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Charles Wesley "Mr. Charlie" Pitchford

Charles Wesley "Charlie" Pitchford (1863-1958), was the son of Wesley and Nancy Margaret (Neville) Pitchford. He was a merchant in Walhalla, Oconee, South Carolina.

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His Obituary, 30 Dec 1858 Walhalla, SC
Dont' Worry...Do Something!
A big and important chapter in the life and early progress of Walhalla was closed Christmas night with the passing of C.W. Pitchford, Sr., a man whose foresight and integrity did much tro help the town and the county over the hump toward progress when it was most needed.
For a number of years Mr. Pitchford was one of the staunches cornerstones of the Oconee business world...operating a large merchantile business here as well as other interests in the county.
"Mr. Charlie", as he was known to frieds far and wide, was 95 when he passed on to his reward. From the time when he entered business as a young man, until the mid-1940's when an injury suffered in a fall forced his retirement, he had built the Pitchford name into something synonomous with business success in Oconee.
One of the largest stores in the downtown section still bears his name on its of the first things to see as you enter Wahalla from the east.
A number of years back when a big fire destroyed a goodly portion of the business section, it demolished the pitchford business in its wake. A lesser man might have given it up right there.
Poking around in the still smoking rubble and ruined merchandise, Mr. Pitchford was found by a sympathising friend.
"I just wanted to say I'm sorry, Charlie"', the friend said. "I know you must be worried to death."
"Worried, nothing!" snapped Mr. Pirchford. "I'm trying to figure out how many floors we ought to have when we build it back again".
From his courageous attitude many others took heart, and it brought a quicker rebuilding...and a bigger and even better town evolved.
It was from this experience, old timer tell you that on[e] of Mr. Charlie's pet axioms was born:
"Don't worry about anything...just do some[thing] about it".

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His name is still on the store he owned in Walhalla.


                                                                   Photo by J David Lyle, 2011
He is buried at West View Memorial Cemetery, Walhalla, Oconee, South Carolina.  

                                                        Photo by J David Lyle, 2011.
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