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Pendleton Isbell 1872 Barred U S Claim Abstract

U.S. Southern Claims Commission, Disallowed and Barred Claims, 1871-1880 [data base on-line on from original record microfilms in the National Archives]

Name:Pendleton Isbell
No. of Images in Packet:5
Abstracted by Teresa McVeigh 8 Jan 2013

12348 Mar 15/72
Petition of Pendleton Isbell
by William L Isbell
To the Commissioners of Claims
Resident of Claimant: Polk
Nature of Claim: Property taken by the U.S. Forces
Amount Claimed: $300.00
Filed by
Saml V Niles
Washington City
March 15, 1872

The Petiton of Pendleton Isbell represeted by his son William L Isbell
respectfully presents
that he is a rcitizen of the United States and reside at present at or near Cedartown Polk Co. Geo.
and that he resided when this claim acreued at or near Polk Co. Geo.
That he has a claim against the United States for property taken
for the use of the army of the United States during the late rbellion at or near Cedartown,
in the County of Polk, and the state of Georgia.

August 1864 2 head of mules ea $150.00 total value $300.00

The property in question was taken or furnished for the use of a portion of the army of
the United States, known as Gen Sherman's Army
and commanded by Gen William Vandiver
and that the persons who took or received the property, or who authorized or directed it to be taken
or furnished, were the following:
Gen William Vandiver Brig. Gen. Stationed at Rome, Floyd Co. Geo.

The property was removed to Rome and used for or by Gen. William Vandiver's command
all this on or about the ___ day of August, in the year 1864.
That no voucher, receipt, or other writing was given for the property.

Your petitioner remained loyally adherent to the cause of the Government of the United
States during the was and was so loyal before and at the time of the taking of the property
for which this claim is made, and he solemnly declare that. from the beginning of hostilities
against the United States to the end thereof, his sympathies were constantly with the cause of the
United States; that he never, of his own free will and accord, did anything, or offered, or sought, or
attempted to do anything, by word or deed, to injure said cause or retard its success, and that he were at all times ready and willing, when called upon, or if called upon, to aid and assist the cause of the Union, or its supporters, so far as his means and power, and the circumstances of the case, permitted.

That Samuel V Niles of Washington D.C. hereby authorized and empowered to act as Attorney
for the procecution of this claim.

[Signed by]
Pendleton Isbell by William L Isbell
Witnesses: Benjamin F Cleveland Milton G Isbell
State of Georgia
County of Floyd
12 Jan 1872

Names of witnesses who will be relied upon to prove loyalty:
William L Isbell John Garner
William M West William Hutchins
Newton Turn[?]
All Rights Reserved
Teresa McVeigh 2013

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