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Robert Looney (1749-1824) Revolutionary War Land Warrant

On the 10th of July  1788 Robert Looney was awarded 640 Acres for his Revolutionary War Service by the State of North Carolina, County of Davidson (later would be in Nashville, Tennessee).

To all to whom these presents shall come, Greetings:
Know Ye, that We, pursuant to an act of our General Assembly, entitled “An Act for the relief of the officers and soldiers of the
continental line, and for other purposes,” and in consideration of the Signal brave and persevering Zeal of Robert Looney
one of the Chair Soldiers to the Commissioners for laying off the lands a___ the officers and Soldiers—
of the said s___ have given and granted, and by these presents to give and grant unto the said Robert Looney—
a tract of land containing Six hundred and forty acres, lying and being in our county of Davison,
Lying on St___ creek Beginning at a Sugar Tree and black walnut in Edward Douglass’
line his ___ ___ forty poles with said line to his corner a black walnut and dogwood south fifteen
poles to ___ _________ forward line and corn(er) John Rice East Cross the creek
at twenty ___ ____ ____ two poles ___ ___ sugar tree ____ ____
dred and twenty poles Crost the creek to a dogwood and Chestnut tree South to the Beginning –
as by the plat here unto annexed appear: Together with all woods, waters, mines, minerals and hereditaments, appurtenances, to the said
land and belonging or appertaining. To hold to the said Robert Looney his heirs and assigns forever.
Yielding and paying to us such sums of money yearly, or otherwise, as our General Assembly from time to time may direct. Provided al-
Ways, that the said Robert Looney shall cause this grant to be registered in the Register’s
of our said county of Davidson within twelve month of the date hereof, otherwise the fam___ void and of none effect.
In testimony, whereof we have caused these our letters to be made patent, and our great seal to be affixed. Witness
Samuel Johnston, Esquire, our Governor, Captain-General and Commander in Chief, at ___ the Tenth
day of July in the ____ year of our Independence, and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight.

Transcribed by Teresa McVeigh, 23 April, 2018
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Looneys in A History of Kirk Maughold

A History of Kirk Maughold
J.W. and C. K. Radcliff
The Manx Museum and National Trust
Douglas, Isle of Man, 1979

p. 86 One of builders of Christ Church, Dhoon (consecrated 1855) was John Looney. 

pp. 268-9 in the Farms and Families chapter

Looney Crowcreen (or Looney Yack)
In the form Lowny, this surname is found in Maughold Register from the beginning (1647), and there was a family of Looneys on the croft Bwaillee Losht, below Ballafayle Kerrush, in the seventeenth century. The fact that John Looney was “of Ramsey” in 1748 does not preclude the possibility of him being a Maughold man, although we must admit that we have not yet found his baptism in Maughold. His wife Margaret Kevin belonged to one of the Scottish families who came to Ramsey in the eighteenth century to engage in business, and even in her later years was a determined and masterful woman. On John’s death in 1770, she married William Creetch of Ballachrinck, whom she also survived. In 1791 she settled her goods on her youngest son Ewan and his wife Mary Taggart, who were to keep her “and live with their loving mother during her natural Life, and to content her with a Decent Living as becometh a loving mother in her old age”. This settlement was accepted as part of her will in 1798; and she had also inserted a clause that if Ewan and Mary disagreed with her, she could go anywhere else she pleased, taking her goods with her!

