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Eliza Cassander (Taylor) Ivie Pension Application, 1901, page 2

1901 Application by Eliza Cassander (Taylor) Ivie, widow of William Wilson Ivie, for Indigent Widow's Pension for his service during the Civil War, Co. H, 11 Georgia Calvary, page 2

Questions for Applicant
State of Georgia
Habersham County}
Mrs. Eliza C. Ivie of said State and County, desiring to avail herself of the Pension allowed to Indigent Widows of Confederate Soldiers, under Act of General Assembly, passed 1900, hereby submits her proofs, and after being duly sworn true answers to make to the following questions, depose and answers as follows:

1. What is your name and where do you reside? Eliza C. Ivie, Cornelia, Ga., Habersham County
2. How long have you been a resident of this state? 63 years
3. When and where were you born? Nov 1838 in Habersham 
4. When and where was your husband born—state his full name, and when you and he were married? Feb. 1836 in Habersham County, in Habersham County Dec. 1859 to W.W. Ivie
5. When and where and in what Company and Regiment did your husband enlist or serve during the war between the States?
He first enlisted in Smith Legion in May ’62 and then he enlisted in July 1864 at Clarksville Company H, 11th Ga. Calvary
6. How long did your husband serve in said Company and Regiment? about 9 months years
7. When and where did your husband’s Company and Regiment surrender and was discharged? In April 1865 in Statesborough, SC
8. Was you husband present at the time and place where his Company and Regiment surrendered? Yes
10. When and Where did your husband die? 21st day of December 1900
11. Which of the following grounds do you base your application for Pension, Viz. Age and Poverty…? Age and Poverty
12. If upon the first ground, how long have you been in such a condition….? Have not been able to maintain myself for three or four years
13. What has been your occupation since your husband’s death? Have not had any occupation since death of mny husband
14. How much can you earn gross, by your own exertion or labor? Not anything
15. What property, real or personal, or income do you have or possess, and its gross value? Have none
16. What property, real or personal, did you possess at death of your husband….? Have none
18. How have you been supported since death of husband, and especially for 1899 and 1900? By my children
19. How much did your support cost for each of those years, and how much did your contribute by your own labor or income? 
Did not cost much, 2 not anything
20. What was your employment during 1899 and 1900—how much did you receive for each year?
I tried to do a little housework. Did not receive anything. 
21. Have you a family? If so, who compose such family? Give their means of support. Have they any lands or other property? 
Have none. I am living with my son.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of Feb. 1901} Eliza C. Ivie
M Franklin, Ordinary
of Habersham County

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