteville, AR. He got a business degree from a business school in Arkansas. His father moved to Lexington, GA.

Father and mother married and lived in Lexington. Hogan Jackson, a wealthy shyster, had a chance to open a bank in competition with a Dr. Horseley’s bank. The money was from Dr. Horseley and his brother ran it.

Father ran the bank in Boaz--he was head cashier. The bottom fell out of the cotton market (about 1921) . The tragedy was that the owner wanted all mortgages foreclosed and people put out on the street. Father refused to do that. Hogan Jackson fired him. The family moved to Atlanta where he got into the real estate business and sold real estate in Florida. Earl and Elizabeth got jobs in Atlanta. Carrie Tiller Jarrell lived with the family. It was the only place she could go; her brother wouldn't take her in.

The real estate boom in Florida busted. Dad moved back to Atlanta and he had cancer. (He had worked in a bank in Atlanta before Boaz.) They moved back to Boaz because Carrie wanted to live there. Dad wanted to die there; he was unable to work by then.
He had cancer of the prostate. It was too far gone when they found it about three years later. He was 57 when he died.

(After Mortimer Looney died) Carrie [Tiller Jarrell], Mary, Bill, and Dobby Looney came to Atlanta and lived with Earle and Elizabeth Looney. Earle was working at the Federal Reserve Bank--he had a banking degree from a business college. Elizabeth was working at Texaco bookkeeping. They didn’'t move right back to Atlanta--they stayed in Boaz [AL] for a while. Carrie had dizzy spells. She fell trying to catch a baby chicken and broke her hip. They had to stay there two years--Mary nursed her. Then they moved to Cornelia because Uncle Henry [Jarrell] said he'’d help look out for Carrie. She lived with him in his two story house. He was a dentist. The children went to grammar school and Carrie always had to walk with a crutch after that. Dobby went to Snead Seminar in Boaz [Alabama]--a "Yankee sponsored college for poor Southern people."

Henry drank a lot, smoked a lot, and chased women. Carried died and was buried in Cornelia in Hillcrest Cemetery on Level Grove Road. (Uncle Henry is buried there, too.)

They moved to Atlanta in with Elizabeth and Hal Daniell, (Myrtis Jarrell came to live with them) in a big house in Ansley Park, right below the Governor’s mansion. Dobby went to business school. Bill went to Boy’s High. Then Bill went to Boaz to live with Aunt Mary Tiller (Luke’s wife) and he finished high school there. The teacher was a friend of the family there. Mary was at Elizabeth’s being the housekeeper for the whole crowd. Earl was at the Federal Reserve Bank for about 23 years. He and Irma married about 1935 or 6. Elizabeth had a good job at the Sewell Hat Company. They moved to Red Oak, GA, then they built a house below College Park.

Bill went into the Army in 1942. He went to Ft. McPherson for induction and basic training in College Park, Atlanta, GA. It was the Ordinance Battalion Co. S. 4th Battalion 302 Ordinance Battalion. Then he went to Camp Sutton in North Carolina for training.

He shipped out to Casablanca on the Louis Pasteur, a French luxury liner. It had marble staircases, marble swimming pools, and brass rails. The pools were full of cots. The ship was packed solid with the 4th Battalion and all its trucks. They crossed the ocean alone with no escort. It was a 7 days crossing.

In Casablanca they lived in a pup tent city until they went to Italy. They were winding up the desert war--Rommel was about beat. That area was cleared. Rommel was in Oran, in Saudi Arabia.

A Liberty Ship--an old bucket type ship with no name--took them to Italy. They stopped in Sicily. They didn'’t fight--the war was already past there. At Anzio--they fought there. General McAuliffe was in charge. He was demoted and sent somewhere else. Patton may have taken over then and several British officers. They took Rome. Bill toured Rome thoroughly because he was there a good while. He saw the Coliseum, St. Peter’s, the Monument to King Victor Emanuel, the Doge’'s Palace, Renaissance paintings and sculpture. Anzio was a terrible battle, then it was a rough ride to Rome. They stayed a while in Rome in tents to recoup. Then they followed the troops up to Caserta, a small outpost.

