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Rev. Wiley P Warwick headstone (1771-1856)

Photo of Rev. Wiley P. Warwick, Methodist minister, headstone, Mossy Creek United Methodist Cemetery, Cleveland, White County, Georgia. Photo by Theron Rogers 9 Feb 2015

To the Memory of
Rev. Wiley Warwick
Was born in Sussex County, Va
Mar 17, 1771
And died May 7th 1856
57 years in the Ministry

Wiley Warwick, Senr and Mrs. Elizabeth Bell marriage license, 1846

Marriage License of Rev. Wiley P. WARWICK, Sr. and Mrs. Elizabeth BELL (Beall), Hall County, Georgia. License 7 Oct, 1846. Marriage 8 Oct. 1846. 

Georgia, Hall County.
To any Judge, Justice of the Inferior Court, Justice of the Peace, or Minister of the Gospel—
You are hereby authorized to join in the holy state of Matrimony,
Wiley Warwick, Senr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Bell
According to the Constitution and Laws of this State: and for so doing this shall be your sufficient License.
Given under my hand, this Seventh Day of October 1846
E.M. Johnson, CCO
Georgia, Hall County.
I Certify, that the above Parties were duly joined in Matrimony, by me, this Eight day of October 1846
W.H. Evans, M. G.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Abstract of Thomas Henry Warwick Pension Application, 1915

Thomas Henry "T H" Warwick (1845 GA-1929 TX) applied for a pension for his Civil War service in 1915.  The Pension was allowed March 1, 1916.

Abstract of T H Warwick Pension Application,  Page 1

Soldiers who are in Indigent Circumstances, State of Texas, County of Parker: T.H. Warwick, application for Pension of 1913.

Served the Confederate States, did not desert, and never abandoned post. “Surrendered at Cleveland or Clarkesville, Ga. (Have forgotten which) in the later part of April , at least in April, 1865, the war having closed.”

Resident of Texas since 1900, no income greater than $300 a year, no property over $1000, no aid or pension.

Age: “I will be 69 in Jan. next, i.e. Jan. 1916”

Born: “White County, Cleveland, Ga.”

How long have you resided in Texas? “Since 1874”

County reside: “Parker County, been here 30 od years of the time.”

How long and PO address: “30 odd years, Weatherford, Texas”

“ Never applied for a pension before”

Occupation: “Farmer, but out of commission now. Reasonably good now, is better than it was 4 months ago, but am played out.”

State served: “Cleveland, Ga.”

How long served: “From 1863 to 1865,  but I cannot give the dates.”

Letter of Co., number of regiment or battery: “Don’t remember letter but was in Captain Harrilson’s Co., Col. Finley’s or Fenley’s Regt. of Ga.Vol. Calvary, In the Confederate Army Service.”

Transfer: “Not transferred, was in the same Co. and Regt. From 1863 to 1865; close of war: some of the boys call it Ga. State Troops, but we were in Confederate Service all the time. Calvary.” 

Abstract of T H Warwick Pension Application, Page 2

Commission: “Not commissioned, was a private.”

Detail: “I was a volunteer, but was on detail service, scouting much of the time in my army service.”

Assessed value of home: “$600”

Value of other property: “Nothing else subject to taxation.”

Have you transferred property? “No Sir.”

Signature: T H Warwick

Sworn: 19th Oct. A.D. 1915

Signed: T F Temple, County Judge, Parker County, Texas 

Affidavit of Witnesses:

State of Texas, County of Parker,  Before T. F. Temple, county Judge of Parker County, appeared R.L. Braselton and Jno. R. Brown, “credible citizens,” swore know T.H> Warwick and bonafide citizen of Texas since January 1 A.D. 1900. 

Abstract of T H Warwick Pension Application, Page 3

Certificate of State and County Assessor

Jno. R. Pickens, State and County Assessor in County of Parker, certify T. H. Warwick is in tax rolls of said county with a homestead valued at $500, and other property “nothing.”

19th Oct 1915 Jno. R. Pickens

“ I know Mr. Warwick to be a good man; he says he served in the Confederate Army all the time from 1863 to close, and was paroled after he surrendered. His witnesses of service, Mr. Westmoreland and Mr. Densmore, call it ‘Ga. State Troops.’ I think this is a mistake; but you can verify or disprove his statement by consulting the ‘War Records’ at Washington. I therefore recommend that he be pensioned unless you find he did not serve and this I do not believe you will find.”

T.F. Temple, Or Judge Parker County 

Abstract of T H Warwick Pension Application, Page 4

Office of Commissioner of Pensions, State of Texas, Austin

To Adjutant General, War Department, Washington, D.C.

