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Michael V Propes

The father of David M PROPES (who married Rebecca Virginia RUSMISEL) was Michael V PROPES. Apparently Michael was orphaned at a very young age. "RockinSteve1" has a "Propes Family Tree" on Ancestry. He writes that Martin was apprenticed at a young age:

16 Jun 1807, Shenandoah, Page, VA, Court records show overseers of poor were ordered to bind Martin Propts (aged 6 yrs. 2nd. of October next) to Christian Kite to learn the trade of a cooper (Barrel/Cask Maker, a go-between for the brewery and the innkeeper.

This gives us a birthday of 2 Oct 1801. Then, according to RockinSteve1,  Martin was adopted by Martin STRICKLER:

18 Apr 1810, Adoption Rockingham Co, VA, Martin Strickler becomes guardian, orphan of Elizabeth Propts; William Short was bondsman

This gives us Martin's mother's name.

1840 US Census, Page County, Virginia

Name: Martin Propst
County: Page
State: Virginia
Males: 5-9: 3, 10-14: 1, 15-19: 1, 30-39: 1 [Martin]
Females: <5: 2, 5-9: 1, 30-39: 1 [Elizabeth]
No slaves

I didn't find Martin on the 1850 Census

1860 US Census, Burkes Mill, North Subdivision, Augusta, VA
Name: Martin Props 59 M VA, Head
Elizabeth Props 58 F VA
J T Props 19 M VA
J M Props 16 M VA
U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918
Name: Martin Propes
State: Virginia
Tax Year: 1866 [June 1865]
Roll Title: District 6; Monthly and Special Lists; May-Dec 1866
NARA Series: M793
NARA Roll: 6
Location: Mossy Creek
Taxable: Carriage, No. 262, 1@ $1.00

U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918
Name: Martin Propes
State: Virginia
Tax Year: 1866 [Jan]
Roll Title: District 2; Monthly and Special Lists; July 1865-Apr 1866
NARA Series: M793
NARA Roll: 2
Location: Mossy Creek [Augusta County, VA]
Income for 1864, No. 241, $1217.05 @ 5%=$10.85
Carriage, No. 262, 1@$1.00- $1.00

There is a "St. Paul Member Record" on the Propes Family Tree. It does not say a city, county, or state, so I don't know where this record is located.  [Why don't people cite their sources?] It says:


Benjamin b. 1816, rec'd or CF--29 Dec 1832, Parents or other relatives--s/Michael and Mary Elizabeth (Foltz) Propst, Inst. as Elder 28 July 1858, JPC,  m. Eve Louderback, Record of 19 Communions 1833-1858

David b. 5 Mar 1824 Bapt. 1 Aug 1824 s/Martin V. and Elizabeth (Foltz) Propst

David b. 25 Mar 1826 nd St. Paul s/Michael and Mary Elizabeth Foltz Propst

Deana b. 22 Jun 1819 Bapt. Sep. 1819 d/Michael and Mary Elizabeth Floltz Propst

I imagine there are more records, since this is just the beginning of the alphabet. It would be nice to know where this church is located. I am not sure what it all means. Were there two sons named David? Was Martin's name also Michael?

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  1. Your "St. Paul Member Record" is from St. Paul Lutheran Church, 6355 U. S. Highway 340, Shenandoah, VA 22849. This is in Page County.