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Rebecca Virginia RUSMISEL and David M PROPES and their descendants

Last week, before I started blogging, I was in the middle of tracing some of my RUSMISEL kinfolks. I have spent the last few days trying to learn a bit about the blogging world. Now it is time for me to get back to my genealogy research.

When I joined Geneabloggers I plugged RUSMISEL into their search engine and had a hit on Michael Hait's "Trick of the Tree" blog. On March 29 he had a post about one of his brick walls: George L OBAUGH. George's son, James A. OBAUGH, married Mary Jane PROPS. Mary Jane was the daughter of  David PROPS and Rebecca Virginia RUSMISEL. In honor of my first blog finding, I am adding the OBAUGHs and Rebecca Virginia's lines to my tree.

Rebecca Virginia RUSMISEL and David PROPS were married in November 1848. Some records show Nov. 30 and some the 23rd. The 23rd is probably the bond, but I have not tried to acquire the original records.

1850 US Census, District 2, Augusta, VA [June 15, 1860]
Name: David Propse, 27 M VA Head
John H Propse 6/12 M VA [b. Jan? 1860]
Rebecca Propse 25 F VA
John Stitcher 10 M VA

1860 US Census, Burke's Mill, Northern Division, Augusta County, Virginia
David Props, 36 M VA Head Farmer
R V Props 36 F VA
J H Props 10 M VA
C A Props 8 F VA
G M Props 6 M VA
S C Props 3 F VA
M J Props 2  F VA [Mary Jane]
M A Props 4.12 F VA

U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918
Name: David Propes
State: Virginia
Tax Year: 1865 [Dec 1865]
Roll Title: District 2; Monthly and Special Lists; July 1865-Apr 1866
NARA Series: M793
NARA Roll: 2
Location: Parnassus, Division 3, Collection District 2
Two assessments:
Article or Occupation: Income for 1864
Number in Abstract: 241
Qty or Valuation: $96.00
Rate of Tax: 5%
Amount of Tax: $4.80
Date Payment: Dec 23
Article: Carriage
No.: 262
Qty: 1
Rate: $1
Tax: $1
Date: Dec 23
Total due: $5.80

U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918
Name: David Propes
State: Virginia
Tax Year: 1866 [July, 1866]
Roll Title: District 6; Monthly and Special Lists; May-Dec 1866
NARA Series: M793
NARA Roll: 6
Location: Division 1, District 6, Parnassus, VA
Article: Carriage
Value: $75.00
Rate: $1.00
Amt: $1.00
Total: $1.00

1870 US Census, Mount Sidney, 3rd District, Augusta County, Virginia
David M Propes, 47 M  VA Head Farmer
Rebecca V Propes 47 F VA
John H Propes 20 M VA
Elizabeth A Propes 18 F VA
George M Propes 16 M VA
Sarah C Propes 14 F VA
Mary J Propes 12 F VA [Mary Jane]
Martha A Propes 10 F VA
Jefferson D Propes 8 M VA
Rebecca E Propes 6 F VA

1880 US Census, North River, Augusta, Virginia
David Propes, Head
Spouse: Rebecca B.
Father's birthplace: Virginia
Mother's birthplace: Virginia
Occupation: Farmer
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members:
David Propes 57 M VA
Rebecca B. Propes 58 F VA
George Propes 26 M VA
Mary J. Propes 22 F VA   [Mary Jane]
Martha A. Propes 20 F VA
Rebecca E. Propes 15 F VA

1886, Oct. 7--Death Register Augusta Co., Virginia, 1853-1896, North River District, 1886, line 2
Rebecca PROPES, died October 7, Elk Run, age 64; Parents: Christain and ______RUSMISEL; husband,
David PROPES, gave information
[She is buried in Union Cemetery, Augusta County, Virginia]

David PROPES later married Rebecca RUSMISEL's sister Miriam RUSMISEL. I have the date as 17 Jan 1888, but I think that may not be correct. I do not have a primary source for the date. I don't have a death date for David PROPES. I have a death date of 27 Jun 1913 for Miriam. After David's death, she married a Dave KENNEDY.

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