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Burrell Ivie and Christan Ritchee (Ritch) Marriage License

The Marriage license of Burrell Ivie and Christan Richee [Christian "Kitty" Ritch] in Habersham County, Georgia, 5 Oct. 1834

Habersham County

To any Judge Justice of Peace or Minister of the Gospel you are authorized to join in holy Matrimony Burrell Ivie and Christan Ritchee according to the laws of said State.
Given under my hand this 5th October 1834 A M Norris [?] DCCO

Barbara_Rendl originally submitted this to Barbara's Family Tree on 1 Jun 2011 from Rita Herrin

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Charles Wesley "Mr. Charlie" Pitchford

Charles Wesley "Charlie" Pitchford (1863-1958), was the son of Wesley and Nancy Margaret (Neville) Pitchford. He was a merchant in Walhalla, Oconee, South Carolina.

memrey1629originally submitted this to Emrey Family Tree on on 30 Dec 2010
His Obituary, 30 Dec 1858 Walhalla, SC
Dont' Worry...Do Something!
A big and important chapter in the life and early progress of Walhalla was closed Christmas night with the passing of C.W. Pitchford, Sr., a man whose foresight and integrity did much tro help the town and the county over the hump toward progress when it was most needed.
For a number of years Mr. Pitchford was one of the staunches cornerstones of the Oconee business world...operating a large merchantile business here as well as other interests in the county.
"Mr. Charlie", as he was known to frieds far and wide, was 95 when he passed on to his reward. From the time when he entered business as a young man, until the mid-1940's when an injury suffered in a fall forced his retirement, he had built the Pitchford name into something synonomous with business success in Oconee.
One of the largest stores in the downtown section still bears his name on its of the first things to see as you enter Wahalla from the east.
A number of years back when a big fire destroyed a goodly portion of the business section, it demolished the pitchford business in its wake. A lesser man might have given it up right there.
Poking around in the still smoking rubble and ruined merchandise, Mr. Pitchford was found by a sympathising friend.
"I just wanted to say I'm sorry, Charlie"', the friend said. "I know you must be worried to death."
"Worried, nothing!" snapped Mr. Pirchford. "I'm trying to figure out how many floors we ought to have when we build it back again".
From his courageous attitude many others took heart, and it brought a quicker rebuilding...and a bigger and even better town evolved.
It was from this experience, old timer tell you that on[e] of Mr. Charlie's pet axioms was born:
"Don't worry about anything...just do some[thing] about it".

memrey1629originally submitted this to Emrey Family Tree on on 30 Dec 2010

His name is still on the store he owned in Walhalla.


                                                                   Photo by J David Lyle, 2011
He is buried at West View Memorial Cemetery, Walhalla, Oconee, South Carolina.  

                                                        Photo by J David Lyle, 2011.
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Alsey (Gober) Pitchford (1777-1852) Death and Burial

Grave of Alsey (Gober) Pitchford
 Mossy Creek United Methodist Church, Rt. 1, Cleveland, White, Georgia
Sacred to the Memory of

Ailsey Pitchford

Wife of Nathan Pitchford

Jan 17 1777

July 24 1852
Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Christain Advocate, by Brent H. Holcomb, pg. 277, Issue of September 10, 1852
Died in Habersham Co., Ga., on the 24th July, Mrs. Alsey Pitchford, born in Granville Co., N.C., moved to
Ga., and married Nathan Pitchford in Franklin Co., Aug. 19, 1799. (D.L.Ballew)

[Note: Nathan and Alsey were married in South Carolina. At that time, 3 counties in present day SC were part of Franklin County, Georgia.]

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Nathaniel "Nathan" Pitchford (1772-1846) Death and Burial

Grave of Nathaniel "Nathan" Pitchford
Mossy Creek United Methodist Church, Rt. 1, Cleveland, White County, Georgia

Sacred to the Memory of
Nathan Pitchford
Mar 2, 1772
June 15, 1846

Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate, Brent H. Holcomb, pg. 103, Issue of July 10, 1846

Departed this life in Habersham county, Ga., on the 15th June, 1846, Nathan Pitchford, a native of  Virginia, aged 75 years, 3 months, 13 days. The deceased when a young man emigrated to Georgia, and in the year 1779 married Miss Alsey Gober of Franklin County, Ga....He was permitted to live to see some forty-three grandchildren. (S.H.D.)