By her marriage to John Looney, she had nine sons and one daughter, and from six of these sons are descended all the Looneys of Maughold at the time of the 1841 Census, and subsequently. The Parish Register often refers to them as “Yack” (Jack) after their original ancestor. The eldest son William was described in his father’s will as a “poor pitiable object”, and it was the second son Daniel (1745-1826) who lived in Crowcreen after the parents’ deaths. The third son John (1748-1835) bought the intack Boshin and other land near what became the Hibernian., the inn first opened by his son John and his wife Rachel. The fourth son, Thomas, (c. 1750-1826), a shoemaker, bought part of Ballagilley. The sixth son Robert (Robin) (1751-1826) bought East Ballaterson (the White House) from an old established family of Callows, and after the White House was sold to Thomas Quayle and his son John, in 1832, Robin’s eldest son John and his family were farming from Croit ny kennipey (the present Sexton’s house). The eight son, Patrick (1764-1816), was a stonemason, a trade also followed by sons Patrick and Simeon. The youngest and favorite son Ewan (b. 1766), for a long time tenant of Ballaglass, was the father of Joseph later owner of Crowcreen and Magher e kew, of John who farmed the croft on the lowers Ballaskeig Beg; and of George who was farming 30 acres of Ballagilley in 1851.

Sad to say, there have been no Looneys farming Maughold since the War, although there are many descendants and relations of the family, bearing different surnames, resident in the parish. 

Chapter 11 Inns and Hotels
The Brumish Veg., Hibernian, and Folieu Inns
p. 214-215
…we do know that there were two innkeepers in Maughold in 1841, William Kissack of Ballagorry Beg, and Rachel Looney at the Hibernian. [Footnote: No doubt so-called after Rachel herself, who was nee’ Redhead and was of Irish extraction.]

The Hibernian was the first of several inns whose existence arose out of the improvement of the main road from Ramsey to Douglas and the consequence increase in traffic. Their principal purpose was to serve travelers rather than the local population, for indeed it would be difficult to say where the biggest concentration of people in Maughold lay. From time to time the number of travelers varied and so the fortunes of the inns was not constant. The available evidence suggests that innkeeping did not provide a particularly good living in Maughold in the nineteenth century….

[The 1851 Census]…indicates that there was no licensed house in the parish in 1851. Even the Hibernian, so popular in the 1830s, was in temporary abeyance.

The Hibernian was first mentioned in Pigot’s Directory of 1837. The licensee was the most famous of all the Maughold innkeepers, the redoubtable Rachel Looney. A description of her in 1834, when she was about 47, reads:

“She was an odd figure, dressed in a blue petticoat of some sort of cloth or flannel, surmounted by a man’s pilot jacket a good deal too long in the sleeves. To obviate the inconvenience this would have caused, the cuffs were turned back, displaying a large pair of muscular hands and wrists quite out of proportion to her size, as she was considerable below the middle height…When going into Ramsey she rode a large raw-boned carthorse on which what did for duty for a saddle was a sack thrown across the animal’s back from which straw might be seen sticking out. I then saw her come out exactly as before except that instead of a sunbonnet on her head she wore a man’s hat of rough beaver.”
(Quoted by Miss M. Douglas in the Manx Star, Jan 1974)

From this description, it is easy to believe that she had a man’s strength and a story which we have heard recently confirmed it. She employed some men to build an extension to the house, and when they ran short of stone, assured them that a supply would be ready on the following day. In order to obtain this, she is said to have spent the whole night carrying stones down off Barule in her brat (apron). But if she had the strength and resolution of a man, she was also an excellent caterer , as Miss Mona Douglas has written:

“But if costume was of the country style at the Hibernian, amenities were exceptionally good for that period. The inn had its own brewery and also a museum and an excellent library for residents.

Weddings were occasions of great gaiety in those days and often included a party of anything from 50 to 100 folks. The only honeymoon was usually the wedding day itself, on which the whole party went for a long drive after the wedding ceremony and then had dinner at an inn.

At the Hibernian, Rachel, as she was called generally, would be in her element providing for a weeding party arriving from Ramsey or Kirk Maughold or even from Laxey or Douglas.

She would sever a substantial meal, which often included such delicacies as fresh salmon, pigeon pies, lobster salad, roast duckings, lamb and beef, succulent vegetables grown by herself, puddings, light pastries, jellies and fresh fruit (all of these are from an actual menu).”

By 1841, on account of financial difficulties on the island, Rachel’s husband John Looney had emigrated to Australia, where she followed him in 1843….In the 1880s the house ceased to be licensed, but it is still a well-known private residence and landmark on the road, and has given its name to the crossroads when it stands and the little group of houses surrounding.

