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Will of Henrietta Urquhart 20 July 1862 Wilmington, NC

Henrietta Urquhart signed a will on 30 Jul 1862 in Wilmington, New Hanover County, North Carolina. Taken from Urquhart Families of North Carolina website--URL no longer active:

New Hanover County, North Carolina
Will Book: D, Pages 107, 108, 109
Will Dated: 30 July 1862

Will Probated: Dec 1862
Last Will and Testament of Henrietta Urquhart
State of North Carolina. (County of New Hanover)
I Henrietta Urquhart of the Town of Wilmington, State aforesaid, being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and plan following:

I desire that my executor hereinafter named, shall provide for my body a decent burial suitable to my estate and situation in life and pay all funeral expenses together with my just debts ____ and to whomever owed, out of the moneys that may first come into the hands, from my ____ of my estate real or personal.

I give and devise to my nephews Fergus McRee and William Griffith McRee, children of my sister Mary McRee, my brick building situated at the corner of Dock and South Water Streets in the Town of Wilmington aforesaid, together with the stores, wharf and appendages connected therewith, to be equally divided among my said nephews, but subject never the less to the annual payment of the sum of one hundred dollars for the support and benefit of my Negro woman Milly.

I give and bequeath my woman Milly to my friend the Rev. Dr. R. B. Drane, with the request that she may be permitted to enjoy her time as much as possible, and with the ______ _____ my nephews to whom the property herein before mentioned is designed, that she shall receive from this income of said property annually, the sum of one hundred dollars, and I desire that my executor hereinafter named shall take ___ ___ that the said sum is secured to her. I also desire that my ____ aforesaid as well as my silver broach with my name on it, shall be given to the said Milly.

I desire that my executor hereinafter named shall take _____ can that the said sum is ____ (given) to her. I also desire that the half of ____ No. 57 in St. James' Church, Wilmington, which belongs to me, shall be offered to Mrs. ____ M. McNoyes(?), who owns the other half, at the sum of one hundred and twenty five dollars, but if she declines buying at said price, then it is to be sold at public sale to the highest bidder and the proceeds of said sale, together with one thousand dollars, to be _____ from my estate, are to be apportioned and _____ in the Fund for the relief of disabled Clergymen in the Diocese of North Carolina, or loaned out on good security, as my Executor may think proper and the Disabled Clergymen of the Diocese aforesaid.

And I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend Henry R. Savage my lawful executor to all intents and purposes, to execute this my last will and testament, according to the tone, intent and meaning of the same and ____ ____ and clause thereof, hereby _____ and ____ ____ said all other wills and testaments by me at any time hereforesaid made.
In ____ whereof, I the said Henrietta Urquhart, do hereto ____ my hand and seal ____ the 30th day of July A.D. 1862.

Henrietta Urquhart
Signed sealed ____ ____ and

Declared by the M. Henrietta

Urquhart to be her last will and

Testament, in the presence of ____

Who at her request and in her

Presence do subscribe our names

As indicated thereto.

Jno. A. Taylor

S. A. Polley
State of North Carolina

New Hanover County Court, Dec. Term 1862

This paper writing, perpetrating to be and contain the last will and testament of Henrietta Urquhart, was exhibited in open Court, and propounded for probate, and the due execution of the same by the said Henrietta Urquhart, was _____ by the oath and examination of John A. Taylor, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto. And in offering to the satisfaction of the Court that S. A. Polley is an inhabitant of another Government, it is considered by the Court, that the said paper writing, ands every part thereof, is the last will and testament of Henrietta Urquhart and sufficient to carry the bequest therein made.

Saml R. B_____, Clk

for R. B. Woods Dyler

All Rights Reserved
Teresa McVeigh
29 June 2012

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