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John Alexander Smiley and Martha Delila Pinholster Family Bible (1877) page 4

This Bible page of the John A and Martha (Pinholster) Bible lists the birth dates of their children: Maraum Jennett, Sarah Elizabeth, David Archibald, James Alexander [Jr.], Margaret Levicy, John Enoch Matthew, Mary Lubedy, Martha Luvicy, and Cornelia Jane Smiley. The copywirte on the Bible is 1877, so the information was probably written around that time. They lived in Liberty County, Georgia.

Transcription of text in document
Maraum Jennett Smiley was Born
January 28th 1852
Sarah Elizabeth Smiley was Born
October the 7th 1853
David Archibald Smiley was Born
September 15th 1855
James Alexander Smiley was Born
November 15th 1857
Margaret Levicy Smiley was Born
July the 17th 1861
John Enoch Matthew Smiley was Born
April the 4th 1867
Mary Lubedy Smiley was Born
August 14th 1869
Martha Luvincy Smiley was Born
May 23rd 1870
Cornelia Jane Smiley was Born
October 3rd 1873

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