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Andrew Turnbull, a Scottish-born physician and wealthy member of the East Florida Society in London which was formed in 1766, conceived a plan to bring colonists of Greek, Italian, Minorcan and Turkish origins to Florida in the hopes of cultivating the land. Great Britain had acquired Florida around 1763.

The Turnbull venture: On March 31, 1768, a fleet consisting of the below-mentioned eight ships left Mahon, Minorca with over 1400 passengers. The fleet arrived in Gibraltar on April 3, 1768, then left Gibraltar on April 17, 1768. Of the 1403 passengers who had left Gibraltar, only 1,255 managed to reach the coast of East Florida as 148 of them perished on the high seas. Three children were born at sea: Eulalia Elquina (Alzina); Antonia Arnau; and Benito Buenaventura (unknown parents).

Four of the ships which carried some 700 immigrants, arrived in St. Augustine, Florida on June 26, 1768. The other four vessels had been carried off course by strong currents, but they eventually reached St. Augustine little by little, arriving one after the other, during the month of July, 1768.

HOPE 150
TOTAL: 1,403 (men, women, and children)

1. Roman Catholic Records, St. Augustine Parish - White Baptisms 1784 through 1799.
2. Mullet on the Beach - The Minorcans of Florida 1768-1788 by Patricia C. Griffin. Published by University Presses of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
3. The Minorcans of Florida - Their History, Language and Culture by Philip D. Rasico. Published by Luthers, New Smyrna Beach, Florida
4. The Italians in Colonial Florida - A Repertory of Italian Families Settled in Florida under the Spanish (1513-1762, 1784-1821) and British (1762-1784) Regimes, by Bruno Roselli
5. Pioneers of Florida’s First Coast compiled by The Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Society of Jacksonville, Florida. Published by The Gregath Publishing Company.

Names of immigrants listed below have been spelled in many different ways.