[Note: Mossy Creek is now in White County, but was in Habersham when he died. Nathan and Alsey were married in South Carolina. At that time, 3 currently SC counties were part of Franklin County, GA.]

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James Henry Eaddy (1871-1937) Bible Records

Transcription of James Henry Eaddy Bible, transcribed 9 Mar 2008 by Teresa McVeigh, first page:
The New Testament
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:
Translated out of the original Greek;
And with the former
tr anslations diligently compared and revised.
New York:
American Bible Society
Instituted in the year MDCCCXVL
[Handwritten on the page]
William Dewey Eaddy
William Dewey Eaddy the
son of J H & S S Eaddy
was born May th13 of 1908
James Henry Eaddy Bible transcription page 2:
William Arthor E
was born the 23 of
March 1880
Barfield Moody E
was born the 5 of
May 1882
Cirtis Lee E was
born the 11 of May
Wm Capers Eaddy
was both April [the 6th of?] 6
Jessie Hilmer Eaddy
the daughter of J H Eaddy
and S S Eaddy was born
July 25 1906
[very faint]
Baby born May 13 1908
James Henry Eaddy Bible transcription, p 3
James Henry Eaddy
the son of W C
Eaddy and E T Eaddy
was born May the
15 1871
Thomas Melain Eaddy
the son of W C
and E T Eaddy
was born June the
15 1872
John Barron Eaddy
the son of W C
and E T Eaddy
was born Oct the
7 1875
[There is very faint writing at the bottom that seems to say 1 1908 and probably subtracts 75. ]
James Henry Eaddy Bible transcription, p 4
William Arthur Eaddy
the Son of W C and E T Eaddy
was born March 23
Barfield Moody Eaddy
[torn] Son of W C and E T Eaddy
was born May 5 1882
Cirtis Lee Eaddy The
Son of W C and E T Eaddy
[torn-w] as born May 11 1884
T M Eaddy departed
life August the 17
Emma Theodosia Eaddy the w[ife of-torn]
W C Eaddy departed [torn]
J_ne 7 1 [torn]
[Note: Theodosia (Singletary) Eaddy died 1 Jun 1887 from the book Family Bible Records, Vol 1, 3 Rivers Historical Society.]

James Henry Eaddy Bible transcription, p 5
Theodosia V Eaddy the wife of
W C Eaddy departed this
life May the 11 1893
Theodosia V Bellflower [torn]
wife of W C Eaddy was
born Sep 12 1870
Emma Theodosia Viola Eaddy
the Daughter of W C E[addy-torn]
and T V Eaddy was bor[n-torn]
April the 21 1893
Wm Capers Eaddy Depart[ed-torn]
[t-torn]his Life July 10 1907
[torn] years 3 month 40 day
[Note: These entries seem to indicate that the Bible was originally owned by Capers and Theodosia Eaddy.]
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Obituary of Susan Thompson (Davenport) Jarrell (1815-1898)

Obituary from the Athens News and Banner, newspaper dated 5 May 1898:

