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Wyatt Paul's name is probably not Dight Paul (c 1810-c. 1870)

I don’t believe Ezekiel ("Zeke"), Nancy and John Paul’s father was named Dight Paul, although that error is perpetrated all over the net. That was the name ONLY on the 1850 Census where he appeared with Zeke, Nancy and John:

42  114  114 PAUL           DIGHT          40   M    M    FARMER         500       NC
1   114  114 PAUL           NANCY          39   F    M                             SC
2   114  114 PAUL           JANE           14   F    M                             SC              
3   114  114 PAUL           MARY           12   F    M                             SC                    
4   114  114 PAUL           CATHARINE      10   F    M                             SC
5   114  114 PAUL           NANCY          9    F    M                             NC
6   114  114 PAUL           GEORGE         6    M    M                             NC
7   114  114 PAUL           JOHN           3    M    M                             NC
8   114  114 PAUL           EZIEKIEL       3/12 M    M                             NC
9   114  114 PAUL           WILLIAM        12   M    M                             SC

On Waytt Paul's daughter Nancy Paul English’s DC he is listed as Wyatt Paul, b. SC--which is a primary document that should be a bit more reliable than the Census. Her mother was listed as Nancy Miles [Myles], b. SC. Informant was W E English, her grandson.

On Wyatt Paul's son Ezekiel Paul’s DC his father is listed as Wyatt Paul, b. Robeson Co., NC. Informant was Colon Paul, his son. In addition, Zeke’s name is Ezekiel Wyatt Paul. That seems to indicate he might have been named for his father.

On Nancy Sports Paul’s chart she lists him as Wyatt Paul. This chart is not reliable, since it has been altered several times and there are several versions, but all versions list him as Wyatt Paul and he was her father-in-law, father of her husband John Paul.

On the 1840 Census he is Wyatt Paul:
1840 United States Federal Census
Name: Wyatt Paul
Township: Rockingham District
County: Richmond
State: North Carolina

On the 1860 Census he is Wyatt Paul:
Name:Wyatt Paul
[Dight Paul]
Age in 1860:51
Birth Year:abt 1809
Birthplace:South Carolina
The Dight Paul on Ancestry's Index  was added by an Ancestry subscriber as an alternate name. The Census clearly says Wyatt.

The 1870 Census also clearly says Wyatt Paul:
Name:Wyatt Paul
Age in 1870:61
Birth Year:abt 1809
Birthplace:South Carolina

With 5 documents (plus son’s name on tombstone) saying Wyatt Paul and only one Census saying the name Dight Paul, I am not sure why DIGHT is the one everyone seems to like best. I think this is a mistake being repeated over and over which should be corrected.

Copyright Teresa McVeigh 12 Apr 2015 

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