Acosta, Maria Dolores Mahon, Minorca
Alberti, Antonius Josephus Mahon, Minorca
Alberti, Maria Ana Mahon, Minorca
Alcantara, Antoni Minorca
Alles, Antoni San Felipe, Minorca
Alles, Joseph San Felipe, Minorca
Alzina, Antonio Alayor, Minorca
Alzina, Bartolomeo Alayor, Minorca
Alzina, Juan Mercadal, Minorca
Alzina, Rafael Minorca
Andreu/Andrew, Agueda Minorca
Andreu/Andrew, Antonio Mercadal, Minorca
Andreu/Andrew, Clara Minorca
Andreu/Andrew, Juan Mercadal, Minorca
Andreu/Andrew, Juana Mercadal, Minorca
Andreu/Andrew, Marcos Alayor, Minorca
Andreu/Andrew, Maria Mercadal, Minorca
Andreu/Andrew, Tomas Mercadal, Minorca
Angles, Joseph San Felipe, Minorca
Apunseny, Antonio Minorca
Arnau, Antonia Minorca
Arnau, Bernardo San Felipe, Minorca
Arnau, Francisco San Felipe, Minorca
Arnau, Juan Minorca
Arnau, Juana San Felipe, Minorca
Arnau, Josep San Felipe, Minorca
Arnia/Anrica, Agatha Mercadal, Minorca
Balum, Juan Minorca
Barber, Juan Mercadal, Minorca
Benejam, Mateu Ciudadela, Minorca
Benet, Esteve San Felipe, Minorca
Bros, Maria Minorca
Buchantini, Catharina Mahon, Minorca
Camps, Pedro Bartolomeo Mercadal, Minorca
Canella, Josepa Minorca
Canova/Canovas, Antonio Alayor, Minorca
Cantar, Antonius San Felipe, Minorca
Cantar, Joseph Minorca
Capella, Andreas Ciudadela, Minorca
Capella, Lorenzo Ciudadela, Minorca
Capella, Margarida Minorca
Capo, Juan Ciudadela, Minorca
Capo, Lorenzo Mercadal, Minorca
Capo, Rafela Mercadal, Minorca
Cardona, Margarita Alayor, Minorca
Carreras, Diego Alayor, Minorca
Carreras, Didacus Leon, Minorca
Carreras, Juan Mahon, Minorca
Carreras, Juana Minorca
Carreras, Josephus Alayor, Minorca
Carreras, Maria Minorca
Casanovas, Bartolomeo Mercadal, Minorca
Castel/Castell, Juana Mercadal, Minorca
Castel/Castell, Josepha Mahon, Minorca
Castel/Castell, Maria Mercadal, Minorca
Cavaller, Caieta Ciudadela, Minorca
Cavedo/Quevedo, Agnes/Agneta San Felipe, Minorca
Cavedo/Quevedo, Anna Maria San Felipe, Minorca
Cavedo/Quevedo, Inez San Felipe, Minorca
Cavedo/Quevedo, Juan San Felipe, Minorca
Cavedo/Quevedo, Mariana San Felipe, Minorca
Cavedo/Quevedo, Santiago San Felipe, Minorca
Chaves, Ana San Felipe, Minorca
Clak, Antonia San Felipe, Minorca
Clak, Francesca San Felipe, Minorca
Clak, Jorge San Felipe, Minorca
Clak, Ines San Felipe, Minorca
Clak, Jorge San Felipe, Minorca
Coll, Agueda Mahon, Minorca
Coll, Catarina Mahon, Minorca
Coll, Josepha (1) Ciudadela, Minorca
Coll, Josepha (2) Mahon, Minorca
Coll, Sebastian Mahon, Minorca
Costa, Maria Mahon, Minorca
Delmedo/De Olmedo, Francisco San Felipe, Minorca
Duran, Ana Minorca
Duran, Gabriel Minorca
Enrique, Agueda Mercadal, Minorca
Espinell, Rafael Ciudadela, Minorca
Espineta, Antonia Alayor, Minorca
Espineta, Joseph Mahon, Minorca
Espineta, Maria Ciudadela, Minorca
Estopa, Pere/Petrus Ciudadella, Minorca
Ferrar/Ferrer, Ana Ciudadela, Minorca
Ferrar/Ferrer, Isabel Minorca
Ferrar/Ferrer, Juan Mahon, Minorca
Ferrar/Ferrer, Maria Ciudadela, Minorca
Figuera, Bartolomeo Ciudadela, Minorca
Figuera, Juana San Felipe, Minorca
Figuerola, Agueda/Agatha Mahon, Minorca
Fiol, Antonia Ciudadela, Minorca
Fluixa, Juan Minorca
Fluixa, Pere Minorca
Fluixa, Rafela San Felipe, Minorca
Focha, Petrus Minorca
Foixa, Juan Minorca
Fonts, Francesc Minorca
Fornales, Antonia Mahon, Minorca
Frau, Anna Minorca
Frau, Gabriel Minorca
Fullera, Bartolomeo Minorca
Garcia/Garcias, Miguel San Felipe, Minorca
Garriga, Antonia Alayor, Minorca
Gibernau, Jeronima Minorca
Gomila, Dorotea Ciudadela, Minorca
Gomila, Joseph Ciudadela, Minorca
Gonzalez, Juan Minorca
