Saturday, October 17, 2009

Edgar Hayden Looney Death Record

Transcription of Edgar Hayden Looney death Record from Missouri Death Records, 1834-1910, on-line microfilm record on, by Teresa McVeigh 17 Oct 2009


4 17 1905
Name: Looney, E Hayden                                                         
Place of Death: St. Luke's Hospital, Piedmont, Mo. [St. Louis area]
Date of Birth: 1863, 42
Place of birth: US
Occupation: Druggist
Date of Death: 2
Cause of Death: Military Tuberculosis
Name of Physician: A E. Faussig
Cemetery: Wesleyan
Undertaker: Waggoner and Co.

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  1. I was wondering where you got this image from? I would love to research my wife's family from Piedmont and have not found these documents. Any help would be appreciated.