Thursday, May 8, 2014

Joseph McNeil Statement (c. 1805, NC)

This statement about Rev. George W. McNeil (1720-1805) was included in the 1907 SAR Application of Robert H McNeill (b. 1877). The statement was written by Joseph McNeil (c. 1772- 1855) in his own handwriting shortly after his father's death on June 7th, 1805. It is quoted and certified as a valid copy in the SAR application and at that time was in the possession of James Vannoy, friend of Joseph McNeil.

"The Revd. George McNeil was bornd in or about the year 1720 and ordained some time before the year 1777 but the exact time I cannot tel and he was frequently as Corresponding messenger to Different associations frequently apointed a help to Churches where Difficulties arose in Churches them and was Calld to ordain preachers and Constitute Churches and was Moderator of the yadken asson for a number of years and he and the Revd. John Cleveland went in the Revolutionary war with the army as they went to kings mountain and preached to them until they for out up in to Burk county him and the Revd. Mr. A. Baker used to preach a great deal together he departed this life June the 7th 1805 this is as Correct an account as I am able to give.

Joseph McNiel"

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