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Benjamin Sport-Isbol Hendrix Marriage Bond

Rowan County, NC Marriage Bond (03-070);
Benjamin Sport to Isbol Hendrix, Jan 1, 1815;
Elijah Lyons, Bondsman, R Powell Witness , Jan. 1, 1815
Original in the North Carolina State Archives Bond#OOO131991, Image 003585, Record 03 070

State of North Carolina Rowan County}
KNOW all Men by these presents, That we Benjamin Sport & Elijah Lyons of the state aforesaid, are held and firmly bound unto the Governor of the State of North Carolina for the time being, in the just and full sum of Five Hundred Pounds, current money of this State, to be paid to the said Governor, or his preceptors or assigns: To the which payment well and truly to be made and done, we bind ourselves, our Heirs, Executors, and Administrators.

Sealed with our Seals, and dated this first day of January--Anno Domini 1815
The Condition of the above obligation is such, That whereas the above bounden Benjamin Sport hath made application for a License for a Marriage to be celebrated between him and Isbol Hendrix of the county aforesaid: Now in case it shall not appear hereafter, that there is any lawful cause or obstruct the said marriage, then the above obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of us}
R. Powell [Witness]
Benjamin [Mark] Sport
Elijah Lyons [ Bondsman]

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Teresa McVeigh
07 Mar 2007
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Obituary of George W. Sports, 1899

The State (newspaper), Columbia, SC, 6 Feb. 1899
Special to The State
Orangeburg, Feb. 4--

Mr. George Sports of the Limestone section of the county died very suddenly here today on the streets, being stricken while attending to business. He was about 60 years of age, but was in fairly good health, leaving his home this morning without any feeling to indicate the fearful and fatal attack which overcame him.

An inquest was at once held, and a verdict of death from natural causes rendered, after which his remains were taken in charge by friends.

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George W Sport(s) Confederate Disability Discharge, 1863

Army of the Confederate States
Certificate of Disability for Discharge

Pvt. George Sports of Captain Buist's Company (C) of the [Adkin's?] Batt. SC, Ripley's Brigade, a resident of Marlborough S. C. was enlisted by Capt. Sparks at James Island S. C. on the 12th day of April 1862, to serve 3 years or war. He was born in Marlborough Dist. In the State of South Carolina, is Twenty five years of age, five feet nine inches high, light complexion, blue eyes, and by occupation, when enlisted, a Carpenter.
WE certify that we have carefully examined the said George Sports of Captain Buist Company , and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier in any department of the service, because Organic Disease of the heart, the result of rheumatism.

St. Julien R[aversel?]
Senior Surgeon of Board
Station General Hospital, Columbia, S. C.
June 11th 1863
Discharged this 25 day of June 1863, at Columbia.
C. D. Melton
Major Commanding Post.

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Mary A McCollum testified at George Sport's Guardian hearings, 21 Jan 1856

State of South Carolina
District of Sumter }

On this 21st day of  January A.D. 1856 before Mr. J. W. Stuckey, a Magistrate within and for the District and State aforesaid, personally appeared Mary A. McCollum, aged 33 years and a resident of the District and State above mentioned who being duly sworn according to law saith on oath, that she resided in Marion District S.C. in the year 1851. That Elizabeth Sports Widow of Benjamin Sports and the Mother of George Sports was a near neighbor; that the said Elizabeth Sports died she thinks in the month of February of that year; that the deponent was at the residence of said Elizabeth Sports while she was a [Cofin?] in the House. She further testifies that she knew George Sports the son of said Elizabeth Sports and that he was then a small boy she thinks about 13 years of age at the time his Mother’s death. And she further states that she has heard it said that Benjamin Sports the father of George Sports was a soldier in the War of 1812. And further this deponent saith not.

Mary A. McCollum

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George W. Sport's Guardianship, 1856

George W Sport(s) was a 13 year old minor when his mother died and a Guardian, Abner N. Bristow, was appointed in in June, 1856. Lucretia (Henagan) McCollum testified concerning George's age and the death of his parents.

State of South Carolina
Sumter District }

On this fourth day of March A.D. 1856 before Mr. J. W. Stuckey, a Magistrate within and for the District and State aforesaid personally appears Mrs. Lucretia McCollum a resident of the District and State aforesaid who being duly sworn saith on oath that she resided in Marlb[orough] District and knew Benjamin Sports about the year 1842 [at that?] time he was attending to business for the late Hon. B. K. Henagan, a Brother of deponent. The said Benjamin Sports was said to have been a soldier in the War of 1812, and died in Marlborough District about eight years ago. Deponent knew Elizabeth Sports the wife of said Benjamin Sports, and testifies that she survived her husband the Sd. Benjamin Sports, about three years. And died in Marion District S.C. (where deponent then resided) in February 1851. Deponent was at the house of said Elizabeth Sports when she died, and made her burial clothes.  She further declares that she knew George Sports, the son of the above named Benjamin & Elizabeth Sports from the time that he was a child and believes he is about Eighteen years of age, by the age of a nephew of hers, a son of Hon. B. K. Henagan, they being about the same age. She further declares that the said George Sports is the only minor child of Benjamin and Elizabeth Sports deceased and She testifies positively that having known the said George from his early childhood, he is a minor as aforesaid without any doubt. Deponent further testified, that the aforesaid

Benjamin Sports and Elizabeth Sports lived together as man and wife from the time she first became acquainted with them about the year 1842 until the death of said Benjamin Sports and that they were recognized as such by all their acquaintances, none doubting that they had been legally married and their children legitimate. And further this deponent saith not.