They later went to Germany.

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Abstract of the Will of Daniel Shaw (d. 1829 NC)

Abstract of the Will of Daniel Shaw (d. 15 Dec 1829 Cumberland County, NC), taken from Will Abstracts, Cumberland County, North Carolina, 1754-63, by Kate James Lepine and Anna Sherman, 1984, Kantata Co.

Shaw, Daniel Will Book : B 170-171 Arch., 11 Dec 1825/June 1829

Wife Rebecca. Daus. Margaret, Sarah, Agnes McKay, Mary and Rebecca to have 200 a. on east side of Cape Fear River adj. Benjamin Johnson's, also plantaion I now live on, my mill and cotton gin and 300 a. of land. Son Dushee, 240 a. adjoining Malcom Shaw's which I bought of Archd. Shaw with other lands I own in Co. of Cumberland including house and plantation whereon he now lives. To wife and Dushee, to them for life, 160 a. joining Henry Avera's called the Killen land. Exec. Rebecca and Dushee Shaw. Wits. Hugh Smith and Malcom Shaw.

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Nancy (Sports) Paul Chart

I thought I had previously posted this chart to my blog, but I guess not.

This is a chart showing the roots of William Bogan Sports (1821-1862)as given by Nancy Sports Paul to Dorothy Graham Sports Averitt. This is NOT an original document. The owner, Nancy (Sports)Dever, has made a number of different versions over the years so that it is difficult to know the original information from Nancy Sports Paul. There are some proven errors in this document. Some alterations to the original document that were made on this version: Benjamin Sport's marriage was not original to the document. Tiny was added later after Suzianne Taylor. On Mary Sport--the last name is written over another name.

I have another version of the chart in PDF. If you would like a copy of that please contact me. I think both were created by Nancy Dever. I would LOVE to see the original document they were created from.

All rights reserved
Teresa McVeigh 24 Nov 2013

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Sarah Daniel Appointed Administrator of estate of John Daniel 1827 Marion County, SC

Marion County Probate, Vol. 1, p. 152

Roll #222 John Daniel.

Sarah Daniel, Admrx. Adm Bond dated 10 Jany 1827. $1000. Bondsmen: Sarah Daniel, William Daniel and Ezekiel Daniel.
Witness: John C. Bethea. Recorded in Bond Book A, page 124. Warrant of Appraisement 10 Jany 1827. Appraisers: Christopher Dew, John Bass and Nathaniel Whittington. Sworn 24 Jany 1827 before B. Moody, Q. U. Appraisement 24 Jany 1827. Negro 1 claimed by Wm. Daniel, heir. Sale (no date) Purchasers: Sarah Daniel, William Daniel, John Daniel, Jonathan R. Sanders, James Daniel, Ellis Daniel, Lewis Taylor and Thos. Brigman. Certified 7 Feby 1827. Witness: F. G. Smith. Recorded in Sales Book A, pages 187 and 188. ExParte Sarah Daniel Recorded in Book A, page 13.

Sarah Daniel, widow of John, moving West in 1827

Marion Co. Probate, Vol. 1, p. 152, Roll #222 John Daniel.
Possessed of certain real estate and whereas I, Sarah Daniel, widow of John Daniel, am entitled to 1/3, I am desirous to leave this District for the West as inducements are held out to me, that I will be better enabled to support myself and children. 29 Sept. 1827. About 250 acres on Bay Branch, dwelling house, kitchen, smoke house, mild house and corn crib.

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Will of Ezekiel Daniel, 10 Aug 1839, Marion District, SC

Ezekiel Daniel -Will dated 10 Aug 1839, abstracted by Kathy Snyder:
William Taylor ADM. Son: Henry Daughters: Mary Meggs, Martha Pipins, Barbar Sumerford, Elizabeth Hayes, Minery Daniels, Susannah Taylor wife of William Taylor Jr.

