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William Dallas Ivie Death Certificate

Certificate of Death 12511
William Dallas Ivie
May 12, 1966
Habersham County Hospital, Demorest, Habersham County, Georgia
Usual residence—Cornelia, Habersham County, Georgia
Male, White, Born Ga. 11/16/86
Spouse Dora W. Ivie
Occupation Carpenter, Industry woodwork
Was deceased ever in US Armed Forces? No
Father Cranford M Ivie
Mother Martha Harper
Cause of Death [has been redacted but was uremic poisoning, kidney and heart failure on original certificate]
Mortician: Thos. J. MaGahee, Cornelia, Ga. 
Informant: Henry Ivie, Cornelia, Ga.

William Dallas Ivie, age 22 (abt 1908)

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Eliza Cassandra (Taylor) Ivie 1901 Confederate Widow's Pension Application, 1901, page 4, Habersham County, Georgia

Eliza Cassander (Taylor) Ivie Confederate Pension Application, 1901, ([page 4). Questions for Witnesses (by A. W. Harper) continued, Affidavit of Physicians, and Ordinary’s Certificate. 

26. Is applicant able to earn a support at labor of any sort, if not why? No. Because of age and infirmity. 
27. How was she supported for 1899 and 1900? By her husband and children. 
28. How much did applicant contribute to her support for last two years? Nothing
29. Give a full and complete statement of applicant’s physical condition? Already stated weak from age and disease
30. What interest have you in the recovery of this pension by the applicant? None

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of Feb. 1901
M. Franklin, Ordinary, Habersham County}                              A.W. Harper

Affidavits of Physicians. 
State of Georgia
Habersham County}
Personally before me comes Dr. I A Ketron and J K Burns both known to me to be reputable physicians of said county,...sworn…
Mrs. E.C. Ivie …an examination…applicant suffered from chronic inflammation of the liver, was weak and feeble from age, not able to do any labor 
And we have no interest in said pension if allowed.  

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of Feb. 1901
M. Franklin, Ordinary, Habersham County}                       
I A Ketron MD
J K Burns, MD

Ordinary’s Certificate
State of Georgia
M Franklin County}
I, M. Franklin, Ordinary for the said county, hereby certify that the applicant, Mrs. Eliza C. Ivie resides in said county, and has been a resident since …1838, 
and that the witnesses, Mr. A. W. Harper, and Drs. I. A. Ketron, and J. K. Burns are of trustworthy character, and that their statements are entitled to full
faith and credit. 

…I further certify that the tax digest of Habersham County shows that the applicant returned for taxation in her own name in 1899 nothing worth of property, 
and in 1900 nothing worth of property. 

Witness my hand and official seal, this 18th day of February 1901. 
M. Franklin Ordinary
Habersham County

Eliza Cassander (Taylor) Ivie, Confederate Widow's Pension Application 1901, page 3 Witness

Alonzo Wayne "Squire" Harper is Witness for the Confederate Widow's Pension Application of  Eliza Cassander (Taylor) Ivie, 18 Feb 1901, Habersham County, Georgia. 

Note: A. W. Harper was married to William Wilson Ivie's sister, Sarah Elizabeth Ivie, so he was Eliza C. Ivie's brother in-law. 

Questions for Witnesses
State of Georgia
Habersham County}
A.W. Harper of said State and County, having been presented as a witness in the support of the Application of Mrs. Eliza C. Ivie 
for a Pension under the Act of 1900, and after being duly sworn true answers to make to the following questions,
deposes and answers as follows:

1. What is your name and where do you reside? A W Harper. Habersham County near Mt. Airy Georgia
2. Are you acquainted with the applicant, Mrs. Eliza C. Ivie? If so, how long have you known her?
Over forty years
3. Where does she reside, and how long and since when has she been a resident of this state?
Demorest, Habersham Co. Ga. Resident of this State all her life
4. Where and when was she born? I don’t know except what she says
5. Were you ever acquainted with her husband? I knew him fifty years
6. Where did he reside in 1861? Habersham County
7. When and to Whom was he married? December 1859 to Eliza C. Taylor
8. When and where was he born? Don’t know of my own knowledge
9. How long have you known him? Fifty years
10. Where and when did W.W. Ivie enlist in the war between the States, and in what Company and Regiment did he enlist,
and how do you know this? 
In 1862 in Smith’s Legion in Clarkesville served in this Legion until discharged August 1863. Re-enlisted in July 1864 in
Co. H 11 Ga. Cavalry. Because I was with him. 
11. Were you a member of the same company and regiment? I was
12. How long did he perform regular military duty? Up to the surrender
13. When and where was his Company and Regiment surrendered and discharged from service? 
At Statesboro S.C. April 1865
14. Were you with the command when it surrendered? I was not on detail service
15. Was the husband of the applicant present?
He was with command up to about 60 days before the surrender to my knowledge. I left about that time on detail. Have understood he was. 
17. Where and when did he leave command? At surrender so I have understood. As I have answered he was with the command up to 60 
days prior to the surrender when I left on detail and have always understood he was at the surrender
How do you know all this? All my own knowledge by being with him in service
18. Where and when did W. W. Ivie die? Cornelia Ga. 21st Dec. 1900
19. Where did he reside at his death at his death and how long had he been a resident of Georgia?
Cornelia Ga. All his life.
20. Do you of your own knowledge know that applicant is the lawful widow of W.W. Ivie? I do
21. Has she remained unmarried since her soldier husband’s death, and is now his widow? Yes. Yes, & she is now his widow. 
22. What property, effects or income has the applicant...? Nothing
23.  What property, effects or income did the applicant have in 1899 and 1900…? Nothing
24. Has the applicant conveyed any property in last two years, or given any away…? She has not
25. What is Applicant’s physical condition and her chances and ability to earn support? 
She is weak form Age and diseased been in bed off & on for some time

