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James A and Mary Jane (PROPES) OBAUGH

James A OBAUGH (b. 27 Mar 1854 VA-d. 22 Sep 1902 VA) married Mary Jane PROPES  9 Sep 1880 in Augusta County, VA. She was the daughter of David M and Rebecca Virginia (RUSMISEL) PROPES.

1900 US Census, Hermitage, Augusta, Virginia 
Name: J A Obaugh, age 47, b. Mar 1853, VA, Head
Father's Birthplace: Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: Virginia
Spouse's Name: Mary J
Marriage year: 1881
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 19
Residence : Middle River District (Laurel Hill & Hermitage Precincts), Augusta, Virginia

Mary J Obaugh 41 VA
Edna B Obaugh 18 VA
Owen B Obaugh 16 VA
Roxie B Obaugh 14  VA
Lizzie B Obaugh 10 VA
Mary B Obaugh 3  VA

James was the son of George L and Mary (Breneman) OBAUGH

1880 US Census
Name: George T. Obaugh
Home in 1880: North River, Augusta, Virginia
Age: 56
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1824
Birthplace: Virginia
Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)
Spouse's Name: Mary
Father's birthplace: Virginia
Mother's birthplace: Virginia
Occupation: Carpenter
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Mary Obaugh 55 VA
James A. Obaugh 24 VA Carpenter
William Obaugh 23 VA School Teacher

1900 United States Federal Census
Name: Geo L Obaugh
Home in 1900: North River, Augusta, Virginia
Age: 72
Birthplace: Virginia
Race: White
Ethnicity: American
Gender: Male
Relationship to Head of House: Head
Father's Birthplace: Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: Virginia
Spouse's Name: Mary
Marriage year: 1850
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 50
Residence : North River Township (Pamassus & MT. Solon Precincts), Augusta, Virginia
Mary Obaugh 65 VA
Sallie Argenbright 32 TN Niece

Lawsuit of Miriam PROPS

This is a lawsuit abstracted by Mrs. William Bushman, a long-time genealogist in Augusta County, Virginia, who said "This was apparently a friendly suit brought to insure that Miriam Props would receive the estate of her mother since she had taken complete care of her mother for the five years she had been ill."

1888, November--Augusta Co, VA, N.S. 474, chancery suit, Props vs Taylor, Report November, 1888

Deposition of Mrs. P. A. Staubus, 21 August 1888, age 56, sister to Mrs. Props, lives neat Mt. Solon:

"Martha A. Rusmisel died 29 June 1887, cared for by Mrs. Props; Mrs. Rusmisel sick for 5 years; she left a house and lot 1/2 mile north of Mt. Solon"

Deposition of Nebraska McLaughlin, a niece of Mrs. Rusmisel and Mrs. Props, of Pocahontas County, West Virginia

Depositon of W. L. Staubus regarding his grandmother, Mrs. Rusmisel

Heirs mentioned in bill of complaint by Mrs. Miriam Props (nee Rusmisel), wife of David Props.
Miriam Props, daughter
Priscilla A Straubus, daughter
John J. (or I.) Rusmisel and wife Elizabeth E.
Catherine E. Staubus (nee Rusmisel), wife of Solomon Staubus
Children of Martha Rusmisel McLaughlin (deceased): Bessie E., Mariam M., William C., Martha A., Mary C., Bertha F., Robert L., George C., Bersa
(These were the 5 children of the second marriage of Christain Rusmisel and Martha McMullin Taylor)

1889, Dec. 12--Augusta Co., VA, Deed Book 108, p 508

Charles Curry, Commissioner, sold the land of Martha A. Rusmisel, 2 1/2 acres, in North River District, adjoining the land of George F. Baker, to Miriam Props

Michael V Propes

The father of David M PROPES (who married Rebecca Virginia RUSMISEL) was Michael V PROPES. Apparently Michael was orphaned at a very young age. "RockinSteve1" has a "Propes Family Tree" on Ancestry. He writes that Martin was apprenticed at a young age:

16 Jun 1807, Shenandoah, Page, VA, Court records show overseers of poor were ordered to bind Martin Propts (aged 6 yrs. 2nd. of October next) to Christian Kite to learn the trade of a cooper (Barrel/Cask Maker, a go-between for the brewery and the innkeeper.

