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John Irvine Rusmisel POW Records p. 2

Selected Records of the War Department Relating to Confederate Prisoners of War, 1861-1865; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M598, 145 rolls); War Department Collection of Confederate Records, Record Group 109; National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Point Look Out, Maryland, Book No. 237, “April to August , 1864…Contains about 1000 names not alphabetically arranged,” also Index to Ledger No. 1


Rusmisel, J. J. 350

[John Irvine Rusmisel is listed in the top right corner]

Link to a History of the camp by Descendants of Point Lookout POW Organization:

John Irvine Rusmisel (1834-1900) Civil War Prisoner of War Record

Selected Records of the War Department Relating to Confederate Prisoners of War, 1861-1865, (National Archives Microfilm Publication M598, 145 rolls); War Department Collection of Confederate Records, Record Group 109; National Archives, Washington, D.C.


Rusmissel, J. I. , Sergt., 25th Regiment, VA, Cavy [Calvary], Co. C, Captured—Wilderness, Va., May 6, 1862, Transferred to Elmira [N.Y.] Aug. 10, 1864

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Christian Rusmisel estate sale advertisement - Staunton Spectator, Volume 38, Number 4, 15 January 1861


AUGUSTA LAND FOR SALE.--In Pursuance of the last Will of Christian Rusmisel, dec'd., we will sell, to the highest bidder, on Wednesday the 6th of February, 1861, if fair, if not, the next fair day, the LAND on which the said Rusmisel lived and died. This land lies one mile west of Mt. Solon, and adjoins the land of Philips Dinkle, Skyles and others, and is supposed to contain some 160 or 170 Acres. This land is of good quality. There are some 90 acres cleared, of which there are about 85 acres of BOTTOM LAND, clear of rock and easy to cultivate; the balance is finely timbered and of good clay soil.--It is situated in a fine neighborhood and is convenient to Stores, Schools, Mills, Post Office, &c. The improvements consist of a good LOG DWELLING, Kitchen, Stone Dairy, a Well of good water in the yard, Barn, Corn House, and a fine ORCHARD of Apple Trees. Any person wishing to purchase this farm can see it by calling on John J. Rusmisel, who resides upon the premises, and he will take pleasure in showing it.

TERMS.--One-third of the purchase money cash, or negotiable paper at 60 days, interest added, payable at either of the banks in the town of Staunton; the balance in three equal annual instalments, bearing date from date of sale--purchaser to give bond with approved security for the deferred payments, and the legal title to be retained as additional security until the whole purchase money is paid.

Also, on the same day, we shall offer a lot of Household and Kitchen Furniture for sale as follows: Bedsteads and Bedding, Chairs, Tables, Carpeting, 1 fine eight-day Clock, 1 Cupboard, 1 Cook Stove, and various other articles not mentioned.

TERMS--On Personal Property, 6 months credit on all sums of five dollars and upwards; under that the cash will be required.

Dec. 25, 1860, tds. Ex'ors. of C. Rusmisel, dec'd.

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Christian Shelly's Will, 1814 Augusta County, Virginia

From Records of Augusta County, VA 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkey, Vol III Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in VA, Baltimore, Geneal. Pub. Co., 1965, p. 214

1814, Jan. 7--Will Abstract Book X, p. 318, from Records of Augusta County, VA 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkey, Vol III Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in VA, Baltimore, Geneal. Pub. Co., 1965, p. 214:

Christian Shelly's Will--to wife Fany; son, John; daughter, Anny Rusmisel's other children that are married; daughter Mary; daughter, Betsy; son, Daniel; son, Jacob (under 18). Executors, sons-in-law David Stover, Christian Rusmisel. Teste: Michael Shiry, David Hogshead. Executors qualify. Proved, 28 Feb. 1814.


Chalkley Vol. III, p 214


7 Jan. 1814, proved 28 Feb 1814

Other information

Wife Fany, Daugher Anny Rusmisel, son-in-law Christian Rusmisel one executor

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Rev. Wiley P. Warwick, Sr., 1804-1813, South Carolina

Rev. Wiley P. Warwick, Sr.'s  service in South Carolina from 1804-1813 abstracted from the official published Minutes of the Methodist Annual Conferences
Minutes of the Methodist Conferences, Annually Held in America, from 1773 to 1813, inclusive, Volume The First, 1813, Daniel Hitt and Thomas Ware, New York, for the Methodist Connexion in the U.S. Reprinted 1983, Magnolia Press, Swainsboro, GA. 
Notes on Wiley Warwick, abstracted by Teresa McVeigh, 12 Oct. 2014:
p. 302 Wiley Warwick-- Admitted on Trial
p. 318 Stationed Camden District, Little Pee-Dee & Anson—W. Warwick, to change after 6 months
p. 313 Numbers in the Society—1441 White, 166 Colored
p. 326 Wiley Warwick—Remains on trial, SC
p. 349 Stationed Camden District, Anson
p. 343 No. in Little Pee-Dee & Anson—1179 White, 273 Colored
p. 356 Admitted to Full Connexion, SC Conference
p. 359 Ordained this year
p. 371 Stationed Camden District, Bladen & Brunswick
p. 365 No. 1301 White, 430 Colored
p. 427 Stationed Camden District, Great Pee-Dee [elder]
p. 455 No. in Great Pee-Dee & Georgetown 655 White, 707 Colored
p. 455 Stationed Catawba District, Rocky River
p. 448 No. 356 White, 76 Colored
p. 455 Stationed Catawba District, Wateree
p. 481 No. 565 White, 194 Colored
p. 524 Stationed Wateree
p. 516 No. 557 White, 153 Colored
p. 558 Stationed Camden District, Santee
p. 550 No. 708 White, 889 Colored
p. 603 Stationed Pee-Dee District, Santee
p. 594 No. 769 White, 946 Colored

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1742 Augusta County, Virginia Colonial Militia List

Taken from the book Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776, by William Armstrong Crozier, 1905, Richmond, VA, p. 94. Note Looney and Renfro/Ranfro names. 

