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Obituary of Elizabeth Sydnor (ANDREW) DAVENPORT (1800-1888)

Obituary of Elizabeth Sydnor (ANDREW) DAVENPORT (1800-1888)

Mrs. Elizabeth Sydnor Davenport was born in Elbert County, Ga., October 28, 1800, and died in perfect peace, October 10, 1888, in Campbell County, Ga., where she had lived since 1830. She was the daughter of Rev. John and Mary O. Andrew, and was the last [surviving] of nine children, six daughters and three sons, one of whom is our now glorified Bishop James Andrew of precious memory. She was married to William Davenport, December 10, 1818, by Rev. Gabriel Christian, and survived, in much feebleness, her husband, about nine years. Her educational advantages were few but possessing a strong natural mind, being a lover of books and a constant reader of current literature, particularly that of her church, she developed into more than ordinary intelligence. Converted in childhood, she joined the Methodist Church and lived seventy-three years in its fellowship. Her Christian life was beautiful, devoted to her church and the cause of Christ, she kept all religious interests well in mind. She was hopeful and looked with great faith for the triumph of Christ's Kingdom, and when, because of infirmity of age, she could not attend the public meetings, she wrestled in prayer for the power of the Holy Ghost upon the preacher and congregation. She was affectionate as a mother, and faithful as a wife, but she was fond of the Bishop especially, and watched with amazing interest the points in his life that identified him with the history of the church. Left, as she felt, almost alone in the world, because of the death of the friends of her youth, she became quite taciturn toward the last, but when she did talk it was in beautiful expressions of soon being with the saints in rest. Hers was a life of prayer, of usefulness and of trial, but also of triumph.

Jno. M. Bowden. [from the Wesleyan Christian Advocate Atlanta), Jan. 23, 1889]

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  1. Thank you for posting the obits for William and Elizabeth Sydnor Davenport, my ancestors.