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Abstract of John Simmons' (c 1658-1737) Will 1737 Charles Town, Berkeley, SC

John Simmons. Charles Town, Berkeley County, bricklayer. Sons: Ebenezer, north part of house and land on Bay in said town; John deceased. Daus: Susannah Scott, south part of house and land on the Bay where Mr. Saxby now lives; Elizabeth Holmes, house where I now live which is on middle of the Bay in said town; Martha Sumnas, deceased; Elizabeth. Grandsons: John Simmons; Ebenezer Simmons; William Scott; Susannah Mason; Susannah Scott, house where Mr. Hamerton now lives west on land of Maj. Blakeway, deceased, south on land of Mr. Joseph Wragg; Rebecca Simmons; Ann Scott, under 18 years; Elizabeth Scott, under 18 years and unmarried; Ann Vanvelsen, house at north end of said town where Mr. Barsdall now lives; Ann Simmons, dau. of Ebenezer Simmons, house and land west of land formerly belonging to Maj. Blakeway, deceased, south on land of John Simmons, north of land of Isaac Holmes; Mary Scott. Son-in-law: William Scott. Mentions: to children of my son John Simmons, deceased, land in Berkeley called Beech Hill; Francis Holmes; to children of my daughter Martha Sumnas, deceased, land in Craven County; Ann Scott and her sister Elizabeth Scott; to grandsons William Scott and Thomas Simmons, house and land on west where Mr. Barksdall now lives, south by an alley leading to the Bay, north on land of Mr. Splat, deceased; £20 yearly for five years to poor of said town; £20 yearly to Trustees of Meeting House where I belong; Exors.: son, Ebenezer Simmons and dau. Susannah Scott. Wit: Jas. Vanvelson, Xtopher Smith, John Ballantine, Richd. Mason, Wm. Scott, Jr. D; 18 Apr 1733. CODICIL. Mentions: dau Susannah Scott, wife of William Scott of Charles Town, shopkeeper; oldest child of said dau. Wit: Robt. Foulis, Simon Legare’, Jr., Daniel Legare’

D: 21 Mar 1737 P: nd. R: 12 May 1740, p. 4

From Abstract of the Wills of the State of South Carolina, 1670-1740, Vol. 1, by Caroline T. Moore and Agatha Aimar Simmons,  Will Book 1740-1747

Transcribed by Teresa McVeigh 15 Mar 2015

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