Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Major Research Lines

I never adequately introduced myself or what I am researching, so I will now. I have been seriously researching my family since 1981 when my grandfather died and I realized I knew very little about his family. In the next four months before my grandmother died I learned a lot from her and my great-aunt about both of their families--the McVEIGHs and the RUSMISELs. I started writing and calling family members and visiting libraries and historical societies. Soon I had a serious addiction. When I had exhausted all the avenues I had access to at the time, I started on my husband's lines. These are the main lines I research and a main proven early member of the line:
  1. McVEIGH: James Lawrence McVEIGH came from the Isle of Man to Savannah, Georgia about 1836. He was born about 1819 but we are not certain where. He claimed to be Scottish, but may have been born in Ireland or on Man. He was working on a ship when a mast fell on his leg and broke it, so they put him off in Savannah to recover. When they came back for him, he preferred to stay in Georgia and moved to Liberty County where he taught school, served as a flutist in his Confederate Unit in the Civil War, and died in 1897. He had three wives and 14 children.
  2. PINHOLSTER: Elizabeth PINHOLSTER married James McVEIGH. She was his second wife of three. Her father was David PINHOLSTER. David's father is somewhat of a mystery. Supposedly he came from Minora to work in the indigo plantations for a man named Trumbull in St. Augustine, Florida. His name may have been ESPINOSA of ESPINETA or another variant. There have been many searches of the Spanish records, but it is still in doubt. There may be several generations who lived in FLORIDA. He (or his son, or his grandson) later moved to South Carolina when he married a Miss KITE and Anglicized his name. Delilah SPINHOLSTER, widow, who drew in a lot in the 1827 Land Lottery in Liberty County, is thought to be Miss KITE.
  3. RUSMISEL: Adam ROSSMEISSEL came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia in 1773 from Prussia, indentured to work in the mines for three years to pay his passage. He fought in the Revolution, married Regina (Rachel) SCHUMACHER (SHUMAKER), moved to Virginia, and had 5 known sons and 1 known daughter.
  4. JORDAN: George William JORDAN was born in 1802 in Virginia. His father was named William JORDAN. He and Frances "Fanny" HESS had five known children.
  5. SPORT and SPORTS: William Sport was born about 1756 possibly in Scotland. He fought in the Revolutionary War for North Carolina. He married Elizabeth and had 4 known sons and 2 daughters. He later moved to South Carolina and died about 1820 in Marion District. Aroung the time of the Civil War the SC SPORT lines added an -s to the end of the name. The original name might be SPOWART.
  6. TAYLOR: William Taylor was born 1796 in North Carolina. He married a woman named Maria and they 3 known daughters and 3 known sons. He died about 1852 in Marion District, SC.
  7. LOONEY: Robert LOONEY was born about 1700, probably on the Isle of Man in the British Isles. He and his wife Elizabeth (maybe LLEWELLYAN) immigrated to Philadelphia. They lived in PA for a number of years, then moved to the frontier of Western Virginia where they had a fort and ferry on the James River in Augusta County. They had 13 children.
  8. IVIE: Thomas IVIE married Mary "Polly" RUCKER, lived in Habersham County, Georgia, and had ten children. His father was John IVIE and John's father is thought to be Lott IVIE.
I have many other lines I research, plus I also help friends. It is always an exciting puzzle and I have fun putting the pieces together.

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