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Cranford and Martha Ivie

Cranford Mitchell and Martha Caroline (Harper) Ivie, possibly near the time of their wedding in 1882 in Habersham County,m Georgia.

Martha and Cranford Ivie and children

Cranford Mitchell and Martha Caroline (Blair) Ivie, seated, with their 12 children, left to right:Etta Matilda, Jesse Milton, William Dallas, Bayless Edge,Lewis Edward, George Norris, Clinton Wilson, Viola Mae, Lester Lyman, Ernest Lafayette, Benjamin Franklin & Thomas Harper. 

This photo may have been about 1917.

The same children with their mother, all 12 still alive, at their father's funeral in Habersham County, Georgia, 1947. 

Burrell Ivie (1813-1868) Bible

These are pages that are purported to be from the Burrell Ivie (1813-1868) Bible. The people listed are him, his parents, his children and their spouses. In his book Ivie Family History, Thomas M. Tillotso states that Burrell Family bible was inherited by his son Thomas Jusdon Ivie, who then left it to his son Henry Paige Ivie. I do not know who now owns the original Bible. This scan was found on on the tree Ivie/Gibbs.

Burrell Ivie was born and died in Habersham County, Georgia.

Burrell Ivie Bible (torn and missing part of page indicated by ...): Fanny Ivie was born 1....1803 [1813?] Elizabeth Ivie was born... Peyton Ivie was born J... Willis Ivie was born Jan... Burral Ivie was born... Thomas R [A?] Ivie was born 19 Apr...1816 Milly Ivie was born December 3 1817 Turner W Ivie was born February 2 182[1 or 7?] Hampton G Ivie was born June 7t [1t?]1822 Millicent Ivie was born November 15 1826 Thomas Ivie was born Janua... 20 1779 Polly Ivie was born March 15 1786 Thomas Ivie died December the 28th 1866 Fanny Ivie died December the ... 1864

Transcribed 16 Feb 2013 Teresa McVeigh

A different scan of the same page found on on the tree Teter Teeters Ivie Family Links

And a second page was also on the Teter Teeters tree:



Burrel Ivie was married to Christain Ritch his wife the 5th Oct 1834

William W. Ivie was married to Miss Cassander Taylor 22 December 1859

Alonzo Wayne Harper and Sarah Elizabeth Ivie was married the 27th June 1861

William H. Hardy was married to his wife Mary Ann Ivie the 28th November 1861

George R. Shirley and A. F. Ivie was married May the 25th 1871

Burrel Ivie died Ju[ne] 28th 1865

Transcribed 3 Jan 2015 by Teresa McVeigh