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Obituaries of Catherine Evaline (RUSMISEL) STAUBUS

Two Obituaries taken from unknown [Illinois] newspapers, unknown dates, concerning the fatal accidental buggy death of Catherine (Catharine) Evaline (RUSMISEL) STAUBUS 0n 29 June 1900 near Danvers, McLean County, Illinois.

A Fatal Runaway--

Last Friday morning about eleven o'clock a runaway accident occured at the home of Mr. Samuel Elkins, three miles southeast of Danvers, which a few hours later resulted in the death of Mrs. Solomon Staubus. The deceased in company with her husband were about to pay a visit to the home of their son-in-law, Mr. Samuel Elkins, and upon arriving at the gate of the latters farm, Mr. Staubus opened the gate. While Mrs. Staubus was driving through the gate, her umbrella dropped. The horse became frightened and started to run at full speed. After running for some distance, Mrs. Staubus was thrown against a fence with terrific force, so much so that one side of her face was torn off, one arm dislocated besides being injured internally. Dr. F. J. Parkhurst was hailed and did everything possible for her relief. She regained consciousness for a time, but shortly after six o'clock the same afternoon she passed away. The deceased was born in Virginia June 23, 1837. She was married to Mr. Solomon Staubus, who survives her. The children still living are Mr. Newton D. Staubus, of LeRoy; Mrs. S. A. Munsell and Mrs. Emory Perry, of Twin Grove; Mrs. Fanny Kent, of Bloomington; Mr. Samuel Staubus, Mrs. J. H. Stephenson, and Mrs. Samuel Elkins of Danvers. the funeral services were held on Sunday afternoon at the Presbyterian church of which she was an honored member. The services were in charge of the pastor, Rev. C. E. Hayes. The music for the sad occasion was rendered by Mrs. W. H. Ayers, Mrs. C. E. Hayes, Mr. Chas. Buhlm and Mr. C. R. Stuckey. The floral offerings from friends were both beautiful and profuse. The church was crowded and many were unable to find seats. It was the largest funeral that has occured in Danvers for many years. The remains were laid away to rest at the Park Lawn Cemetery.

6/29/1900 hand written at top of second

A Fatal Accident

There was a fatal accident last Friday afternoon at Danvers which resulted in the death of  Mrs. Solomon Staubus, wife of a well known farmer living 3 1/2 [miles] southeast of that place. She was accompanying her husband on a visit to her son-in-law, Mr. Samuel Elkins. When they arrived at the gate of the latter's farm, Mr. Staubus alighted from the buggy and Mrs. Staubus drove through. While she was doing this, her umbrella dropped, frightening the horses. They ran into a fence and Mrs. Staubus was thrown to the ground with great force. She was badly injured about the head and it was known that she could not survive. The fall rendered her unconscious and that evening, after great suffering, she passed away. The community was greatly shocked by the news of her tragic death.
The funeral services were held Sunday at 2:30 p.m., at the C.P. church at Danvers, and the sad and tragic circumstances of her death tended to mjake it deeply impressive, tender and solemn. The church was filled to its utmost capacity and many could not even get standing room. The floral tributes were numerous and covered the casket and the adjacent stands. The services were conduced by the pastor, Rev. C. E. Hayes, who read the funeral lessons.
Mrs. Catherine E Staubus was born in Augusta county, Virginia, June 28, 1837. She was married to Solomon Staubus in the city of Baltimore, December 26, 1854, and came to Illinois in 1856, settling in Dry Grove township, where they lived all these years. To them nine children were born, seven of whom survive. They are: N. D. Staubus, of LeRoy, Mrs. E. A. Kent and Mrs. Maggie Perry, of Bloomington, Mrs. Gussie Munsell, Mrs. Anna Stephenson, Mrs. Lookie Elkins and Samuel C. Staubus of Danvers. The two that preceded the mother into the better world were Mrs. Mattie Stephenson and Minnie S., who died in infancy. Mrs. Staubus professed religion in 1861, when she and her husband united with the C. P. church, in which communion she lived a consistent member until her death. 

Taken from 2 newspaper clippings on "Sheridan Family Tree (documentation in progress)", an public tree owned by "yangti," from unknown newspapers, no dates [probably 6 Jul 1900]. Transcribed by Teresa McVeigh 15 Oct 2011

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