Saturday, May 18, 2013

James Pinholster Kite name change before 1828

James Kite (b. c. 1805 SC) was born James Pinholster (or Spinholster), son of John Pinholster (or Spinholster, possibly name changed from Juan Espinosa or Espineta) and Delilah Kite. The family story about James Pinholster Kite's name change is that about 1850 he got into trouble when he killed a man who was stealing a horse. His kin in Florida (he had Uncles there--William and Bob Green) sent him word to come to them. He moved to Florida and changed his last name to Kite, his mother's maiden name. The move would have been after his marriage to Caroline Padgett, 31 Jan 1850 in Tatnall County, Georgia (as James Kite) and before the 29 October 1850 Columbia County, Florida Census (listed as James Kite). The name change would have happened before his marriage to Caroline Boils (as James Kite, License 29 Mar 1828).

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