Grimalde, Eulalia Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Didacus San Felipe, Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Juan Mahon, Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Juana San Felipe, Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Martin Mahon, Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Diego (1) San Felipe, Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Diego (2) San Felipe, Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Gaspar Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Joseph San Felipe, Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Juan Mahon, Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Juana San Felipe, Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez Marti Mahon, Minorca
Hernandez/Arnandez, Rafael San Felipe, Minorca
Hernandez Cardona, Josephus Mahon, Minorca
Hernandez Victori, Josep Minorca
Joaneda, Juan Ciudadela, Minorca
Joaneda, Josep Ciudadela, Minorca
Joanico, Juan Mahon, Minorca
Llambias, Antonio Mahon, Minorca
Llebres/Lleveres, Catalina Ciudadela, Minorca
Llebres/Lleveres, Francisca Ciuadadela, Minorca
Llebres/Lleveres, Santiago Ciudadela, Minorca
Llofrias/Llofrius, Bartolomeo Alayor, Minorca
Llopis, Andres Alayor, Minorca
Llopis, Bartolomeo Alayor, Minorca
Llorenzo/Lorenzo, Juan Ciudadela, Minorca
Llorenzo/Lorenzo, Paul Minorca
Lluc/Lluch, Maria Mahon, Minorca
Llull/Lull, Antonia Mahon, Minorca
Llull, Pere/Petrus Ciudadela, Minorca
Magi, Francisco Minorca
Magi, Joseph Mahon, Minorca
Magi, Juan Minorca
Mallol, Domingo Minorca
Manusi, Joseph Mahon, Minorca
Marcos, Andreu Minorca
Marin, Juana Mahon, Minorca
Marin, Magdalena Mahon, Minorca
Martinoli, Domingo San Felipe, Minorca
Martinoli, Mariana Minorca
Mercadal, Rafaela Alayor, Minorca
Mestre/Mestra, Antonio Mahon, Minorca
Mestre/Mestra, Antonia Mahon, Minorca
Mestre/Mestra, Catalina Alayor, Minorca
Mestre/Mestra, Maria (1) Alayor, Minorca
Mestre/Mestra, Maria (2) Mahon, Minorca
Mestre/Mestra, Pau Minorca
Mestre/Mestra, Pedro Mahon, Minorca
Mir, Antonio Alayor, Minorca
Mir, Maria San Felipe, Minorca
Moll, Maria Ciudadela, Minorca
Molla/Mulla, Isabel Ciudadela, Minorca
Molla/Mulla, Maria Mahon, Minorca
Mora, Isabel Mahon, Minorca
Morillo, Antonia Mahon, Minorca
Neto, Juan San Felipe, Minorca
Neto, Margarita San Felipe, Minorca
Nieto i Nusa, Rafael San Felipe, Minorca
Olaz, Georgio Minorca
Olivera/Oliver, Catalina Alayor, Minorca
Olives, Eulalia Minorca
Ortagus/Ortegas/Hortegas, Ana San Felipe, Minorca
Ortagus/Ortegas/Hortegas, An tonia San Felipe, Minorca
Ortagus/Ortegas/Hortegas, Ignacio San Felipe, Minorca
Ortagus/Ortegas/Hortegas, Lazaro San Felipe, Minorca
Ortagus/Ortegas/Hortegas, Maria San Felipe, Minorca
Ortagus/Ortegas/Hortegas, Sebastian (1) San Felipe, Minorca
Ortagus/Ortegas/Hortegas, Sebastian (2) Minorca
Pablo, Ines San Felipe, Minorca
Paredes/Pallares, Elisabet Minorca
Pau, Jacinto Mahon, Minorca
Pelegri/Peligrini, Bartolomeo Minorca
Pelegri/Pelegrini, Juana San Felipe, Minorca
Pellicer/Pallicer, Francisco Alayor, Minorca
Pellicer/Pallicer, Marti Mahon, Minorca
Perpal, Isabel Mahon, Minorca
Perpal, Juana Mahon, Minorca
Petros, Clara San Felipe, Minorca
Piris, Teresa San Felipe, Minorca
Poma/Pomar, Juan Ciudadela, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Agueda Alayor, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Anna Mercadal, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Antonio Alayor, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Catalina Mercadal, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Francisco Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Juan Alayor, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Juana Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Joseph (1) Ciudadela, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Joseph (2) Mahon, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Josepha Mahon, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Magdalena Alayor, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Matias/Marciel Mercadal, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Maria San Felipe, Minorca
