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Sarah Susannah "Anna" SPORTS EADDY HANNA Obituary

Obituary Anna Hanna, Florence Morning News, Mon. May 12, 1975, p. 2A, on-line on

Deaths and Funerals

Mrs. Anna Hanna

Mrs. Anna Sports Eaddy Hanna, a resident of Honorage Nursing Home for the past twelve years, Sunday in a Florence hospital.
Funeral services will be conducted Monday at 4 pm in the chapel of Stoudenmeyer Funeral Home. Burial will be at Lee Cemetery.
Mrs. Hanna, 88, was born in Florence County, a daughter of the late Joseph E. and Arelia Taylor Sports. She was married twice and was the widow of James Henry Eaddy and WT Hanna. Mrs. Hanna was a lifelong resident of Florence County and was a member of Immanuel Baptist Church.
Surviving are two sons, Dewey Eaddy of Pamplico and John Wesley Eaddy of Sumter; two daughters, Mrs. Hilma Holland and Mrs. Jowindal McBride, both of Charleston; a brother, Dudley Sports of Georgetown; three sisters, Mrs. Lena Bryant of Andrews, Mrs. Manye [Mamye] Windham of Walterboro, and Mrs. Linnie Jeffords of Brunswick, GA; 27 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and seven great-great grandchildren.
The family will be at the residence of Mrs. Edaphell H Gibbs, 1207 E. Lakewood Ave.

Joel Capers EADDY death

Joel Capers EADDY, son James Henry and Sarah Susannah "Anna" (SPORTS) EADDY, died on the eve of his wedding. My mother says he had gone to Florence to buy Christmas presents. A cousin said he had gone to pick up the wedding dress. His car was found overturned near Pamplico, SC.

Obituary, Florence Morning News, Sunday, Dec. 27, 1936:

Joel T. Eaddy Buried on Eve of Wedding Day

Christmas brought sadness instead of joy to a certain young lady of Florence county as she laid aside her white wedding dress for one of somber black.
Joel T. Eaddy the expected bridegroom was found dead in an overturned automobile near Pamplico Wednesday night and laid to rest in old Lee Cemetery near Johnsonville on Christmas Eve and on the eve of the day set for his wedding.
Joel was only 23 years of age at the time of his tragic death and those who knew him best were earnest in their praise of his many sterling qualities.
He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Eaddy of Johnsonville. Three brothers and three sisters also survive, and are as follows. Dewey, David, and John Wesley Eaddy, Mrs. Hilma Holland, Mrs. Theodosia Hyman and Miss Jowindel Eaddy. They with the heartbroken bride-to-be and a host of friends mourned his passing.

Joel Capers Eaddy grave, Lee Cemetery, Pamplico, Florence, SC

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Elizabeth "Bessie" (SPORTS) MORRIS Obituary

Georgetown Times, March 4, 1971:

Mrs. Elizabeth Sports Morris, widow of John M. Morris, died Friday in the Georgetown County Memorial Hospital. She had been in failing health for several years and seriously ill for the past two months.

Funeral services were Sunday afternoon in the Elim Methodist Church. Officiating were the Rev. James Crowe and the Rev. Woodrow Smith. Burial followed in the churchyard under the direction of Mayer Funeral Home.

Mrs. Morris was born in Marion County on January 27, 1896, a daughter of the late Joseph E. Sports and the late Aralia Taylor Sports. She had lived most of her life in the Bloomingvale section of Williamsburg County and was a member of Elim Methodist Church and of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the Church. Recently she had made her home in Georgetown with her son.