Jarrell.--Mrs. Susan Thompson Jarrell, relict of the late Stinson S. Jarrell, died in Athens, Ga., May 1st, 1898. She was born in 1815 at Charlottesville, Va., and was descended from the well known families of Thompson, Lewis, Meriwether, and Davenport. In 1821 [a note says should be 1823], her widowed Mother, Mrs. Davenport, moved to Georgia, settling at the "Glade" in Oglethorpe County. The family were Episcopalians, but finding no Church at their new home, they soon enterprised the building of a house of worship, which was set apart as the First Methodist Church in this old community. The mother led the daughter into the membership of the new Church for the erection of which she had largely contributed, and neither removed from its fellowship until transferred to "the house not made with hands". At the time of her death Sister Jarrell had been a Methodist for more than seventy years--the oldest member of the "Glade" Church and one of the oldest Methodists in Georgia although changing her residence for brief seasons to Clark, Madison, and Green Counties, she clung to the old home altar in Oglethorpe, where as a child, she had given her heart to God. It was fitting that at the close of her long, useful life she would have a last resting place in the quiet graveyard of the Church of her early love. She was a lady of the olden type, quiet and dignified in manner, yet of commanding, positive character. Her religious life bore the impress of the former days. She knew that Christ the Lord had formed himself within her the hope of glory, and every day she enjoyed the exhilarating grace of consscious acceptance. Modest of her attainments she was nevertheless emboldened by the assurance of faith and always able to give a reason for the hope she had. The sweetness and beauty of her religious confidence gave a glad cheer to the daily duries of home. and all who came in contact with her knew the comfort of her life and whence it came. Her children rise up to call her blessed, and cherish her memory as God's legacy of love, to give them strength and hope. They know where she has gone, and must themselves enter enter the city of God if they can see her again. -J.W.H.

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1809 deed Jacob and Celia (Mauldin) Gray

1809 Deed, Barnwell District, SC
Jacob and Celia (Mauldein) Gray sell 200 acres to Henry Fennell, witnessed by James Mauldin and Thomas Gray

The State of South Carolina Barnwell District.

Knoweth all men by these presents that I Jacob Gray of the State and District aforesaid in consideration of three hundred dollars to me paid by Henry Fennell of the State and District aforesaid have (line missing)
These presence do grant bargain sell & release unto the said Henry Fennell two hundred acres of land being the S. W. end of a tract of 300 acres of land granted to William Tuton the 5th day of April 1780 under the hand of his Excellency William Moultrie then Governor of said State and hath such share & marks as are represented by a plat thereof. Binding on the Big Duck Branch to the NE waters of Coosawhatchee together with all and singular the rights members, herewith unto and appurtenancy to the said premises belonging or in any wise incident or appertaining To Have and To Hold all and singular the premises before mentioned unto the said Henry Fennell his heir and his assigns forever, And I do hereby bind myself my heir executors and administrator to warrant and forever defend all and singular the said premises unto the said Henry Fennel his heirs and assigns against myself my heirs and against every person Lawfully claiming or to Claim the same or any part thereof. Witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 12th day of January 1809 in the 33 and 34 of the Independence of the United States of America.
Signed Sealed & delivered
In the presence of us
Thomas Gray Jacob Gray (seal)
James Mauldin Caelia Gray (seal)
Personally appeared before me Thomas Gray and made oath that he saw Jacob Gray and Caelia Gray his wife sign seal & deliver the ? agreement of writing for 200 acres of land for the use and purpose within mentioned also that he saw James Mauldin sign his name thereto with himself as witness sworn to before me the 12th Jan 1809.
Simon Bryan JPBD (Justice of the Peace Barnwell District)
Recorded the 8th November 1813.

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Amelia "Milley" Mauldin Provision Allotment 1805

Milley Maulden's allotment of provision for 1 year from the estate of Tucker Maulden, 21 Dec 1805 Craven County, NC

Milley Maulden's
allotment of
Provision for 1 year
? Dec Term

North Carolina

Pursuant to the Annexed commission, from the County Court of Craven, we they undersigned commissioners, have agreeable to Law, alloted to Milley Maulden Relict of Tucker Maulden dec. out of the Stock, crop, ? of said decd. for her Support and that of the Family for one year --the following Specified Articles. Viz. All the crop of Corn as it stands -- all the hogs, containing 34 head --three cowes and calves --and one black horse--given under our hands and seals the 21st Day of Sept 1805.

Lewis Fonville (seal)
Fredk. Hargett (seal)
Alexr. Mitchell (seal)
John Coward (seal)

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Tucker Mauldin Estate Plat 1 (1813, Craven County, NC)

Plat of Tucker Mauldin Estate Land to be divided by 4 appointed commissioners, Craven County, NC, 13 Mar 1813 

We the comissoners agreeable to an order of Court, appointed to Partition the Land of Tucker Maudin Dcd. have executed the Same agreeable the above plan.