 Lucretia McCollum

Sworn to and [discharged?] before me on this the year and day within written and I certify that the above deponent is a disinterested and credible witness, and that I have no interest in this matter.

J.W. Stuckey

State of South Carolina
District of Sumter }

I Geo. S.C. Deschamps Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas for the district and State aforesaid do hereby certify that J. W. Stuckey whose [E?] Signature appears above and is, and was at the time of signing the same a magistrate for the District and State aforesaid duly Commissioned & Sworn, that all his official acts as such are [En?] to [?] faith and [?] that the aforesaid District Court is a Court of record having General Jurisdiction and that I have no interest in this matter.

Given under my hand and [oath?]
of office at Sumter C.H. this
12th day of March A. D. 1856
G.S.C. Deschamps

State of South Carolina
Marlborough District

J.E.P. Ervin
Judge of the Court of Ordinary for the District of Marlborough State aforesaid, which [being?] a Court of Record, do hereby certify that Abner N. Bristow of same District and State was by this court on the 30th day of April 1856 appointed Guardian of George Sports a minor son of Benjamin Sports deceased in [witness?] whereof.

I do here unto set my hand and seal of office at Marlborough C.H. this day of June 1856.

E.P. Ervin  O.M.D.                                                                                                              


Later Abner Bristow applied for Bounty Land for his ward due to his father's service in the War of 1812:

Washington, 23 Feby 1857
Geo. C. Whiting, Esq.
Comr. Pensions

The application No. 246.549 for bounty Land for George Sports minor child of Benjamin Sports made by A. N. Bristow it appears by a letter [inform?] your department failed to give the name of the Capt. Under whom said Benjm. Sports served. Having [received?] the facts for said A. N. Bristow (Guardian) my recollection is that Capt. Bigham of South Carolina militia was the officer.


The land grant was approved and Bristow sold the 160 acres to William Rogers of Bishopville.

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Teresa McVeigh 
27 Mar 2007
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William Dallas Ivie Death Certificate

Certificate of Death 12511
William Dallas Ivie
May 12, 1966
Habersham County Hospital, Demorest, Habersham County, Georgia
Usual residence—Cornelia, Habersham County, Georgia
Male, White, Born Ga. 11/16/86
Spouse Dora W. Ivie
Occupation Carpenter, Industry woodwork
Was deceased ever in US Armed Forces? No
Father Cranford M Ivie
Mother Martha Harper
Cause of Death [has been redacted but was uremic poisoning, kidney and heart failure on original certificate]
Mortician: Thos. J. MaGahee, Cornelia, Ga. 
Informant: Henry Ivie, Cornelia, Ga.

William Dallas Ivie, age 22 (abt 1908)

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Eliza Cassandra (Taylor) Ivie 1901 Confederate Widow's Pension Application, 1901, page 4, Habersham County, Georgia

Eliza Cassander (Taylor) Ivie Confederate Pension Application, 1901, ([page 4). Questions for Witnesses (by A. W. Harper) continued, Affidavit of Physicians, and Ordinary’s Certificate. 

26. Is applicant able to earn a support at labor of any sort, if not why? No. Because of age and infirmity. 
27. How was she supported for 1899 and 1900? By her husband and children. 
28. How much did applicant contribute to her support for last two years? Nothing
29. Give a full and complete statement of applicant’s physical condition? Already stated weak from age and disease
30. What interest have you in the recovery of this pension by the applicant? None

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of Feb. 1901
M. Franklin, Ordinary, Habersham County}                              A.W. Harper

Affidavits of Physicians. 
State of Georgia
Habersham County}
Personally before me comes Dr. I A Ketron and J K Burns both known to me to be reputable physicians of said county,...sworn…
Mrs. E.C. Ivie …an examination…applicant suffered from chronic inflammation of the liver, was weak and feeble from age, not able to do any labor 
And we have no interest in said pension if allowed.  

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of Feb. 1901
M. Franklin, Ordinary, Habersham County}                       
I A Ketron MD
J K Burns, MD

Ordinary’s Certificate
State of Georgia
M Franklin County}
I, M. Franklin, Ordinary for the said county, hereby certify that the applicant, Mrs. Eliza C. Ivie resides in said county, and has been a resident since …1838, 
and that the witnesses, Mr. A. W. Harper, and Drs. I. A. Ketron, and J. K. Burns are of trustworthy character, and that their statements are entitled to full
faith and credit. 

…I further certify that the tax digest of Habersham County shows that the applicant returned for taxation in her own name in 1899 nothing worth of property, 
and in 1900 nothing worth of property. 

Witness my hand and official seal, this 18th day of February 1901. 
M. Franklin Ordinary
Habersham County