Transcribed by Teresa McVeigh 
4 Mar 2018

Adam Loony Will, 1674, Ballaugh, Isle of Man

Archdeacon Will 1674A #41 Ballaugh will of Adam Lewney, died 14 March 1674/5: 
Summary: not married, mother & father are alive, brother Daniel, 
sister Catharine,  also: John Cowley, Phinlo Cowley


The last will & Testamt of Adam Loony who departed 
this life March ye 14th 1674/5
First he committed his soul to God & his body to Christian buriall
It: he appointed that his funerall charges should be taken out of 
tenn shillings 6 pence yt was due to him from John Cowley.    It: he 
left unto his father & mother a firlett of Barley, for looking to him 
in his sicknesse, & as much cloath as will make his father a dublett.    
It: He left to his brother Daniel Loony his every day coat;    It: to him 
mother a coat;   To Ffinlow Cowley a black coat;   nd to his sister 
Cathrine his shoes.     Lastly he constituted & ordained his brother 
Dan: Looney his lawfull Executor of all his goods moveable and
The Execr not sworne

      Willm Kelly} jurati
      John Stean }  

 The sd Adam Looney declared 
   these ensuing pticulars to be 
   due unto him                  s   d
   from Tho: Teare ............. 3 - 5 
         Patr: Kelly ........... 0 - 3 
         Joh: Cowle ............ 0 - 2 
         Hen: Comish ........... 2 - 6 
         In tyth .......... 01£ -01 - 0 

   He acknowledged to be indebted 
   as followeth
         To Willm: Curlett... 10 - 6 
         Robt: Looney ......... 13 - 4 
         Jane Curlett ........... 00 - 2 
         Thom: Christin ...... 01 - 6 
         John Cowle ........... 01 - 3 

Transcribed by: 
Joyce M. Oates
4 Sep 2017
LDS 0106203

Will of Thomas Looney, 1825, Isle of Man

Will of Thomas Looney (d. 1826 Isle of Man),leaving everything to his eldest son and heir,
Transcribed by Averil Roper on "A Manx Notebook" website 
A Manx Notebook: Family History--Wills, L
Date: 10 July 2005 
Original: LDS: 0106244

In the Name of God  Amen
    I  Thomas  Looney  of   Ballagilly  in the parish
    of  KK  Maughold  being much  advanced in years
    and in decline of life. Knowing from the Course 
    of Nature, that I have not Long to Survive in this
    Transistory State of Life -  Do hereby - make and 
    appoint there presents to be my Last Will and
    Testament, Being of Sound Memory mind and
    Understanding of the Expression and declaration 
    of the same, Hereby Revoking and setting aside 
    all other Wills,  Wills in instruments to that 
    effect made, Signed executed or Otherwise previous 
    to this date hereof  -  I First Commit my Soul 
    into the hands of my Maker Almighty God 
    and my body to the Earth to be interred in a 
    decent like Christian Burial at the discretion 
    of my Hereafter Mentioned Executor.
    And as touching my Worldly Property that 
    I am or maybe in Possessed of. I leave devise and 
    bequeath in the following way  &  manner
Imprimis - I Leave devise and bequeath to all 
    and every of my Children, the Sum of One Shilling 
    british each as Legacy and all other persons 
    that may Presume to Claim any benefit from 
    this my will  -
Lastly I Nominate Constitute and appoint my
    Eldest Son and Heir at Law   Thomas  Looney
    my Whole and Soul Executor and Residuary Legatee 
    of all and every my Goods Chattels and effects of all 
    descriptions denominations Soever.  Bills bonds  - 
    obligations Securities, Mortgages  -  Accounts or what 
    ever Nature or denominations  with respect to
    Property  -  that I am entitled to  -     
    As  Witness my Subscription  This   21st  day of 
    April   1825
                     Thomas  Looney  my  X  mrk
The beforegoing Testamentry
words were expressed in Our
 presence, and by his the Testator
[desired] Committed to Writing 
and Requested of us to bear
Testimony of the Same.
                 John  Quilliam     }
                 William  Kerruish  }  Jurati

