Friday, May 15, 2015

Abstract of the Wills of Martha Reynolds (1753) and Cornelius Reynolds (1734), Essex County, VA

Will of Martha Reynolds, 10 Mar 1753, 18 Sep 1753

To Son, Cornelius; to dau.s: Elizabeth Rucker, Ann Beazley, Margaret Leandall, Mary Goodloe; to grandson, Cornelius Reynolds, son of William Reynolds, dec'd. Executors: Son Cornelius Reynolds; Son-in-law, Thomas Rucker. Witness: David Dishman, Thomas Reynolds, William Moore (W.B. 9, p.246), Essex County, Virginia

Will of Cornelius Reynolds, 15 Apr 1734, 18 Feb 1734

To sons: William Reynolds, Cornelius Reynolds; to dau.s: Sarah, Annie, Margaret, Mary; To my wife, Martha. Witness: Broumfield Long, Samuel Bizwell, John Long (W.B. 5, p. 320), Essex County, Virginia

Transcribed by Sudie Rucker Wood, The Rucker Family Genealogy with Their Ancestors, Decendants, and Connections, Old Dominion Press, Richmond, VA, 1932, p. 175

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