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James Lawrence McVEIGH (1858-1924) Pension Applications 1895 and 1897

James Lawrence McVeigh's 1895 Pension Application 1895
Transcribed by Teresa McVeigh

May 6, 1895: Power of Attorney signed, Hinesville, Liberty Co., GA, assigning POA to W.A. Wright of Atlanta, GA to receive pension and remit it to James McVeigh by Registered Letter in Hinesville, Liberty, Co, GA. Wit. Lewis Ashmore and J. Soleman Ashmore.
Questions for Applicant:

Resides in Liberty Co, P.O. Hinesville, GA and resided there Jan. 1, 1884. Resident of GA about 59 years. [Since c. 1836]. Born in Ireland in 1819./

Volunteered for the Confederate forces. Enlisted 1861 in Savannah in Co. I, 25th VA Regiment and remained in it about 16 months then "discharged in onsequence of physical disability." Was discharged "Dec 1862 on the Altamah River on account of physical disability to wit: rupture."

Present occupation: nothing with no income.

Occupation: teaching school.

Pension sum necessary for year: "about 100 dollars."

Condition: " I am physically unable to perform any labor, and have been partially so for several years." Base application upon "age, infirmity and poverty." Unable to earn living several years. No property or income. "I had a home in 1893. Sold it and used the proceeds."

Resided in Liberty Co. 1893-4 and no taxes except the home. Supported by his sons 1893-4, it cost about 100 dollars per year, and he contributed nothing, was not employed and had no pay. His wife is dead and he has 6 children (1 female and 5 males) "aged respectively 15, 17, 20, 23, 40, and 45. Their means of support is by their own Labor."
Wit.: J. Sloeman Ashmore, Ordinary/

Questions for Witness:

Jesse Brewer, resides near Hinesville in Liberty Co., GA, and has known James McVeigh over 50 years. James "resides near Jesup, GA part of the time, but perhaps no regular home. He served in the Confederate Army, in the same Regiment with myself, but not in the same Company. He enlisted in August, 1861 in the Altamaha Scout. Afterwards connected with the 25th GA Regiment....He served probably over twelve monhts, and was discharged on account of physical disability. I do not know of him having any property, effects, or income. [In 1893-4 he probably had] a horse, which he probably disposed of because he now travels on foot. His occupation has been teaching school, but he is physically and mentally incapacitated for any business, being probably about seventy-seven years of age." He is unable to support himself "on account of age and infirmity." He was supported in 1893-4 "I suppose by living among his friends & relatives" and is "unable to earn his support by labor of any kind." 6 May 1895 (Witness cut off bottom)

Affidavit of Physicians:
Alfred S. Hendry and T.S. Layton, physicians in Liberty Co, examined James McVeigh and found:

"He is suffering from [irreversible?] inguinal hernia and is physically unable from extreme old age and disease to perform any manual labor whatsoever" to support himself.

2 May 1985 Wit: J. Sloeman Ashmore.

Ordinary's Certificate:

[J. Soleman?] Johnson of Liberty Co. certifies James McVeigh is a resident of Liberty Co., Jesse Brewer and he are of good character, and oaths were sworn on the affidavits. Also there was nothing in the tax digests for Liberty Co./ 6 May 1995. Wit: J. Sloeman Ashmore
                                                                                                  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1897 Pension Application, abstracted by Teresa McVeigh

Power of Attorney:

Wayne Co, GA, A.J. McVeigh, Guardian, authorizes Hon. J.M. Terrell of Atlanta, GA to receive the pension check and remit it to John Massey, Ordinary, Jesup, GA. 16 Feb, 1897.

Wit. John E. Bennett (?) and John Massey

Wayne Co., GA, A.J. McVeigh, guardian for James McVeigh, resident of Wayne Co., has resided in GA since 1 April, 1844 and is 78 years old, by occupation school teacher, and enlisted in military service during the war between the states , served three years in Co. I, 25th Regiment of Georgia Volunteers. Old age and body diseased: 1st ruptured very badly, 2nd Rheumatism. Owns nothing in the world except this pension which was allowed in Liberty Co. in 1896.

16 Feb. 1897, Wit: John Massey, Ordinary, who attests to his validity.

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