Request military record of T.H. Warwick, Captain Harrilson’s Co., Col. Finley’s, Georgia Vol. Calvary

J C Jones 

Abstract of T H Warwick Pension Application, Page 5

War Department, Adjutant General’s Office, Washington, Oct. 27, 1915

To Commissioner of Pensions, State of Texas, Austin

No record found of Col. Finley’s Regt., Georgia Calvary, C.S.A. nor any record of service, capture or parole of T. H. Warwick as a member of Fifth Battalion Georgia Volunteers (Major Finley), which latterly became 5th Regiment Georgia Reserves, C.S.A.

H.P. McCain, The Adjutant General

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Abstract of John Simmons' (c 1658-1737) Will 1737 Charles Town, Berkeley, SC

John Simmons. Charles Town, Berkeley County, bricklayer. Sons: Ebenezer, north part of house and land on Bay in said town; John deceased. Daus: Susannah Scott, south part of house and land on the Bay where Mr. Saxby now lives; Elizabeth Holmes, house where I now live which is on middle of the Bay in said town; Martha Sumnas, deceased; Elizabeth. Grandsons: John Simmons; Ebenezer Simmons; William Scott; Susannah Mason; Susannah Scott, house where Mr. Hamerton now lives west on land of Maj. Blakeway, deceased, south on land of Mr. Joseph Wragg; Rebecca Simmons; Ann Scott, under 18 years; Elizabeth Scott, under 18 years and unmarried; Ann Vanvelsen, house at north end of said town where Mr. Barsdall now lives; Ann Simmons, dau. of Ebenezer Simmons, house and land west of land formerly belonging to Maj. Blakeway, deceased, south on land of John Simmons, north of land of Isaac Holmes; Mary Scott. Son-in-law: William Scott. Mentions: to children of my son John Simmons, deceased, land in Berkeley called Beech Hill; Francis Holmes; to children of my daughter Martha Sumnas, deceased, land in Craven County; Ann Scott and her sister Elizabeth Scott; to grandsons William Scott and Thomas Simmons, house and land on west where Mr. Barksdall now lives, south by an alley leading to the Bay, north on land of Mr. Splat, deceased; £20 yearly for five years to poor of said town; £20 yearly to Trustees of Meeting House where I belong; Exors.: son, Ebenezer Simmons and dau. Susannah Scott. Wit: Jas. Vanvelson, Xtopher Smith, John Ballantine, Richd. Mason, Wm. Scott, Jr. D; 18 Apr 1733. CODICIL. Mentions: dau Susannah Scott, wife of William Scott of Charles Town, shopkeeper; oldest child of said dau. Wit: Robt. Foulis, Simon Legare’, Jr., Daniel Legare’

D: 21 Mar 1737 P: nd. R: 12 May 1740, p. 4

From Abstract of the Wills of the State of South Carolina, 1670-1740, Vol. 1, by Caroline T. Moore and Agatha Aimar Simmons,  Will Book 1740-1747

Transcribed by Teresa McVeigh 15 Mar 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Death notice of Ebenezer Simmons (c 1700-1763) and his daughter Anne (Simmons) Roche in the SC Gazette

Death Notice of Ebenezer Simmons
Death Notices in the South Carolina Gazette, 1732-1775, Saturday, October 15, 1763, p. 31-2

On the 6th instant, died at sea, in the 63rd year of his age (on his return from Rhode-Island, whither he lately went for the recovery of his health), Ebenezer Simmons, sen. Esq. [6 October, 1763]

And on the 11th died, Mrs. Anne Roche, the wife of Mr. Francis Roche, and the daughter of said Simmons, [11 October, 1763]

Abstract of Will of Ebenezer Simmons (1700-1763) Charleston, South Carolina

Will of Ebenezer Simmons, Charles Towne, Gent. Wife: Mary, house where I now live during her widowhood. Sons: Ebenezer, the younger, said house at death of my wife, land and wharf at E end of Broad St. purchased of Mr. Edward Bellinger and Mr. William ____, residue of estate James, 3 tracts purchased of Mr. Samuel Jones, deceased, on SW end of Johns’ Island, lots in Charlestown; John. Dau. Ann Roche. Mentions Francis Roche; maintenance and education of dau’s children from estate. Exors: 2 sons___ and James; Mr. John Savage of said town, merchant. Wit: Wm. ____II, Her. Hull, Thos. Lamboll.

D: 4 Aug 1763 P: 21 Oct 1763 R: nd. P. 247 [Part of Will in original book destroyed]

From Abstract of South Carolina Wills, 1760-1784, p. 35, Will Book QQ 1760-1767

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Stephen Looney Book Published

It's not really genealogy, but it is family. My wonderful, brilliant husband's textbook was published this week. Analysis of Biomarker Data