Jonathan Price
H? Marrett
John Cowards
Reuben P Jones

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Estate of Tucker Mauldin (1750-1805) Petition for Partition of Land

Petition by Elisha Stafford, his wife Celia (Mauldin), and minor children Tucker, John, Amelia and Council Mauldin for Partition of the Land of Tucker Mauldin.


To the Worshipful the Justice of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County of Craven--

The Petition of Tucker Mauldin, Jno. Mauldin, Amelia Mauldin, & Council Mauldin all infants by Minor guardian Elisha Stafford and Elisha Stafford and Alice his wife and Jos. Hatch humbly sheweth that some time in the year Tucker Mauldin died intestate possessed of a certain tract of land in fee simple intestate in Craven County and on Trent road about 8 miles from NBern which descended to your petitioners Tucker, Jno, Amelia, Council, Alice, and James & Celia --And May further shew that James Mauldin sold his share or part of said land Jacob Grey and also that Jacob Grey & Celia his wife sold their part 2 portions of land to Jos. Hatch --And your Petiton Jos. Hatch is now the owner of two sevenths of said land as tenants in common with your other petitioners. And your petitioners are desirous that

the Partition should be made of said land and the share of each alloted to them in seven allty(?) --And May that four commissioners (?) for that purpose may be appointed.

Wm. Stanley, Atty for Pet.

Petition of Elisha Stafford & wife & others for Parn.

Fredk. Joyner
Abner Hargett
Bencyath? Boguey?
Abraham Mitchell
Wm. Duncan

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Estate of Tucker Mauldin (1750-1805) List of Heirs

Estate of  Tucker Mauldin (Maulden, Moulin), Craven County, North Carolina

Division of Moulin Lands

Aley Stafford 1
Cealia Gray 2
Jas. Moulin 5
Tucker Moulin 6
John Moulin 3
Ameea Moulin 4
Connel Moulin 7

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Will of Henrietta Urquhart 20 July 1862 Wilmington, NC

Henrietta Urquhart signed a will on 30 Jul 1862 in Wilmington, New Hanover County, North Carolina. Taken from Urquhart Families of North Carolina website--URL no longer active:

New Hanover County, North Carolina
Will Book: D, Pages 107, 108, 109
Will Dated: 30 July 1862

Will Probated: Dec 1862
Last Will and Testament of Henrietta Urquhart
State of North Carolina. (County of New Hanover)
I Henrietta Urquhart of the Town of Wilmington, State aforesaid, being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and plan following:

I desire that my executor hereinafter named, shall provide for my body a decent burial suitable to my estate and situation in life and pay all funeral expenses together with my just debts ____ and to whomever owed, out of the moneys that may first come into the hands, from my ____ of my estate real or personal.

I give and devise to my nephews Fergus McRee and William Griffith McRee, children of my sister Mary McRee, my brick building situated at the corner of Dock and South Water Streets in the Town of Wilmington aforesaid, together with the stores, wharf and appendages connected therewith, to be equally divided among my said nephews, but subject never the less to the annual payment of the sum of one hundred dollars for the support and benefit of my Negro woman Milly.

I give and bequeath my woman Milly to my friend the Rev. Dr. R. B. Drane, with the request that she may be permitted to enjoy her time as much as possible, and with the ______ _____ my nephews to whom the property herein before mentioned is designed, that she shall receive from this income of said property annually, the sum of one hundred dollars, and I desire that my executor hereinafter named shall take ___ ___ that the said sum is secured to her. I also desire that my ____ aforesaid as well as my silver broach with my name on it, shall be given to the said Milly.

I desire that my executor hereinafter named shall take _____ can that the said sum is ____ (given) to her. I also desire that the half of ____ No. 57 in St. James' Church, Wilmington, which belongs to me, shall be offered to Mrs. ____ M. McNoyes(?), who owns the other half, at the sum of one hundred and twenty five dollars, but if she declines buying at said price, then it is to be sold at public sale to the highest bidder and the proceeds of said sale, together with one thousand dollars, to be _____ from my estate, are to be apportioned and _____ in the Fund for the relief of disabled Clergymen in the Diocese of North Carolina, or loaned out on good security, as my Executor may think proper and the Disabled Clergymen of the Diocese aforesaid.

