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George Oswell BUIE's Family

This is a word for word copy of a document written by George Oswell BUIE and his wife Mary Catherine "Maud" (AUSTIN) BUIE now in the possession of his great grandson, Jim Reynolds. Note that "Ealom" Church is Elim, now in Long County, Georgia, and there are other errors.


Grandfather--James McVeigh

Place of Birth--Ireland Date of Birth--Unknown

Occupation--School Teacher

To Whom Married--Sariah Brewer

Residence--Hinesville, Ga.

Date of Death--Unknown Cause of Death--Old Age

Location of Burial Place--Jesup, Ga. (Headstone)

Grandmother--Sariah McVeigh

Place & Date of Birth--Unknown


Residence--Jesup, Ga.

Date & Cause of Death--Unknown

Location of Burial Place--Jesup, Ga. (Headstone)

Father--John W. Buie

Place of Birth--No. Carolina Date of Birth--Unknown

Education-Common School

Occupation--Master Mechanic

To Whom Married--He was married 4 times.

Residence--No. Carolina and Ga.

Date of Death--June 30, 1883 Cause of Death--Unknown

Where Buried--Roberson Cemetery, McIntosh Co., Ga. On Briar Dam

Leading from Darien, Ga. to Johnstation, Ga. (Headboard)

Father's History--

My father, Mr. John W. Buie, was born or raised at or somewhere near

Wilmington, N.C. and was married once in that state. Cannot say whether

first wife died or not but I have been told she did. About the year 1860

he came to Ga. and within a year or two married Miss Marry McVeigh, she

lived about 3 or 4 years and she died; then in a reasonable time he married

Miss Malinda Johns, both of Liberty County, Ga. The 4tth wife was a Mrs.

Crane of McIntosh Co., Ga. Tis sad to mention but my father was a very

wicked and ensuing death found him in this condition. G. O. Buie

Mother--Mary Buie

Place a Date of Death--Don't Know

Language--Irish Education--Common School

Occupation--House Keeper

To Whom Married--John W. Buie Residence--Hinesville, Ga.

Cause of Death--Womb Trouble Date of Death--Unknown

Where Buried--Ealom Cemetery at Ealom Church, Liberty Co., Ga. (Headboard)

Mother's History:

I don't know but precious little about my mother. She died when I was only

2 years old. I know very little about the love of a mother experimentally,

but from what I have been informed about my mother I believe when the Lord

comes to make up his jewels - at the sounding of the first trumpet when the

dead in Christ shall rise at the last that I shall meet my precious mother

and that we shall put on imortality and be imortalized together never more

to part. Sweetly sleep my precious motheruntill we meet again in the

resurection morning.

Transcribed 19 Oct 2011 by Teresa McVeigh

All Rights Reserved
Teresa McVeigh

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