Survivors include sons Maylon Morris, Eddie Morris, and Bobby Joe Morris, all of Andrews, Ollie Morris of Georgetown, and Laurie Morris of Hemingway; two daughters, Mrs. Lydia Gambone of Torrance, California, and Mrs. Leola Altman of Georgetown; two step-sons, John Seva Morris and William James Morris, both of Andrews; a brother, Dudley D. Sports of Georgetown; five sisters, Mrs. Anna Hanna of Florence, Mrs. Isla Crosby and Mrs. Mayme Windham, both of Walterboro, Mrs. Lena Bryan of Andrews, and Mrs. Linnie Jeffords of Brunswick, Ga.; sixteen grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

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Obituary of John Marion Morris

Georgetown Times, Friday, Nov 6, 1958:

John Marion Morris, 74, retired farmer of the Elim section of Williamsburg County, died Tuesday, Oct 28, 1958, at the home of his son, Ollie Morris, 2427 Poplar St., in Maryville.

Funeral services were held at 3 p.m. Thursday in Elim Methodist Church, the Pastor, the Rev. R. T. Farmer, and the Rev. W. G. Newman, pastor of Wayne Methodist Church, officiating. Burial was in the church cemetery, directed by Mayer Funeral Home.

Mr. Morris was born September 6, 1884, in the Elim Section of Williamsburg County, a son of the late Billy and Sallie Smith Morris. He attended schools of that area and engaged in farming there until his health began to fail about eight years ago. He had also worked as a guard for the Williamsburg Chaingang for a number of years. He was a member of Elim Methodist Church.

Mr. Morris was twice married, his first wife, the former Miss Mary Evans, having died a number of years ago.

Surviving are his widow, the former Miss Bessie Sports; eight sons, Seva Morris, William Morris, Eddie Morris, and Bobby Morris, all of Andrews; Marion Morris, Pine Bluff, Ark., Maylon Morris, Florence; Ollie Morris, Georgetown, and Laurie Morris, Hemingway; two daughters, Mrs. Lydia Altman, Torrance, Calif., and Mrs. Richard Altman, Georgetown; eight grandchildren; a brother, J. T. Morris, Andrews; two sisters, Mrs. Minnie Thompson, Lancaster, and Mrs. Maybelle Williams, Charleston; and a number of nieces and nephews.

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Children of George Oswell and Catherine (Austin) Buie

Children of George Oswell and Catherine (Austin) Buie, written by G. O. Buie
The original of this document is in the possession of Jim Reynolds

Fifty Years in the School Room

Indiana School Journal, Vol. 45 (Mar. 1900), Issues 1-7, by Indiana Teachers Association, Indiana Department of Public Instruction, p. 136.

Fifty Years in the School Room

William C. S. Jordan, who is now finishing his fiftieth year in the school room as teacher of the Lexington school in Carroll County, was born February 12, 1830, in Rockingham County, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley. He started to school at the age of eight and had three miles to walk. He attended the country schools until he was fourteen, studying reading, writing, arithmetic, spelling and geography, and then took a term's work In English grammar and algebra in a town school. At this time he was called to take charge of a school some sixty miles from home, and worked twenty-six years at Williamsville and Milboro Springs.

At the solicitation of a former pupil, Mr. Jordan came to Cutler, Ind., and has labored faithfully for her people for twenty-four years. He has seen our school system grow into its present complex organization and has been one of the main factors in working it out in his county. He has always been conspicuous in teachers' meetings and has put forth every effort to farther the Interests of the teachers' and young people's reading circles.

Ther e is such a contrast in the length of time devoted to teaching by this gentleman and the majority of teachers who enter the profession that our attention is called to the fact and we look for its cause. It is no doubt true that many persons teach for a considerable period of time simply because they have got in the habit and can't break it. Others keep on teaching from the lack of something to do that will bring tbem more money, but there are a few who start out in the profession with a determination to accomplish an end and to stay with it as a life work until such an end is accomplished. The teacher with a goal ahead for a year's work, a month's work, for a series of lessons or for a single recitation, moves smoothly along from one point to another and is not baffled by any turn of affairs until such point is accomplished, while the one working without such purpose naturally becomes embarrassed in the presence of pupils and loses herself in the dissipation of energy. The person teaching with a specific purpose in view in every movement will be obliged to continue in the profession to preserve the fulness of her life.

