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James Dix (Dicks) Guardianship Court Document 1855

Appointment of James F Smith [Sheriff of Washington County, Georgia] Guardian of the Orphan James Dix, son of ___ Dix, 3 Oct 1855, Washington County, Georgia. The orphan is James Frederick DIX (1844-1910).

Transcription of text in document:
Washington County
By Haywood Brookins Ordinary for said county.
James F Smith
James Dix, Orphan of ___ Dix, is possessed in his own right of a considera-[tion? est?]ate--by means whereof, the power of granting Guardianship of said Orphan to me, [mani]festly known to belong--and for the better securing the estate, and more ample main-[tain ?the estat?]e and education of said Orphan, and from the integrity and competence reposed in you I [her]eby commit the tuition, education, and guardianship of said Orphan to you. the said
[Ja]mes F. Smith
by the acceptance of these letters), herein charging you that you maintain him [?]r, drink, clothing, and lodging; that you cause him to be educated in such [manne?]r as shall be suitable to his interest and circumstances; and that you enquire [an]d take care of his said estate, both real and personal, and all [t]hings do, which by law you ought to do, for your said Ward. A true and perfect [?] of all which, you shall render into the Court of Ordinary on the first term of every year, [?] your continuance in office--and I do hereby constitute and appoint you the said
[Ja]mes F Smith --Guardian of the said Orphan during his minority
[?] Testimony Whereof, I have officially set my hand and seal, this Third day of October, 1855
Haywood Brookins, Ordinary

Transcribed 22 July 2013 by Teresa McVeigh from microfilm document in the possesion of Richard E Dix

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