South Carolina GENWEB archives Date: 10 Aug 1839 Notes: Actual text: Transcribed by Francine Jones, 2 Jun 2001 , Marion, SC GENWEB, written 1839, recorded 1842, vol. 2, pg 129, probate roll #239, Page 71

South Carolina
Marian District 
In the name of God Amen I Ezekel Daniel Being Ill Disposed in body thank Be to God of sond memory and in my Right Mind knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die I Do Make this my Last will and Testament
first of all I Recomend my sole to God that Gave it and my Body to be Desently bured By my Exectors here after mentioned first of all that my Debts Be paid out of my proprty secondly I Gave unto my well beloved son Hinerry Daniel sicondly I Gave to the /heirsares of Henry Daniel My Eldest son one Dollar then thirdly I Leave all the property that I am or May Be proefsed.- with at My dath to Be sold By My Exetor to be Eaquly Divided with Mary Meggs, Martha Pipins, Susanah Talor, Barba sumerford Elizabeth Hays Hinerry Daniel & My Grandsun Henry Denul that now Lives with Me to Recuve Eaquly of the Exctors after My Bureal & Furnal Expences is paid and Last of
all I nominate. my Trusty frend William Taylor, senor, to Be sole Executor to this My Last will and testament Revoking Disanuling and Making void all other wills heretofore By me maud in witings whereof I have unto set my hand and sale this 10th of Augst one thousand Eight hundred and thirty nine and in the sixty forth year of American independence

signed sealed and Acknowledged Ezekel X Daniel (SEAL) his Marke

in the presents of
Nathaniel Whittington
H. Hays
Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 129 Sworn to Sept. 13, 1842
Ed. B. Wheeler, Ordinary of Marion District
Roll No. 235

Ezekiel Daniel (b. 1765 NC) Marion County, SC Probate Records 1839-1842

Ezekiel Daniel  Probate Records

Taken from Marion Probate Records, Vol 1, p 157: Roll #235
Exekiel Daniel. Wm Taylor, Exor. Will dated 10 August 1839. Witnesses: D. Berry, Nathaniel Whittington and H. Hays. Proved by D. Berry 13 Sept. 1842. To son Henry Daniel my eldest. Leave property to be sold and divided by exor to Mary Meggs, Martha Pipins, Susannah Taylor, Barba Summerford, Elizabeth Hays, Minery Daniel and my grandson Henry Daniel.

Recorded Book B, page 129. Warrant of appraisement 13 Sept. 1842. Appraisers: Jesse Peritt, D. Berry and Nathaniel Whittington sworn 16 Sept. 1842. Appraisement (no date) Certified 16 Sept. 1842. Sale (no date) Purchasers: W. Taylor, Levi Gibson, Mary Meggs, Joel Meggs, D. Berry, Minery Daniel, Chesley Daniel, H. Patterson, and Hector Patterson.

Account Current with W. Taylor 1842. Pd. Dr. Hale, paid Stephen Grice and William Dew. 7 heirs $17.52 each 14 Dec. 1843. Ex Parte. The petition of William Taylor guardian of Henry Daniel under will of Ezekiel Daniel sheweth that Ezekiel Daniel died Intestate leaving a certain real estate; situate and lying in Marion Dist. 280 acres land leaving as his heirs at law your petitioner, Mary Meigs wife of W. Meigs, Martha Pippins, Susan Taylor, wife of William Taylor, Jr. Minor Daniel, Barbara Summerford, Elizabeth Hays, wife of W. Hays that your petitioner desires a partition or sale of same so, that each heir may have that share to which by law they are entitles. 14 Nov. 1842. William Taylor. Sold land to John C. Hays for $250.00 5 Dec. 1842. Summon Heirs of Ezekiel Daniel decd. to Mary Meigs, wife of Wm. Meigs, Martha Pippins, Susan Taylor, wife of William Taylor, Jr., ----------Daniel, Barbara Summerford, Elizabeth Hays, wife of W. Hays, legal heirs of Ezekiel Daniel. 8 Nov. 1842, D. Berry and S.A. Hairgrove valued land at less than $1000. 3 Oct. 1842.