Mr. Jordan expresses the thought very forcibly, for he feels what he speaks when he says, "The hardest task of my life is to say good bye to my fellow teachers and sever my relations with school work." Nothing can be of more value to the teaching profession than an earnest, conscientious, entire life devoted to it.

Google Books: Fifty Years in the School Room

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Pioneer Families of Elim Baptist Church (Ludowici, Georgia)

This list was taken from the Elim Baptist Church (Ludowici--formerly Johnson Station, Long County--formerly Liberty County, GA) website:

Pioneer Families

Information was derived from Elim Cemetery records, census records, Liberty County Marriage Records and family histories. "Pioneer families" listed are families with at least one person born prior to 1860, who were members of the church, and/or families related or closely associated to known members of the early Elim Baptist Church living within the Elim, Rye Patch, Johnsons Station (Ludowici), Walthourville, and Jones Creek communities. This list may not be all inclusive of the pioneer families who were closely associated or related to members of the church.

Edward Quarterman (1800-1880) & Margaret Beasley (1805-1881) m. 2-29-1822

Heartwell S. (1832-1900’s) & Catharine Ashmore (1842-1919) m. 12-1-1859

** Atkinson,
William Dawkins (1818-1879) & Elizabeth Jane Loyall (1814-1864) m.

, William (1794-1844) & Charity Hope (1798-1885), m. 4-10-1821

Baggs, Sr.
Archibald (1760-1840) & Hannah Esther Dennison (1773-1841) m. 1790

Redden Gentry (1847-1929) & Julia Ann Gany (1848-1910) m. 1867

Joshua Edward (1842-1892) & Sarah S. McGowan (1847-1900) m. 8-30-1869

** Blount
, Rev. George A. (1846-1925) & Emma Ingram (1846-1935), m. 2-9-1871

** Bennett,
Rev. William Braxton (1842-1932) & Lavinia C. Street (1844-1935) m. 5-6-1865

James (1793-1853) & Delilah Simmons (1800–1880’s) m. unk

, James Hendley (1844- ) & Maryann Martha Anderson (1847- ) m. 9-16-1869

Jesse (1829-1907) & Georgia Ann (1830- ) m. unk

, Jesse Cling (1854- ) & Mary L. Branson ( ) m. 1-11-1878

* Brewer,
William B. (1818-1890) & Catherine Parker (1821-1893) m. 5-7-1840

, William Hampton (1850-1931) & Lelia Middleton (1863-1925) m. 1880

** Brinson,
Isaac J. (1827-1867) & Rebecca (1826-1876) m.

** Butler
, William T. E. (1837- ) & Sarah E. (1842- ) m.

Nicholas J. (1812-1850’s) & Caroline Hodges (1827-1902) m. 12-17-1845

William N. (1852-1916) & Catherine Brunetta Wheeler (1856-1901) m. 12-7-1876

** Daniell
, David Gornto (1808-1884) & Mary J. Bettison (about 1795-1881) m. 7-23-1829

, William Baillee (1800-1866) & Naomi Smart (1779-1850) m. 10-13-1824

** Darsey,
William Oscar (1840-1913) & Ann America "Mackey" Miller (1846-1915) m. 1865

John (1812-1896) & Jane Hodges (1814-1887) m. 3-6-1834

DeLoach, Jr.
Hardy (1758-1828) & Mary Elizabeth Ross (1762-1830) m. 1782

DeLoach, Sr.
Hardy (1735-1820) & Elizabeth Hart (1738-1800) m. 1757

Karon (1815-1860’s) & Delilah Lily Johns (1844-1901) m. 1-1-1844

John Z. (1849-1918) & Narcissa Adella (Andrews) Shaw (1847-1916) m. unk

Patrick B. (1847-1920) & Amanda E. Gany (1850-1926) m. 1-12-1868

James M. (1851-1909)