This gives us a birthday of 2 Oct 1801. Then, according to RockinSteve1,  Martin was adopted by Martin STRICKLER:

18 Apr 1810, Adoption Rockingham Co, VA, Martin Strickler becomes guardian, orphan of Elizabeth Propts; William Short was bondsman

This gives us Martin's mother's name.

1840 US Census, Page County, Virginia

Name: Martin Propst
County: Page
State: Virginia
Males: 5-9: 3, 10-14: 1, 15-19: 1, 30-39: 1 [Martin]
Females: <5: 2, 5-9: 1, 30-39: 1 [Elizabeth]
No slaves

I didn't find Martin on the 1850 Census

1860 US Census, Burkes Mill, North Subdivision, Augusta, VA
Name: Martin Props 59 M VA, Head
Elizabeth Props 58 F VA
J T Props 19 M VA
J M Props 16 M VA
U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918
Name: Martin Propes
State: Virginia
Tax Year: 1866 [June 1865]
Roll Title: District 6; Monthly and Special Lists; May-Dec 1866
NARA Series: M793
NARA Roll: 6
Location: Mossy Creek
Taxable: Carriage, No. 262, 1@ $1.00

U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918
Name: Martin Propes
State: Virginia
Tax Year: 1866 [Jan]
Roll Title: District 2; Monthly and Special Lists; July 1865-Apr 1866
NARA Series: M793
NARA Roll: 2
Location: Mossy Creek [Augusta County, VA]
Income for 1864, No. 241, $1217.05 @ 5%=$10.85
Carriage, No. 262, 1@$1.00- $1.00

There is a "St. Paul Member Record" on the Propes Family Tree. It does not say a city, county, or state, so I don't know where this record is located.  [Why don't people cite their sources?] It says:


Benjamin b. 1816, rec'd or CF--29 Dec 1832, Parents or other relatives--s/Michael and Mary Elizabeth (Foltz) Propst, Inst. as Elder 28 July 1858, JPC,  m. Eve Louderback, Record of 19 Communions 1833-1858

David b. 5 Mar 1824 Bapt. 1 Aug 1824 s/Martin V. and Elizabeth (Foltz) Propst

David b. 25 Mar 1826 nd St. Paul s/Michael and Mary Elizabeth Foltz Propst

Deana b. 22 Jun 1819 Bapt. Sep. 1819 d/Michael and Mary Elizabeth Floltz Propst

I imagine there are more records, since this is just the beginning of the alphabet. It would be nice to know where this church is located. I am not sure what it all means. Were there two sons named David? Was Martin's name also Michael?

Rebecca Virginia RUSMISEL and David M PROPES and their descendants

Last week, before I started blogging, I was in the middle of tracing some of my RUSMISEL kinfolks. I have spent the last few days trying to learn a bit about the blogging world. Now it is time for me to get back to my genealogy research.

When I joined Geneabloggers I plugged RUSMISEL into their search engine and had a hit on Michael Hait's "Trick of the Tree" blog. On March 29 he had a post about one of his brick walls: George L OBAUGH. George's son, James A. OBAUGH, married Mary Jane PROPS. Mary Jane was the daughter of  David PROPS and Rebecca Virginia RUSMISEL. In honor of my first blog finding, I am adding the OBAUGHs and Rebecca Virginia's lines to my tree.

Rebecca Virginia RUSMISEL and David PROPS were married in November 1848. Some records show Nov. 30 and some the 23rd. The 23rd is probably the bond, but I have not tried to acquire the original records.

1850 US Census, District 2, Augusta, VA [June 15, 1860]
Name: David Propse, 27 M VA Head
John H Propse 6/12 M VA [b. Jan? 1860]
Rebecca Propse 25 F VA
John Stitcher 10 M VA

1860 US Census, Burke's Mill, Northern Division, Augusta County, Virginia
David Props, 36 M VA Head Farmer
R V Props 36 F VA
J H Props 10 M VA
C A Props 8 F VA
G M Props 6 M VA
S C Props 3 F VA
M J Props 2  F VA [Mary Jane]
M A Props 4.12 F VA

