Sunday, September 13, 2009

James A and Mary Jane (PROPES) OBAUGH Marriage License

This is the marriage license of James A OBAUGH and Mary Jane PROPES. Mary Jane is the daughter of Rebecca Virginia RUSMISEL, daughter of Christain, son of Adam, son of Georg. Original document from Michael Hait
Transcription by Teresa McVeigh 13 Sep 2009:
To any person Licensed to Celebrate Marriages
You are hereby authorized to join together, in the
accoding to the Rites and Ceremonies of your Church
of Religious Denomination, and the Laws of the Com-
monwealth of Virginia.
James A Obaugh and Mary Jane Propes
of said County. Given unto my hand as Clerk of the County of Augusta County, this
6th day of September 1880 William A Burnett, Clerk
To be annexed to the License, required by the 14th and 15th Sections of the 114th Chap. of the Code of Va., Edition of 1873.
Time of Marriage: September 9th 1880
Place of Marriage: Near Parnassus, Va.
Full Names of parties Married: James A Obaugh and Mary Jane Propes
Age of Husband: 26 years, 5 months, 13 days
Age of Wife: 22 years [can not read]
Condition of Husband, (Widowed or single): Single
Condition of Wife, (Widowed or single): Single
Place of Husband's Birth: Augusta Co., Va.
Place of Wife's Birth: do. do. do.
Place of Husband's Residence: do. do. do.
Place of Wife's Residence: do. do. do.
Names of Husband's Parents: George L Obaugh and Mary Branaman
Names of Wife's Parents: David Propes and Rebecca Rusmisel
Occupation of Husband: Carpenter
Given under my hand this 6 day of Sept. 1880
William A Burnett, Clerk
I CERTIFY, That on the 9th day of Septermber 1880, Near Parnassus
Augusta Co. Va. I united in Marriage the above-named and
described parties, under authority of the annexed License.

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