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Eliza Cassander (Taylor) Ivie Pension Application, 1901, page 2

1901 Application by Eliza Cassander (Taylor) Ivie, widow of William Wilson Ivie, for Indigent Widow's Pension for his service during the Civil War, Co. H, 11 Georgia Calvary, page 2

Questions for Applicant
State of Georgia
Habersham County}
Mrs. Eliza C. Ivie of said State and County, desiring to avail herself of the Pension allowed to Indigent Widows of Confederate Soldiers, under Act of General Assembly, passed 1900, hereby submits her proofs, and after being duly sworn true answers to make to the following questions, depose and answers as follows:

1. What is your name and where do you reside? Eliza C. Ivie, Cornelia, Ga., Habersham County
2. How long have you been a resident of this state? 63 years
3. When and where were you born? Nov 1838 in Habersham 
4. When and where was your husband born—state his full name, and when you and he were married? Feb. 1836 in Habersham County, in Habersham County Dec. 1859 to W.W. Ivie
5. When and where and in what Company and Regiment did your husband enlist or serve during the war between the States?
He first enlisted in Smith Legion in May ’62 and then he enlisted in July 1864 at Clarksville Company H, 11th Ga. Calvary
6. How long did your husband serve in said Company and Regiment? about 9 months years
7. When and where did your husband’s Company and Regiment surrender and was discharged? In April 1865 in Statesborough, SC
8. Was you husband present at the time and place where his Company and Regiment surrendered? Yes
10. When and Where did your husband die? 21st day of December 1900
11. Which of the following grounds do you base your application for Pension, Viz. Age and Poverty…? Age and Poverty
12. If upon the first ground, how long have you been in such a condition….? Have not been able to maintain myself for three or four years
13. What has been your occupation since your husband’s death? Have not had any occupation since death of mny husband
14. How much can you earn gross, by your own exertion or labor? Not anything
15. What property, real or personal, or income do you have or possess, and its gross value? Have none
16. What property, real or personal, did you possess at death of your husband….? Have none
18. How have you been supported since death of husband, and especially for 1899 and 1900? By my children
19. How much did your support cost for each of those years, and how much did your contribute by your own labor or income? 
Did not cost much, 2 not anything
20. What was your employment during 1899 and 1900—how much did you receive for each year?
I tried to do a little housework. Did not receive anything. 
21. Have you a family? If so, who compose such family? Give their means of support. Have they any lands or other property? 
Have none. I am living with my son.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of Feb. 1901} Eliza C. Ivie
M Franklin, Ordinary
of Habersham County

Eliza C Ivie Pension Application 1901

1901 Application by Eliza Cassander (Taylor)  Ivie, widow of William Wilson Ivie, for Indigent Widow's Pension for his service during the Civil War, Co. H, 11 Georgia Calvary

Widow’s Indigent Pension 1901
Name: Mrs. Ivie E. C.
County: Habersham
Widow of: W.W. Ivie
Co. “H 11 Ga Cav
Approved 4/23 1901
John W. Lindsey
Commissioner of Pensions

Power of Attorney
State of Georgia
Habersham County}
I, Eliza C Iva hereby authorize M Franklin
of Habersham County, to receive and receipt for the pension allowed&
remit the same to me at Demorest, by his check or registered mail.
Witness my hand this 18th day of Feb. 1901
Executed in the presence of
M Franklin, Ordinary,
Habersham County} Eliza C Ivie

William Wilson Ivie and Eliza Cassandra Taylor Marriage Record, Habersham County, Georgia, 1859

License and Marriage Record of the Marriage of William Wilson Ivie and Eliza Cassandra Taylor

22 Dec 1859, Habersham County, Georgia


License--Georgia, Habersham County. Wm. W Ivie and Eliza C. Taylor 7 Dec 1859, C H Sutton. 

Marriage--Georgia, Habersham County. 22nd day of Decr 1859. John Suggs, M. G. Recorded Feb 1, 1860

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Potts Family Record (abt 1895), White County, Georgia

Potts Family Record Page which was inserted into the John Wesley and Nancy (Potts) Warwick Family Bible (page 3)

J. P. Potts was borned Dec 4th 1835
M. E. Potts was borned May 26th 1842
Nancy Hannah  “ “ Oct. 18th 1861
Ella Eveline “ “ April 15th 1864
Joel Daniel “ “ March 23th 1866
William Charley “ “ March 3th 1869
James Thomas “ “ August 30th 1871
Lewis Monroe “ “ May 22th 1874
Rufus Alexander “ “ Jan. 24th 1877
Eugenia Elizabeth “ “ August 20th 1879
Jesse George Potts “ “ August 19th 1880
Claud Lee “ “ Sept. 10th 1886

Here is Joe’s Children
Marion Luther was borned March 26th 1887
Sallie May “ “ Dec 26th 1888
Emma Malinda “ “ July 3th 1898
George Daniel “ “ June 25th 1891
J.P. Potts was married May 24th 1860
J. D. Potts was married Oct 24, 1886
W. C. Potts Died April 15th 1874