U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918
Name: David Propes
State: Virginia
Tax Year: 1865 [Dec 1865]
Roll Title: District 2; Monthly and Special Lists; July 1865-Apr 1866
NARA Series: M793
NARA Roll: 2
Location: Parnassus, Division 3, Collection District 2
Two assessments:
Article or Occupation: Income for 1864
Number in Abstract: 241
Qty or Valuation: $96.00
Rate of Tax: 5%
Amount of Tax: $4.80
Date Payment: Dec 23
Article: Carriage
No.: 262
Qty: 1
Rate: $1
Tax: $1
Date: Dec 23
Total due: $5.80

U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918
Name: David Propes
State: Virginia
Tax Year: 1866 [July, 1866]
Roll Title: District 6; Monthly and Special Lists; May-Dec 1866
NARA Series: M793
NARA Roll: 6
Location: Division 1, District 6, Parnassus, VA
Article: Carriage
Value: $75.00
Rate: $1.00
Amt: $1.00
Total: $1.00

1870 US Census, Mount Sidney, 3rd District, Augusta County, Virginia
David M Propes, 47 M  VA Head Farmer
Rebecca V Propes 47 F VA
John H Propes 20 M VA
Elizabeth A Propes 18 F VA
George M Propes 16 M VA
Sarah C Propes 14 F VA
Mary J Propes 12 F VA [Mary Jane]
Martha A Propes 10 F VA
Jefferson D Propes 8 M VA
Rebecca E Propes 6 F VA

1880 US Census, North River, Augusta, Virginia
David Propes, Head
Spouse: Rebecca B.
Father's birthplace: Virginia
Mother's birthplace: Virginia
Occupation: Farmer
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members:
David Propes 57 M VA
Rebecca B. Propes 58 F VA
George Propes 26 M VA
Mary J. Propes 22 F VA   [Mary Jane]
Martha A. Propes 20 F VA
Rebecca E. Propes 15 F VA

1886, Oct. 7--Death Register Augusta Co., Virginia, 1853-1896, North River District, 1886, line 2
Rebecca PROPES, died October 7, Elk Run, age 64; Parents: Christain and ______RUSMISEL; husband,
David PROPES, gave information
[She is buried in Union Cemetery, Augusta County, Virginia]

David PROPES later married Rebecca RUSMISEL's sister Miriam RUSMISEL. I have the date as 17 Jan 1888, but I think that may not be correct. I do not have a primary source for the date. I don't have a death date for David PROPES. I have a death date of 27 Jun 1913 for Miriam. After David's death, she married a Dave KENNEDY.

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Major Research Lines

I never adequately introduced myself or what I am researching, so I will now. I have been seriously researching my family since 1981 when my grandfather died and I realized I knew very little about his family. In the next four months before my grandmother died I learned a lot from her and my great-aunt about both of their families--the McVEIGHs and the RUSMISELs. I started writing and calling family members and visiting libraries and historical societies. Soon I had a serious addiction. When I had exhausted all the avenues I had access to at the time, I started on my husband's lines. These are the main lines I research and a main proven early member of the line:
  1. McVEIGH: James Lawrence McVEIGH came from the Isle of Man to Savannah, Georgia about 1836. He was born about 1819 but we are not certain where. He claimed to be Scottish, but may have been born in Ireland or on Man. He was working on a ship when a mast fell on his leg and broke it, so they put him off in Savannah to recover. When they came back for him, he preferred to stay in Georgia and moved to Liberty County where he taught school, served as a flutist in his Confederate Unit in the Civil War, and died in 1897. He had three wives and 14 children.
  2. PINHOLSTER: Elizabeth PINHOLSTER married James McVEIGH. She was his second wife of three. Her father was David PINHOLSTER. David's father is somewhat of a mystery. Supposedly he came from Minora to work in the indigo plantations for a man named Trumbull in St. Augustine, Florida. His name may have been ESPINOSA of ESPINETA or another variant. There have been many searches of the Spanish records, but it is still in doubt. There may be several generations who lived in FLORIDA. He (or his son, or his grandson) later moved to South Carolina when he married a Miss KITE and Anglicized his name. Delilah SPINHOLSTER, widow, who drew in a lot in the 1827 Land Lottery in Liberty County, is thought to be Miss KITE.
  3. RUSMISEL: Adam ROSSMEISSEL came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia in 1773 from Prussia, indentured to work in the mines for three years to pay his passage. He fought in the Revolution, married Regina (Rachel) SCHUMACHER (SHUMAKER), moved to Virginia, and had 5 known sons and 1 known daughter.
  4. JORDAN: George William JORDAN was born in 1802 in Virginia. His father was named William JORDAN. He and Frances "Fanny" HESS had five known children.
  5. SPORT and SPORTS: William Sport was born about 1756 possibly in Scotland. He fought in the Revolutionary War for North Carolina. He married Elizabeth and had 4 known sons and 2 daughters. He later moved to South Carolina and died about 1820 in Marion District. Aroung the time of the Civil War the SC SPORT lines added an -s to the end of the name. The original name might be SPOWART.
  6. TAYLOR: William Taylor was born 1796 in North Carolina. He married a woman named Maria and they 3 known daughters and 3 known sons. He died about 1852 in Marion District, SC.
  7. LOONEY: Robert LOONEY was born about 1700, probably on the Isle of Man in the British Isles. He and his wife Elizabeth (maybe LLEWELLYAN) immigrated to Philadelphia. They lived in PA for a number of years, then moved to the frontier of Western Virginia where they had a fort and ferry on the James River in Augusta County. They had 13 children.
  8. IVIE: Thomas IVIE married Mary "Polly" RUCKER, lived in Habersham County, Georgia, and had ten children. His father was John IVIE and John's father is thought to be Lott IVIE.
I have many other lines I research, plus I also help friends. It is always an exciting puzzle and I have fun putting the pieces together.