Ponce/Pons/Ponz, Mateu Alayor, Minorca
Pons i Triay, Joseph Mahon, Minorca
Poncell, Antoni Alayor, Minorca
Poncell, Francesca Alayor, Minorca
Portella, Juan Minorca
Prats, Francisco Alayor, Minorca
Prats, Jacobus Alayor, Minorca
Prats, Jaume Alayor, Minorca
Prats, Margarita San Felipe, Minorca
Prats, Santiago Minorca
Pratos/Pretos, Antonia Alayor, Minorca
Pratos/Pretros/Preto, Clara San Felipe, Minorca
Pratos/Pretos, Francisca Minorca
Pratos/Pretos/Petro, Margarita San Felipe, Minorca
Pretos, Maria Alayor, Minorca
Quintana, Maria Ana Ciudadela, Minorca
Ramaller, Maria Mahon, Minorca
Ramon, Antoni Ciudadela, Minorca
Reyo/Rayo, Antonio Ciudadela, Minorca
Reyo/Rayo, Juana Anna Ciudadela, Minorca
Reyes, Juana Maria Minorca
Riola, Juana San Felipe, Minorca
Riudavets/Ridavets, Agueda Alayor, Minorca
Riudavets/Ridavets, Catarina San Felipe, Minorca
Riudavets/Ridavets, Isabel Alayor, Minorca
Riudavets/Ridavets, Margarita Alayor, Minorca
Romallera, Maria Mahon,. Minorca
Rossello, Antonia Mahon, Minorca
Rossello/Rusayo, Clara Mahon, Minorca
Ruger/Rodger, Alberto Mahon, Minorca
Ruger/Rodger, Antonio Ciudadela, Minorca
Ruger/Rodger, Antonia Mahon, Minorca
Ruger/Rodger, Juan Mahon, Minorca
Ruger/Rodger, Magdalena Minorca
Ruger/Rodger, Margarita Alayor, Minorca
Ruger/Rodger, Mariana Alayor, Minorca
Ruger/Rodger, Robert Mahon, Minorca
Sabate/Sabater, Pablo Ciudadela, Minorca
Sala/Salata, Nicolau Minorca
Salom, Antonio Minorca
Salom, Juan Alayor, Minorca
Salom, Juana Alayor, Minorca
Salom, Margarita San Felipe, Minorca
Salord, Francisco Ciudadela, Minorca
Sans/Sanz, Francisca San Felipe, Minorca
Sans/Sanz, Margarita San Felipe, Minorca
Sans/Sanz, Maria Alayor, Minorca
Sans/Sanz, Mariana San Felipe, Minorca
Segui, Bernardo Alayor, Minorca
Segui, Didacus Mahon, Minorca
Segui, Diego Ferrerias, Minorca
Segui, Domenec Ferrerias, Minorca
Segui, Ferran Minorca
Segui, Juan Ciudadela, Minorca
Segui, Miguel Ciudadela, Minorca
Serra, Mariana Minorca
Sintes, Bartolomeo Alayor, Minorca
Sintes, Juana Alayor, Minorca
Sintes, Magdalena Minorca
Sintes, Margarita Alayor, Minorca
Sintes, Maria Alayor, Minorca
Sintes, Rafaela Mahon, Minorca
Todori, Antonio Ciudadela, Minorca
Todori, Antonia Ciudadela, Minorca
Todori, Mariana Ciudadela, Minorca
Torres, Paula Ciudadela, Minorca
Torro, Joseph San Felipe, Minorca
Tremol, Antonia Alayor, Minorca
Tremol, Francisco Minorca
Triay, Anna Maria Mahon, Minorca
Triay, Francisco Ciudadela, Minorca
Triay, Gabriel Ciudadela, Minorca
Triay, Juan (1) Mahon, Minorca
Triay, Juan (2) Ciudadela, Minorca
Triay, Margarida (1) Alayor, Minorca
Triay, Margarita (2) San Felipe, Minorca
Triay, Maria Ciudadela, Minorca
Triay, Mateu Minorca
Triay, Pere/Pedro Mahon, Minorca
Tricin, Juan Minorca
Tudori, Antonia Minorca
Vallor, Margarida San Felipe, Minorca
Vadell, Pere/Pedro Alayor, Minorca
Velosi, Margarita San Felipe, Minorca
Vens/Venz, Catarina Rita Minorca
Vens/Venz, Juana Ciudadela, Minorca
Victori, Ines San Felipe, Minorca
Vila, Antonia Ciudadela, Minorca
Vila, Francisco Ciudadela, Minorca
Vila, Juan Minorca
Vila, Juana Ciudadela, Minorca
Vila, Margarita Ciudadela, Minorca
Vila, Maria Ciudadela, Minorca
Vila, Pedro Ciudadela, Minorca
Villalonga, Agueda Alayor, Minorca
Villalonga, Bartolomeo Alayor, Minorca
Villalonga, Juan Alayor, Minorca
Villalonga, Miguel Alayor, Minorca
Vite, Maria Ciudadella, Minorca
Vives, Margarita Alayor, Minorca
Vives, Victoria Minorca
Xerez, Ana San Felipe, Minorca
Ximenez, Antonia Alayor, Minorca
Ximenez/Quimenez, Juana Alayor, Minorca
Ximenez, Maria Mahon, Minorca
Ximenez, Rafael Alayor, Minorca


