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Rev. Wiley P. WARWICK (1771-1856)

My husband's maternal great grandmother was a Warwick and my husband's middle name is Warwick. The furtherest I have proven back on this line is Wiley P Warwick, an itinerant Methodist Minister in Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Taken from "Methodist Preachers in Georgia 1783-1900", Harold Lawrence, United Methodist Church, pg. 579

WARWICK, WILEY (3-17-1771 - 5-7-1856) (Methodist Episcopal Church)

b. Sussex Co., Va.; converted age 26; on 8-14-1819 he was accused of profane swearing and the Conference judged the said accusation to be malicious slander. On 11-26-1819 he was recommended to the Conference as a preacher of usefulness. His last years were spent in Dahlonega, Ga., in a sad state of decrepitude. He travelled in his ministry 66.849 miles, preached 5,938 sermons, and received in salary $6,392 for 30 years of itinerant labor. m/1791 Elizabeth Payne (1762 - 11-24-1843) b. Charles Co., Md. d. Habersham Co., Ga., dau. of Wm. and Jane Payne; m 2/10-8-1846 Mrs. Elizabeth Beall of Hall Co., Ga.

1799 Licensed to Preach; 1804 Admitted on trial; 1806 Full connection Deacon; 1808 Elder,

S.C. Conference: 1804 Little Pee Dee & ansom (Camden); 1805 Anson; 1806 Bladen and Brunswick;

1807 Santee; 1808 Great Pee Dee (Catawba); 1809 Rocky River; 1810-11 Wateree (Camden);

1812 Santee (Pee Dee); 1813 Santee; 1814 Black River (Broad River); 1815-16 Enoree; 1817

Located; 1821 Readmitted; 1821 Union Cir. (Catawba); 1822 Black Mtn. (Athens); 1823-24 Grove;

1825 Gwinnett; 1826 Broad River; 1827 Habersham; 1828 Gwinnett; 1829 Grove; 1830 Habersham; 1831 Sup.

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