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Christian Rusmisel estate sale advertisement - Staunton Spectator, Volume 38, Number 4, 15 January 1861


AUGUSTA LAND FOR SALE.--In Pursuance of the last Will of Christian Rusmisel, dec'd., we will sell, to the highest bidder, on Wednesday the 6th of February, 1861, if fair, if not, the next fair day, the LAND on which the said Rusmisel lived and died. This land lies one mile west of Mt. Solon, and adjoins the land of Philips Dinkle, Skyles and others, and is supposed to contain some 160 or 170 Acres. This land is of good quality. There are some 90 acres cleared, of which there are about 85 acres of BOTTOM LAND, clear of rock and easy to cultivate; the balance is finely timbered and of good clay soil.--It is situated in a fine neighborhood and is convenient to Stores, Schools, Mills, Post Office, &c. The improvements consist of a good LOG DWELLING, Kitchen, Stone Dairy, a Well of good water in the yard, Barn, Corn House, and a fine ORCHARD of Apple Trees. Any person wishing to purchase this farm can see it by calling on John J. Rusmisel, who resides upon the premises, and he will take pleasure in showing it.

TERMS.--One-third of the purchase money cash, or negotiable paper at 60 days, interest added, payable at either of the banks in the town of Staunton; the balance in three equal annual instalments, bearing date from date of sale--purchaser to give bond with approved security for the deferred payments, and the legal title to be retained as additional security until the whole purchase money is paid.

Also, on the same day, we shall offer a lot of Household and Kitchen Furniture for sale as follows: Bedsteads and Bedding, Chairs, Tables, Carpeting, 1 fine eight-day Clock, 1 Cupboard, 1 Cook Stove, and various other articles not mentioned.

TERMS--On Personal Property, 6 months credit on all sums of five dollars and upwards; under that the cash will be required.

Dec. 25, 1860, tds. Ex'ors. of C. Rusmisel, dec'd.

Transcribed by Teresa McVeigh
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