Owen C. (1853-1923) & Laura A. Butler (1859-1935) m. 1883

, Daniel W. (1836-1878) & Laura C. McGowan (1844-1910)

, William B. (1852- ) & Sarah Jane Hodges (1849-1916) m. 1875

, Joel (1823- ) & Sarah A. Shaw (1823- ) m. 2-10-1853

* Foster
, Doctrine Hampton (1831- ) & Sarah Smith (1832-1912) m. 9-20-1854

, John H. (1795- ) & Margaret A. Reddish (1820- ) m. 12-29-1840

, John R. (1850- ) & Sarah J. Lang (1849-) m. 1880

, Manly J. (1855-1894) & Lilava W. Lee (1868-1941) m. unk

, Artemus (1830-1895) & Nancy Brewer (1833-after 1900) m. 6-9-1853

Charles A. (1829-1873) & Rebecca Robinson (1835-1887) m. 8-13-1851

, Richard Michael (1817- ) & Jane Brewer (1827- ), m. 19 Jan 1843

*** Herbert
, George Richard (1857-1922) & Mary L. C. Gordon (1854-1916) m. 12-27-1876

+ Hodges, Elias Robert (1820-1901) & Eleanor Smith (1825-1889) m. 1-12-1843

+ Hodges
, William Elias (1852-1873) & Nicey Elinor Stewart (1848-1912) m. 1-2-1873

, James Luther (1856-1926) & Martha Corrine Wheeler (1857-1926) m. 7-8-1875

, John Gideon (1854-1923) & Sarah Eugenia Wheeler (1859-1951) m. 2-10-1876

James ( ) & Laura Frances Brewer (1858- ) m. unk

, William (1770-1850) & 1st wife Sealia Wright (1770-1820) m. 1793

& 2nd wife Bathsheba Davis (1803- ) m. 5-22-1822

Jeff ( ) & Louise Delilah Brewer (1842-1919) m. unk

, Hendley Foxworth (1814-1899) & Susan Parker (1816-1844) m. 10-2-1832

Howard, John Hall (1824-1878) & Sarah Ann Brewer (1835-1909) m. 4-7-1853

, James Richard (1854-1922) & Rebecca Jane Wheeler (1861-1918) m. 4-6-1881

, James Solomon (1857-1911) & Emmaline Smart (1852-1909) m. 11-3-1878

, John Archibald (1858-1939) & Miriam E. Zorn (1859-1939) m. 1-10-1874

John (1798- ) & Rachel DeLoach (1795-1855) m. unk

, William Henry (1856-1936) & Susan Jane Baggs (1864-1953) m. 1-21-1885

, Kader Lawson (1826-1902) & Julia Anna Shaw (1827-1897/98) m. 1-9-1847

, Henry Clay (1849-1913) & Martha Jane Flowers (1851-1915) m. 1873

, Thomas Benjamin (1833-1913) & Caroline (Hodges) Clark(1827-1902) m.5-27-1860

, Andrew Fraser (1822-1913) & Mary Jane Dreggors (1833-1917) m.10-15-1857

William Washington (1858-1925) & Julia Ester Gordon (1859- ) m. 2-7-1878

, Gideon Alonzo (1814-1856) & *Nancy Smith (1818-1894) m. unk

, John (1802- ) & Sarah Middleton (1805- ) m. 1-4-1819

, Joseph Edward (1851-1907) & C. Pauline Parker (1848-1902) m.12-13-1871

James ( ) & Mary Brewer (1825-1854) m. 4-2-1844

, Richard Benjamin (1830-1897) & Mary Emily McGowan (1841-1905) m.10-20-1857

, William (1801-1871) & Elizabeth Ryals (1808-1889) m. 1821

Elbert (1833-1863) & Susan Catherine Floyd (1837-1901) m. 4-3-1859

Edward Payson (1840-1910) & Melissa Edwards (1846- ) m. unk

, Hendley Washington (1854-1929) & Harriet Elizabeth Foster (1861-1927) m. unk

, Albert (1830-1864) & Cynthia Scott (1835-1905) m. 8-22-1850

Murray, Jr.
Jehu Jackson Styles (1831-1882) & Amanda Fullwood (1835-1869) m.7-1-1853