Augusta County Militia 1742

Company 8
George Robinson, Captain
Jas. McFeron, Lieut.
Pat. Shirky, Ensign
Jas. Ranfro, Serj.
Dan. Mananghan
Mark Eval
Peter Ranfro
Georg. Draper
Rob. Roland
Edm. Smith
Fran. Kelly
And. Gaughagall
Henry Stiles
Hen. Philip
Ths. Looney
Rob. Looney
Dan. Looney
Adm. Looney
Mark Joans
Jno. Smith
Jno. Adkins
Hugh Caruthers
Jno. Flower
Wm. Bradshay
Jas. Coal
Jno. Coal
Bryan Cass
Wm. Craven
Cornel. Dougherty
Simon Acres
Wm. Acres
Nicol. Horsford
Josh Tasker
Hen. Brown
Sam. Brown
Jas. Burk
Wm. Bean
Sam. Martin
Peter Kinder
Stevan Evens
Peter Watkins
Stephen Ranfro
Benj. Davis
Wm. Clark
Wm. Sheperd
Benj. Dearon

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Will of Peter Morgan (1769-1851), 5 Jun 1849 York District, South Carolina

The will of Peter Morgan (1769-1851) written 5 Jun 1849 York District, South Carolina and probated 25 September 1851. He names his 9 children, the daughters' husbands, and 1 granddaughter (who he disowns). He lived in the part of York District which is now Cherokee County, SC.

Will of
Peter Morgan
State of South Carolina

South Carolina
York District, in the name of God Amen. I, Peter Morgan, of the state & District before mentioned being infirm in body & of a good old age, but of a sound and disposing Mind and memory, do make, constitute, and appoint the following, my last will and Testament in a Maner and form following: To wit.

1. I will and bequeath that my Executors herein after appointed shall as soon after my death as may be convenient, pay all my Just debts.

2. I will & bequeath that my Executors herein after appointed, (as soon after my decease, as may be consistant with the best interest of my Estate) shall sell all of my property of every description both real & personal, at public auction, on a credit of Twelve months, and they are hereby authorized & directed to make good & sufficient titles for the same and when my Executors shall collect the monies arising from the sale of my Estate, and shall collect all other monies due me, from all other sources, and have paid all my just debts, as above directed, they, shall divide the whole balance constituting the neat amount of my whole Estate both real & personal Equally between my nine children, share and share alike; namely, Equally between my children mary, the wife of Thomas Camp John Morgan Anthony Morgan Delilah, the wife of Saml Lister Elias Morgan, Spencer morgan, Louisa, the wife of Wm. Griffin, Samuel Morgan and Adeline, the wife of Noah Daffin--but I will and bequeath, that my Executors in dividing the whole Estate, amongst my children above named, shall so divide my Estate among them, as to Justly & Equitably, Equallise amongst all my said children, all advancements made by me, or on my account during my life to them.

3d. I also will and bequeath, that my Executors in paying out the Legatees, shall pay the share of John Morgan, to his wife

(Luisa A Morgan in trust for the children of the said John Morgan; and she the said wife of John Morgan (Louisa A. Morgan) shall hold the said share in trust for the children of John Morgan, and She shall permit the said John Morgan to receive and enjoy the profits of said share during the Joint lives of herself & the said John Morgan, but at the death of either her or the said John Morgan, then the said share, be the same "choses in action" or property Either real or personal shall go absolutely and unconditionally to the children of the said John Morgan, and it is my express will and bequeth that my Executors so arrange, and convey this share, in trust, to the wife of John Morgan, for the children of the said John Morgan that the present and future creditors of the said John Morgan, shall not, be able to reach it for the satisfaction for the liabilities of the said John Morgan.

4th I will and bequeth that my granddaughter Vince, the wife of Hiram Mayner, shall not receive any part of my Estate:

5th I will and bequeth that the share of my daughter Luisa, the wife of Wm. Griffin shall go to hur, during her natural life and at her death to her children, and in default of children living at the time of her death then absolutely to her brothers & sisters in fee share & share alike.

6th. I will and bequeth, that the share of my daughter Adeline the wife of Noah Daffin, shall go to her during her natural life and at her death to her children absolutely.

7th. I hereby constitute my two sons John Morgan and Elias Morgan, the Executors of this my Will. given under my hand & seal this 5th June 1849.
Peter X Morgan (Seal)
Signed, sealed and declared in the presence of
W.C.Black   L. Nance      T.M. White
Probated September 25, 1851
Will book "3" P-240
Case No. 16 File No. 1584

[Transcribed 18 May 2014 by Teresa McVeigh]

Copyright 18 May 2014
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