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Lawsuit Concerning Waddy and Mary (Lewis) Thomson's estates (1817)

A lawsuit over property brought by the heirs of Waddy and Mary (Lewis) Thomson in Albemarle County, Virginia, 1817. It includes abstracts of Waddy Thomson's Will, Robert Lewis's Will, and the marriage contract of Waddy and Mary before their marriage in 1766.

by Lyman Chalkley
Crenshaw Fretwell vs. Scott, &c.--O. S. 280; N. S. 99--Bill, 1817.

Orator bought land in Albemarle from James Scott, who purchased under a deed of trust by Mary Thompson to John Nicholas and Alexr. Garrett, trustees, and by Scott's direction deed was made to orator. A counter claim has been set up by representatives of Waddy Thompson, viz: Philip Grafton and Ann Lewis Grafton, his wife, of Kentucky; James Poindexter and Mary, his wife, of Kenawha; Jesse Davenport and Susanna, his wife, of Augusta; said James Scott and Mildred, his wife, of near Fredericksburg;

William Poindexter and Judith, his wife, of Bedford. In 1760, Robert Lewis died, testate. By his will his daughter Mary, then Mrs. Cobbs, was possessed of 1,000 acres on waters of Ivy Creek. On 12th December, 1766, said Mary, widow of Samuel Cobbs, being about to marry Waddy Thompson, made marriage settlement with Waddy. Waddy died 1801, leaving above representatives, the issue of said marriage, testate. Mary survived Waddy 10 years.

Will of Waddy Thompson of Albemarle.

Wife, Mary, youngest daughters, Ann Lewis Grafton, Mary Poindexter, Susanna Thomson, Mildred Thomson, and Judith Poindexter; granddaughter, Mary Lewis Slaughter; son, Nelson Thomson, deceased; daughter, Sarah Lewis, wife of John Lewis; daughter, Elizabeth; sons, David Thomson, Anderson Thomson; Waddy Thomson; brother-in-law, Nicholas Lewis; son-in-law, James Poindexter. Dated 6th March, 1801. Recorded in Albemarle, 1st June, 1801.

Will of Robert Lewis of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County.
Son, John Lewis, land at North Garden sold by John to Hon. Wm. Nelson, made to John as marriage portion; son, Nicholas Lewis; son, Robert; son, Charles; son, William; four daughters, Jane Meriwether, Mary Cobbs, Mildred Lewis, Sarah Lewis; daughter, Ann Lewis, now wife of John Lewis, land purchased of Capt. Christopher Clark. All his children now living, viz: John Lewis, Jane Meriwether, Aaron Lewis, Nicholas Lewis, Mary Cobbs, Mildred Lewis, Robert Lewis (infant), Charles Lewis, William Lewis, Sarah Lewis, interest in 8,000 acres on Greenbrier in Augusta, his part of 100,000 acres granted to Col. John Lewis of Augusta, testator et als. also 200 acres in Albemarle patented to him 10th March, 1756, joining John Linthers (Sinters). Daughter, Elizabeth Barrett, deceased. His children received legacy from Col. Nichs. Meriwether. Son-in-law, Maj. John Lewis, husband of Mildred of Spottsylvania. Dated 1st September, 1757. Proved in Albemarle, 11th September, 1766.

Marriage contract, 12th December, 1766, between Waddy Thompson of Louisa; Mary Cobbs of Albemarle, and William Lewis, both been formerly married. Recorded in Albemarle, May, 1767.

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