, Francis M. (1859-1941) & Lee Hampton Foster (1865-1935) m. 1880

** Norris
, John Gordon (1842- ) & Sarah "Sallie" E. (1850- ) m. 1876

** Parker, Jr.
William Hall (1811-1887) & Sarah Jane Carter (1814-1900) m. about 1833

, George Washington (1814-1869) & Arsenath Sena Baxter (1825-1864) m.12-15-1840

David E. (1797-1852) & Lubedia Maulden (1812- ) m. 4-29-1829

John E. (1834-1862) & Amanda Maulden (1839-1870) m. unk

** Price, Jr.
Reverend Lewis (1828-1894) & Susan F. Geiger (1840-1890) m. 12-23-1858

, Elias Still (1832-1906) & 3rd wife Eliza Gertrude Sanders (1853-1882) m. unk

+ Shaw, John (1796-1860’s) & Sarah Ann Harnage (1809-1883) m. unk

, George Washington (1838-1874/5) & Narcissa Adella Andrews (1847-1916) m.1-7- 1868

, Jeremiah Landrum/Lamar (1832-1898) & Mary Abelle Smart (1845-1911)

, Edmond Jackson (1815-before 1870) & Mary Martin-Dreggors (1822-1890) m. 4-9-1844

Isaiah (1849-1925) & Elenor Florilla Wheeler (1847-1929) m. 12-17-1869

, John R, (1843- ) & Nancy Elizabeth Sophronia Hodges (1845-1919) m. unk

, James Madison (1823-1893) & Mary Louisa Baggs (1822-1897) m. 12-16-1847

, William Baxter (1815-1856) & Mary Ann Hodges (1818- ), m. 12-21-1837

Smith, Jr.
William (1789-1867) & Mary Ann Baxter (1790-1856) m. 8-10-1810

, William Frederick (1848-1935) & Martha Ann Hodges (1843-1918) m. unk

, John J. (1839-1898) & Jane L. Devereaux (1846-1925) m. unk

++ Way
, John E. (1832-1922) & Margaret Robinson Fennel (1834-1913) m. 6-11-1852

Way, Jr.
John (1790-1850’s) & *Sarah Ann DeLoach (1806-1880’s) m. 8-19-1828

, William Fleming (1844-1924) & MaryAnn Holland Zorn (1853-1940) m. 1870

William Byron (1858-1934) & Alice Theodora Devereaux (1860-1955) m. 5-16-1880

, Evan (1827-1902) & Georgia Ann Price (1834- ) m. 3-13-1851

William S. (1855-1904) & Mary D. Devereaux (1856-1934) m. 1856

, Capers B. (1855-1890) & Alice C. McGowan (1854-1900’s) m. 7-19-1877

, Henry John Ripley (1822-1881) & *Zilpha Brewer (1822-1896) m. 9-12-1844

Rev. Jacob (1808-bef 1870) & Mary (1816- ) m. unk

, James Ferman (1836- ) & Harriet Amanda Hodges (1848-1882) m. unk

Wheeler, Robert John (1780-1874) & Catherine P. Bacon (1781-1879) m. 6-12-1806

, Thomas B. (1816-1893) & Sarah A. (1829-1896) m. unk

, Edmond Bacon (1854-1943) & Emily Elizabeth Flowers (1861-1941) m. 2-17-1881

, Elijah (1853-1935) & Mary C. (1853-1927) m. 1872

, Needom M. (1812-1895) & Rebecca (1822-1904) m. unk

, Daniel W. (1856-1929) & Sara Ursula Long (1867-1945) m. 11-27-1884

++ Zorn
, James Daniel (1835- ) & Mary Jane Surrency (1838-1913) m. 2-27-1859

, William Thomas (1826-1906) & Nancy Dubberly (1830-1910) m. 10-28-1852

++ Zorn
, William Washington (1824-1900) & Emiline A. Shaw (1834-1870’s) m. 8-10-1865