And I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend Henry R. Savage my lawful executor to all intents and purposes, to execute this my last will and testament, according to the tone, intent and meaning of the same and ____ ____ and clause thereof, hereby _____ and ____ ____ said all other wills and testaments by me at any time hereforesaid made.
In ____ whereof, I the said Henrietta Urquhart, do hereto ____ my hand and seal ____ the 30th day of July A.D. 1862.

Henrietta Urquhart
Signed sealed ____ ____ and

Declared by the M. Henrietta

Urquhart to be her last will and

Testament, in the presence of ____

Who at her request and in her

Presence do subscribe our names

As indicated thereto.

Jno. A. Taylor

S. A. Polley
State of North Carolina

New Hanover County Court, Dec. Term 1862

This paper writing, perpetrating to be and contain the last will and testament of Henrietta Urquhart, was exhibited in open Court, and propounded for probate, and the due execution of the same by the said Henrietta Urquhart, was _____ by the oath and examination of John A. Taylor, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto. And in offering to the satisfaction of the Court that S. A. Polley is an inhabitant of another Government, it is considered by the Court, that the said paper writing, ands every part thereof, is the last will and testament of Henrietta Urquhart and sufficient to carry the bequest therein made.

Saml R. B_____, Clk

for R. B. Woods Dyler

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Probate of the Estate of Norman Urquhart, Jr., 10 Aug 1864

Norman Urquhart, Jr. had an estate probated on 10 Aug 1864 in Montgomery County, Alabama
From Urquhart Families website, by Billy R. Wilson, [site is no longer active]:

SON OF NORMAN AND JANE BETHUNE URQUHART (State of Alabama, Montgomery County)

To David Campbell, Judge of Probate for Sd. County, Your petitioner, Sylvanus Walker, who is administrator of the goods and Chattels, rights and credits that were of Norman Urquhart, Decd of the county and State aforesaid, would represent unto your honor, that the deceased died Seized and possessed of the following Lands, to wit, the East 1/2 of the SE 1/4 and NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 12 in Township 6 of Range 19 lying and being in the county of Coffee and State aforesaid. He further represents unto your honor that Sd. estate is solvent, and that Sd. land cannot be equitably divided among the heirs at law of the deceased, without a Sale thereof He further represents unto your Honor that the deceased left as his heirs at law the following persons, to wit, Margaret Joyce, a widow, Sister of Decd, of full age who resides in the county and State aforesaid. The children of John Urquhart, who was a brother of the Decd., To Wit, Thomas Urquhart of full age, resides in the State of Florida, Gracy McCall, a widow of full age, resides in Montgomery County, Ala.; Elizabeth Knighten a widow of full age who has died since the death of Sd. Norman Urquhart, Decd, leaving no living issue or children. Henry Urquhart of full age residing in Green County Ala., John Urquhart of full age, residing in Montgomery County Ala. Lafayette Urquhart of full age who has died since the intestate Norman Urquhart, leaving no children, and Anestatia Urquhart of full age residing in Montgomery County Ala., also the Children of Catharine Williams, decd, who was a daughter of the decd Brother John Urquhart, whose names and ages are not known to your petitioner, and whom he believes reside in the State of Florida. Also the children of Neill Urquhart Deed., a brother of the Decd, to wit, Daniel Urquhart of full age who resides in the County of Clark Ala., Henry Urquhart of full age who resides in the County of Barber Ala,, and Benjamin Urquhart of full age and resides in the County of Barber, Ala.