At a Chapter Court holden in  Ramsey 
on the   29th  day of  June   1826
Thomas  Looney  the Executor named in the
 foregoing will is sworn in Court in form of
Law and hath given Pledges for the payment 
of Debts and Legacies, namely the witnesses of 
the Will  -                      
              Probatum  est
                  [Ths]  [ Cubbon]      

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James Norman Sauls, Jr. (1874-1948) Bible

Photo of James Norman Sauls, Jr., courtesy of Chad Truett

Transcription: This is to Certify That James Norman Sauls And Miss Emma Jane Rodgers Were united by me in the bonds of Holy Matrimony At Home on the 22 day of December in the year of our Lord 1892 Signed Rev. J. M. Weaver

Transcription: Births James N. Sauls son of E. G. and E. J. Sauls borned October 4, 1874 Emma J. Rodgers daughter of J. F. and M. A. Rodgers borned October 8 1873 Adrian A. Abrams daughter of R. F. and Florence M. Abrams borned June 29 1909 Adrian A. Abrams adopted by J. N. Sauls and E. J. Sauls Martha E. Abrams adopted by J. N. Sauls and E. J. Sauls Born Sept. 20, 1924

Transcription-- Deaths: J. Norman Sauls Born 1814 Died Aug 18 1948 
Emma J. Sauls Born Oct. 8 1873 Died July 30, 1950

Transcription: Marriages Raymond L Truett and Martha E Abrams May 16, 1943 
Central Methodist Church, Florence, South Carolina

Minnie Lee (Bryan) Sports Bible 2

Cover of Minnie's Bible

The Combination Holy Bible
D. E. Luther Co.
Atlanta, Georgia

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Minnie Lee (Bryan) Sports Bible

Minnie Lee (Bryan) Sports (1909-1932) Bible

A Holley Bible given to M. L. Bryan by her Father E. L. Bryan

This is to certify that Minnie Lee Bryan and Dudley Sports were united by me in the bonds of Holy Matrimony at Kingstree, S. C. on the 22 day of August in the year of our Lord 1927 in the Presence of Mrs. J. E. Sports and Mrs. L. B. Bryan Signed Judge Snowden

Births: E. L. Bryan was born March the 3d 1861 Anner Rebecca Bryan was born April 7 1872 E. A. Bryan was born Jan 24 1891 W. C. Bryan was born Sept 17 1893 L. B. Bryan was born Sept 17 1893 M. E. Bryan was born July 23 1898 L. D. Bryan was born Oct 19 1901 M. E. Bryan our Mother was born March 21 1834 L. N. Bryan our Father was born April 27 1833 M. L. Bryan was born March 14 1909 H. W. Bryan was born Feb 2 1912 L. D. Sports was born Jan 6 1906 L. D. Sports, Jr. was born July 11, 1928 Baby Sports was born Oct 27 1929

Deaths Of M. E. Bryan who Departed this life the 17 July 1900 E. A. Taylor who departed this life April 1? 1909 Ruby Belle Taylor daughter of W. T. And E.A. Taylor died May 13 1909 W. C. Bryan died Sept. 16 1910 A. R. Bryan died March 28 1914 H. W. Bryan died April 23 1914 L. N. Bryan our Father died October the 12- 1893 T. D. Bryan died the 28 of Feb 1919 Baby Sports died Oct 27 1929 [Notes not legible in Bible: Ella A. Bryan Taylor died April 18 1909]

Marrriages E. L. Bryan and Anner Rebeca Johnson was married Dec 19 1889 E. L. Bryan and O. A. Taylor was married the 22 of Feb 1916 L. D. Sports and M. L. Bryan was married August 22, 1927 [Notes: These are the marriages of Minnie and her father. After her mother died, Emory married Oceana A. Browder who was previously married to William Calvin Taylor]