2nd wife Mary Elizabeth Darsey (1854-1898) m. 12-24-1872

* Charter Members of Elim Baptist Church organized in 1857

** Pastors of Elim Baptist Church

*** Clerks of Elim Baptist Church

+ Deacons of Elim Baptist Church

++ Served both as Clerk and Deacon of Elim Baptist Church


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George Oswell BUIE's Family

This is a word for word copy of a document written by George Oswell BUIE and his wife Mary Catherine "Maud" (AUSTIN) BUIE now in the possession of his great grandson, Jim Reynolds. Note that "Ealom" Church is Elim, now in Long County, Georgia, and there are other errors.


Grandfather--James McVeigh

Place of Birth--Ireland Date of Birth--Unknown

Occupation--School Teacher

To Whom Married--Sariah Brewer

Residence--Hinesville, Ga.

Date of Death--Unknown Cause of Death--Old Age

Location of Burial Place--Jesup, Ga. (Headstone)

Grandmother--Sariah McVeigh

Place & Date of Birth--Unknown


Residence--Jesup, Ga.

Date & Cause of Death--Unknown

Location of Burial Place--Jesup, Ga. (Headstone)

Father--John W. Buie

Place of Birth--No. Carolina Date of Birth--Unknown

Education-Common School

Occupation--Master Mechanic

To Whom Married--He was married 4 times.

Residence--No. Carolina and Ga.

Date of Death--June 30, 1883 Cause of Death--Unknown

Where Buried--Roberson Cemetery, McIntosh Co., Ga. On Briar Dam

Leading from Darien, Ga. to Johnstation, Ga. (Headboard)

Father's History--

My father, Mr. John W. Buie, was born or raised at or somewhere near

Wilmington, N.C. and was married once in that state. Cannot say whether

first wife died or not but I have been told she did. About the year 1860

he came to Ga. and within a year or two married Miss Marry McVeigh, she

lived about 3 or 4 years and she died; then in a reasonable time he married

Miss Malinda Johns, both of Liberty County, Ga. The 4tth wife was a Mrs.

Crane of McIntosh Co., Ga. Tis sad to mention but my father was a very

wicked and ensuing death found him in this condition. G. O. Buie

Mother--Mary Buie

Place a Date of Death--Don't Know

Language--Irish Education--Common School

Occupation--House Keeper

To Whom Married--John W. Buie Residence--Hinesville, Ga.

Cause of Death--Womb Trouble Date of Death--Unknown

Where Buried--Ealom Cemetery at Ealom Church, Liberty Co., Ga. (Headboard)

Mother's History:

I don't know but precious little about my mother. She died when I was only

2 years old. I know very little about the love of a mother experimentally,

but from what I have been informed about my mother I believe when the Lord

comes to make up his jewels - at the sounding of the first trumpet when the

dead in Christ shall rise at the last that I shall meet my precious mother

and that we shall put on imortality and be imortalized together never more

to part. Sweetly sleep my precious motheruntill we meet again in the

resurection morning.

Transcribed 19 Oct 2011 by Teresa McVeigh

All Rights Reserved
Teresa McVeigh

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Obituaries of Catherine Evaline (RUSMISEL) STAUBUS

Two Obituaries taken from unknown [Illinois] newspapers, unknown dates, concerning the fatal accidental buggy death of Catherine (Catharine) Evaline (RUSMISEL) STAUBUS 0n 29 June 1900 near Danvers, McLean County, Illinois.