Bousan, Francisco Majorca
Coll, Lorenzo San Miguel, Majorca
Genovard, Francisco Palma de Majorca
Genovard, Juan Palma de Majorca
Paredes/Pallares, Juan Baptista Majorca
Paredes/Pallares/Payeres, Joseph Majorca

Minorcan and Majorcan immigrants to FL in 1768 with Andrew Turnbull from Olive Tree Genealogy. It has been hypothesized (with no proof) that the Espinetas and Triays were forebears of John Pinholster--Espineta MIGHT have Anglicized to Pinholster.

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John Irvine Rusmisel POW Records p. 2

Selected Records of the War Department Relating to Confederate Prisoners of War, 1861-1865; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M598, 145 rolls); War Department Collection of Confederate Records, Record Group 109; National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Point Look Out, Maryland, Book No. 237, “April to August , 1864…Contains about 1000 names not alphabetically arranged,” also Index to Ledger No. 1


Rusmisel, J. J. 350

[John Irvine Rusmisel is listed in the top right corner]

Link to a History of the camp by Descendants of Point Lookout POW Organization:

John Irvine Rusmisel (1834-1900) Civil War Prisoner of War Record

Selected Records of the War Department Relating to Confederate Prisoners of War, 1861-1865, (National Archives Microfilm Publication M598, 145 rolls); War Department Collection of Confederate Records, Record Group 109; National Archives, Washington, D.C.


Rusmissel, J. I. , Sergt., 25th Regiment, VA, Cavy [Calvary], Co. C, Captured—Wilderness, Va., May 6, 1862, Transferred to Elmira [N.Y.] Aug. 10, 1864

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Christian Rusmisel estate sale advertisement - Staunton Spectator, Volume 38, Number 4, 15 January 1861


AUGUSTA LAND FOR SALE.--In Pursuance of the last Will of Christian Rusmisel, dec'd., we will sell, to the highest bidder, on Wednesday the 6th of February, 1861, if fair, if not, the next fair day, the LAND on which the said Rusmisel lived and died. This land lies one mile west of Mt. Solon, and adjoins the land of Philips Dinkle, Skyles and others, and is supposed to contain some 160 or 170 Acres. This land is of good quality. There are some 90 acres cleared, of which there are about 85 acres of BOTTOM LAND, clear of rock and easy to cultivate; the balance is finely timbered and of good clay soil.--It is situated in a fine neighborhood and is convenient to Stores, Schools, Mills, Post Office, &c. The improvements consist of a good LOG DWELLING, Kitchen, Stone Dairy, a Well of good water in the yard, Barn, Corn House, and a fine ORCHARD of Apple Trees. Any person wishing to purchase this farm can see it by calling on John J. Rusmisel, who resides upon the premises, and he will take pleasure in showing it.

TERMS.--One-third of the purchase money cash, or negotiable paper at 60 days, interest added, payable at either of the banks in the town of Staunton; the balance in three equal annual instalments, bearing date from date of sale--purchaser to give bond with approved security for the deferred payments, and the legal title to be retained as additional security until the whole purchase money is paid.

Also, on the same day, we shall offer a lot of Household and Kitchen Furniture for sale as follows: Bedsteads and Bedding, Chairs, Tables, Carpeting, 1 fine eight-day Clock, 1 Cupboard, 1 Cook Stove, and various other articles not mentioned.

TERMS--On Personal Property, 6 months credit on all sums of five dollars and upwards; under that the cash will be required.

Dec. 25, 1860, tds. Ex'ors. of C. Rusmisel, dec'd.

Transcribed by Teresa McVeigh
All Righrts Reserved

Christian Shelly's Will, 1814 Augusta County, Virginia

From Records of Augusta County, VA 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkey, Vol III Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in VA, Baltimore, Geneal. Pub. Co., 1965, p. 214

1814, Jan. 7--Will Abstract Book X, p. 318, from Records of Augusta County, VA 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkey, Vol III Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in VA, Baltimore, Geneal. Pub. Co., 1965, p. 214:

Christian Shelly's Will--to wife Fany; son, John; daughter, Anny Rusmisel's other children that are married; daughter Mary; daughter, Betsy; son, Daniel; son, Jacob (under 18). Executors, sons-in-law David Stover, Christian Rusmisel. Teste: Michael Shiry, David Hogshead. Executors qualify. Proved, 28 Feb. 1814.


Chalkley Vol. III, p 214


7 Jan. 1814, proved 28 Feb 1814

Other information

Wife Fany, Daugher Anny Rusmisel, son-in-law Christian Rusmisel one executor