Also the Children of Alexander Urquhart Decd a Brother of the deceased, to wit, Norman Urquhart of full age, Aaron Urquhart of full age, Nancy S. Walker wife of Sylvanus Walker, of full age, Almira Herrington of full age, wife of James Herrington, Elizabeth Caffey, a widow, of full age, all of whom reside in Montgomery County, Ala. Henry Urquhart of full age and Alexander Urquhart of full age, both reside in Pike County, Ala. Also the children of Daniel Urquhart Decd, who was a Brother of the decd, to wit, Norman Urquhart, and Sarah Urquhart who has intermarried with some person, unknown to your petitioner, both of whom are of full age and reside in the State of Florida. Also the children of Nancy McLeod who was a Sister of the deceased, to wit, Daniel McLeod, Norman McLeod, Jannett McLeod, and Christian McLeod, all of full age, and reside in the State of North Carolina. Also the children of Elizabeth Shaw, Decd, who was a Sister of the Decd, to wit, Jennett Shaw, Elizabeth Shaw, Angus Shaw, Sally Sunday, wife of John Sunday, all of full age, who reside in the County of Cumberland, State of North Carolina, and Nancy Crowder wife of Sion Crowder, Catharine Vickers wife of Hiram Vickers and Mary Wright wife of- Wright, all of full age and who reside in the State of North Carolina.

He therefore prays your Honor to set a day for the hearing of this application, give the notice required by Statute to the heirs at law, and appoint some fit person to take testimony in this case, that upon the hearing of it, if it is made to appear to your Honor from proof, that a Sale of Sd. land is necessary to make distribution, that your Honor grant him the usual order or decree, to Sell Sd. Land and he as in duty bound will ever pray.

State of Alabama
Montgomery County

Personally appeared before me Sylvanus Walker, Administrator of the Estate of Norman Urquhart Deceased who on his oath says that the facts set forth in the foregoing petition are true.

Sworn to and Subscribed before
me this 10th day of August 1864.  
Sylvanus Walker
M. F. Rushton, J. P.  

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Will of Angus Shaw, 14 Aug 1845 Cumberland County, NC

Will of Angus Shaw (b. 1765 Scotland) written 14 Aug. 1845, Cumberland County, NC, naming as heirs his brothers John Shaw and Daniel Shaw, and his nieces and nephews, children of John Shaw: Janet, Nancy, Flory, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Angus and Norman.           

Will of Angus Shaw (14 Mar 1845), Cumberland County, NC Wills, Book C, pg 212, abstracted by Teresa McVeigh

Co. Cumberland, NC

Executor (1) provide body decent burial suitable to relations and friends and also pay funeral expense
(2) Pay debts to however owning out of first money of Estate

Item: Bro. John Shaw--Haywood Place and whole of adjoining lands during his lifetime and at his death to son Angus Shaw
Bro. John Shaw--(Mill?) Place and all adjoining lands during his lifetime and at his death to his son Norman Shaw
Item: Thornton Creek land to bro. Daniel Shaw together with all Bank Stocks, grey horse and carriage "with all that the said Daniel
         owes me.       
Item: Bro. John--Negro men Peter, (Dany?), (Henrietta?), Handy John, and James during his lifetime and at his death to be equally
         divided between his daughters Janet, Nancy, Flory, Mary, and Elizabeth.
Item: Niece Sarah Shaw (John's daughter) Negro Girl Charlotte
Item: Bro. John Shaw all household and kitchen furniture except my red chest which I give to his daughter Nancy and my bureau to
         his dau. Janet
And to bro. John all stocks of cattle and hogs and sheep and one yoke of oxen and a cart, all my farming tools and utensils and all my outstanding debts in notes or accounts and cash on hand
Item: To niece Sarah Shaw my own bed and furniture and to each of my nieces Mary and Catherine (my bro. John's daughters) one
        Bed and furniture.
Item: to nephew Angus Shaw (John's son) my gun and niece Elizabeth 2 cows and calves
Item: Bro. John Shaw the Henry Johnson land if he does not redeem it and should he redeem it, the money to said bro. John
Item: Bro. Daniel Shaw the (Bethune?) Debt and if not comply with conditions of bond, then give Daniel land from which bond
Item: Umbrella to niece Nancy Shaw. And all my books to bro. Daniel Shaw except "Scott's Commentarys" to nephew Norman
         Shaw.  Bro. Daniel Shaw my old saddle.
Item: Bros. John Shaw and Daniel Shaw all the crop and provisions on land to be equally divided among them. Anything not mentioned in will to Bro. John Shaw.