A Fatal Runaway--

Last Friday morning about eleven o'clock a runaway accident occured at the home of Mr. Samuel Elkins, three miles southeast of Danvers, which a few hours later resulted in the death of Mrs. Solomon Staubus. The deceased in company with her husband were about to pay a visit to the home of their son-in-law, Mr. Samuel Elkins, and upon arriving at the gate of the latters farm, Mr. Staubus opened the gate. While Mrs. Staubus was driving through the gate, her umbrella dropped. The horse became frightened and started to run at full speed. After running for some distance, Mrs. Staubus was thrown against a fence with terrific force, so much so that one side of her face was torn off, one arm dislocated besides being injured internally. Dr. F. J. Parkhurst was hailed and did everything possible for her relief. She regained consciousness for a time, but shortly after six o'clock the same afternoon she passed away. The deceased was born in Virginia June 23, 1837. She was married to Mr. Solomon Staubus, who survives her. The children still living are Mr. Newton D. Staubus, of LeRoy; Mrs. S. A. Munsell and Mrs. Emory Perry, of Twin Grove; Mrs. Fanny Kent, of Bloomington; Mr. Samuel Staubus, Mrs. J. H. Stephenson, and Mrs. Samuel Elkins of Danvers. the funeral services were held on Sunday afternoon at the Presbyterian church of which she was an honored member. The services were in charge of the pastor, Rev. C. E. Hayes. The music for the sad occasion was rendered by Mrs. W. H. Ayers, Mrs. C. E. Hayes, Mr. Chas. Buhlm and Mr. C. R. Stuckey. The floral offerings from friends were both beautiful and profuse. The church was crowded and many were unable to find seats. It was the largest funeral that has occured in Danvers for many years. The remains were laid away to rest at the Park Lawn Cemetery.

6/29/1900 hand written at top of second

A Fatal Accident

There was a fatal accident last Friday afternoon at Danvers which resulted in the death of  Mrs. Solomon Staubus, wife of a well known farmer living 3 1/2 [miles] southeast of that place. She was accompanying her husband on a visit to her son-in-law, Mr. Samuel Elkins. When they arrived at the gate of the latter's farm, Mr. Staubus alighted from the buggy and Mrs. Staubus drove through. While she was doing this, her umbrella dropped, frightening the horses. They ran into a fence and Mrs. Staubus was thrown to the ground with great force. She was badly injured about the head and it was known that she could not survive. The fall rendered her unconscious and that evening, after great suffering, she passed away. The community was greatly shocked by the news of her tragic death.
The funeral services were held Sunday at 2:30 p.m., at the C.P. church at Danvers, and the sad and tragic circumstances of her death tended to mjake it deeply impressive, tender and solemn. The church was filled to its utmost capacity and many could not even get standing room. The floral tributes were numerous and covered the casket and the adjacent stands. The services were conduced by the pastor, Rev. C. E. Hayes, who read the funeral lessons.
Mrs. Catherine E Staubus was born in Augusta county, Virginia, June 28, 1837. She was married to Solomon Staubus in the city of Baltimore, December 26, 1854, and came to Illinois in 1856, settling in Dry Grove township, where they lived all these years. To them nine children were born, seven of whom survive. They are: N. D. Staubus, of LeRoy, Mrs. E. A. Kent and Mrs. Maggie Perry, of Bloomington, Mrs. Gussie Munsell, Mrs. Anna Stephenson, Mrs. Lookie Elkins and Samuel C. Staubus of Danvers. The two that preceded the mother into the better world were Mrs. Mattie Stephenson and Minnie S., who died in infancy. Mrs. Staubus professed religion in 1861, when she and her husband united with the C. P. church, in which communion she lived a consistent member until her death. 

Taken from 2 newspaper clippings on "Sheridan Family Tree (documentation in progress)", an public tree owned by "yangti," from unknown newspapers, no dates [probably 6 Jul 1900]. Transcribed by Teresa McVeigh 15 Oct 2011

All rights Reserved
Teresa McVeigh