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Will of Angus Shaw, 14 Aug 1845 Cumberland County, NC

Will of Angus Shaw (b. 1765 Scotland) written 14 Aug. 1845, Cumberland County, NC, naming as heirs his brothers John Shaw and Daniel Shaw, and his nieces and nephews, children of John Shaw: Janet, Nancy, Flory, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Angus and Norman.           

Will of Angus Shaw (14 Mar 1845), Cumberland County, NC Wills, Book C, pg 212, abstracted by Teresa McVeigh

Co. Cumberland, NC

Executor (1) provide body decent burial suitable to relations and friends and also pay funeral expense
(2) Pay debts to however owning out of first money of Estate

Item: Bro. John Shaw--Haywood Place and whole of adjoining lands during his lifetime and at his death to son Angus Shaw
Bro. John Shaw--(Mill?) Place and all adjoining lands during his lifetime and at his death to his son Norman Shaw
Item: Thornton Creek land to bro. Daniel Shaw together with all Bank Stocks, grey horse and carriage "with all that the said Daniel
         owes me.       
Item: Bro. John--Negro men Peter, (Dany?), (Henrietta?), Handy John, and James during his lifetime and at his death to be equally
         divided between his daughters Janet, Nancy, Flory, Mary, and Elizabeth.
Item: Niece Sarah Shaw (John's daughter) Negro Girl Charlotte
Item: Bro. John Shaw all household and kitchen furniture except my red chest which I give to his daughter Nancy and my bureau to
         his dau. Janet
And to bro. John all stocks of cattle and hogs and sheep and one yoke of oxen and a cart, all my farming tools and utensils and all my outstanding debts in notes or accounts and cash on hand
Item: To niece Sarah Shaw my own bed and furniture and to each of my nieces Mary and Catherine (my bro. John's daughters) one
        Bed and furniture.
Item: to nephew Angus Shaw (John's son) my gun and niece Elizabeth 2 cows and calves
Item: Bro. John Shaw the Henry Johnson land if he does not redeem it and should he redeem it, the money to said bro. John
Item: Bro. Daniel Shaw the (Bethune?) Debt and if not comply with conditions of bond, then give Daniel land from which bond
Item: Umbrella to niece Nancy Shaw. And all my books to bro. Daniel Shaw except "Scott's Commentarys" to nephew Norman
         Shaw.  Bro. Daniel Shaw my old saddle.
Item: Bros. John Shaw and Daniel Shaw all the crop and provisions on land to be equally divided among them. Anything not mentioned in will to Bro. John Shaw.

Lastly Appoint bro. John Shaw lawful executor.
21 Mar 1845 Angus Shaw (Seal)
Witnesses: Jno McKay
E.K. Branch

Codicil (additions and changes):
Bro. Daniel Shaw a certain note on (Tom McHerd?) for $50 or that amount if collected being (no time of the Bethune? debt?)
Item: Bro. John Shaw--Peoples land, 518 acres, during his lifetime and after his death to his son Angus Shaw
Item: Bro. John Shaw--Negro Girl Charity Ann during his lifetime and after his death to nieces Nancy, Flory, Mary and Elizabeth Shaw (John's daughters) and further if Negro woman Henrietta have any more children equally divide among nieces just named after death of my bro. John.

If  there is a conflict in the Will and the codicil, executor to go by codicil.
14 Aug, 1849 Angus Shaw (Seal)
Witnesses: Jno McKay
E.K. Branch

State NC, Cumberland Co., court Pleas and Qtr Sessions, Dec. Term 1850
Probate. Proven oath John McKay. John Shaw qualified and appted executor. Record in Book of Wills.

All rights Reserved
Teresa McVeigh 2 Jun 2012

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