SPORTS DNA testing

Today, we got back the results from a cousin's y-DNA test. We have been uncertain of the origin of this line: SPORT(S). The earliest ancestor we know, William SPORT (c.1756-1820 SC), fought in the Revolutionary War in North Carolina and later moved to South Carolina. One branch in SC added the ending -s around the time of the Civil War. There have been rumors of American Indian, Jewish, Scottish, and English origins. It looks as though the testing rules out the first two. The cousins's haplogroup came back R1b1b2 which is European Atlantic, most common in the British Isles, Spain, and Portugal. The name has been said to have originally been SPOWART and that William came from Scotland. The name Spowart has been found in low-land Scotland and northern England. All the closest matches were located in England. A second cousin is also being tested in a different line. We would love to get as many lines tested as possible to build up a valid genetic picture of William's DNA.

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Hunter Family Tree

Today at work I told my friend I had joined the blogging world and I realized I have not done any more work on her genealogy. She knows very little about her family and only had a few names and no dates to begin the search. I found a 1930 census several months ago and took it to work. She said, "That's Them!" I later found a 1910 Census. Tonight I spent several hours searching for the 1920 Census, but had no luck. I've asked her for more information and hope it will help. All I think I found tonight is her uncle's World War II enlistment application. Sometimes you just don't find much.

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What is a Blog?

Hello Blog World,

I'm new at this, but I thought I'd better join the Twenty-First Century and learn to blog. It seems like a somewhat narcissistic endeavor, but I will try to make this about others in the past, and not just about me. This blog is devoted to genealogy.

My name is Tess and I am a Geneaholic. I have to research every day or start withdrawal symptoms. I research all my lines, all my husband's lines, and some friends' lines. I volunteer to help others with their lines. This has been an almost 30 year obsession.

This weekend I have probably put in about 25-30 hours on the computer. It has been an exciting day! I made some discoveries to prove back another generation on my paternal grandmother's line:

Frances "Fanny" HESS was born about 1800 in Rockingham County,VA. She married in 1830 to George William JORDAN and had five known children. On her marriage certificate it lists her father as Philip HESS. I just received a copy of her marriage bond this weekend. That was exciting.

I found some other things about Fanny, but then today I found an abstract of Philip HESS's Will:

Hess, Philip ___13, 1850
My two daughters Fanny Gordon and Betsy Minigh. To my wife. My son John Hess. Witnesses. T. H. Erwine. John Fleming. Jacob Simmers. Proved Aug 1850

The will is taken from "Virginia Valley Records," by John W. Wayland (1930), Rockingham Wills, Abstracts of burnt records, p. 412.

Then I found him on the 1820 and 1830 Censuses. Philip, you are found! You are not forgotten. I have proven you exist and now your memory will live on.