Friday, May 24, 2013

James McVeigh property sale 1867

Georgia Newspaper Clippings: Tattnall County Extracts (1812-1891), by Tad Evans, self published, May 1998, Savannah, GA, p. 181

Wednesday, Dec. 11, 1867

Georgia, Tattnall County: John O. Wilkes, Sheriff, files to sell property of James McVeigh to satisfy a fi fa in favor of A. H. Smith

Definition: fi·e·ri fa·ci·as [fahy-uh-rahy fey-shee-as] noun, law. a writ commanding a sheriff to levy and sell as much of a debtor's property as is necessary to satisfy a creditor's claim against the debtor. Abbreviation: FI. FA., fi. fa.

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