Lastly Appoint bro. John Shaw lawful executor.
21 Mar 1845 Angus Shaw (Seal)
Witnesses: Jno McKay
E.K. Branch

Codicil (additions and changes):
Bro. Daniel Shaw a certain note on (Tom McHerd?) for $50 or that amount if collected being (no time of the Bethune? debt?)
Item: Bro. John Shaw--Peoples land, 518 acres, during his lifetime and after his death to his son Angus Shaw
Item: Bro. John Shaw--Negro Girl Charity Ann during his lifetime and after his death to nieces Nancy, Flory, Mary and Elizabeth Shaw (John's daughters) and further if Negro woman Henrietta have any more children equally divide among nieces just named after death of my bro. John.

If  there is a conflict in the Will and the codicil, executor to go by codicil.
14 Aug, 1849 Angus Shaw (Seal)
Witnesses: Jno McKay
E.K. Branch

State NC, Cumberland Co., court Pleas and Qtr Sessions, Dec. Term 1850
Probate. Proven oath John McKay. John Shaw qualified and appted executor. Record in Book of Wills.

All rights Reserved
Teresa McVeigh 2 Jun 2012

Mary H (Jenkins) Shaw Pension Application, Widow of Angus Shaw (1901)

Widow's Application for Pension Act of March 2nd 1901 

Mrs. Mary H. Shaw Widow of Angus Shaw Co. 76 Reg. 38 NC State Troops Cumberland Co, NC

29 May 1901 before A.A. McKeethan (?), Mary H. Shaw aged 65 resident of Fayetteville p.o. in said Co. and State swears widow of Angus Shaw enlisted in Co. "76", 38th Reg. NC Troops on or about the 1st(?) Nov. 1861, m. before 1 Ap 1865 and never re-married; 12 mo. preceeding and presently resident of NC; no office etc. receive $300 annually; no property greater than $500 nor disposed of such property since 11 Mar, 1885.

" Lieut. Angus Shaw was wounded at Ellyson Mill Va and died from the said wounds on 18 July 1862. I own a dower interest in land but it produces only about $25 annually."

29 May 1901 Mary H. Shaw

Physicians Certif.--Affidavit she is who she says

29 May 1901 J.F. Highsmith, Physician

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

John Shaw (1780-1754) Family Bible, Cumberland County, North Carolina

These Shaw Family Bible Records were abstracted by Stewart J. Wiggins in the 1970's. The Bible was at that time in the possesion of Ora (McVeigh) Johnson. Notes in brackets are additions and alternative transcriptions.

John Shaw married Elizabeth Urquhart April 24, 1817

John Shaw died Nov. 21, 1854, 74 years 2 mo. old [b. Sept 1780]

Elizabeth Urquhart died Aug. 27, 1853, 63 years old [b. 1790]

Daniel Shaw born Feb 11, 1819, died Aug. 29, 1848, killed in Mexican War at Perote, Mexico

Jennette R. [B?] Shaw born Aug. 24, 1820

Norman Shaw and Sarah Shaw [twins] born July 29, 1822 [Sarah died in infancy]

Norman died Aug. 29, 1847

Ann R. [B.] Shaw born June 9, 1824, married Sihon Crowder Oct. 7, 1847

Angus Shaw born Feb. 18, 1826, married Mary Jenkins Dec. 22, 1858

Angus killed in 7 Days Battle in Richmond, July 18, 1862

Mary Jane Shaw born Feb. 28, 1828, married Henry Wright, 1859, died in Chatham County, Ga May 3,


Flora Catherine Shaw born July 7, 1829, married Hiram Vickers Jan. 25, 1854

Elizabeth Shaw born May 10, 1831

Sarah Margaret Shaw born Oct. 4, 1833, married John Sundy, died 1918 near Waycross, Ga.

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