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Eliza Cassandra (Taylor) Ivie 1901 Confederate Widow's Pension Application, 1901, page 4, Habersham County, Georgia

Eliza Cassander (Taylor) Ivie Confederate Pension Application, 1901, ([page 4). Questions for Witnesses (by A. W. Harper) continued, Affidavit of Physicians, and Ordinary’s Certificate. 

26. Is applicant able to earn a support at labor of any sort, if not why? No. Because of age and infirmity. 
27. How was she supported for 1899 and 1900? By her husband and children. 
28. How much did applicant contribute to her support for last two years? Nothing
29. Give a full and complete statement of applicant’s physical condition? Already stated weak from age and disease
30. What interest have you in the recovery of this pension by the applicant? None

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of Feb. 1901
M. Franklin, Ordinary, Habersham County}                              A.W. Harper

Affidavits of Physicians. 
State of Georgia
Habersham County}
Personally before me comes Dr. I A Ketron and J K Burns both known to me to be reputable physicians of said county,...sworn…
Mrs. E.C. Ivie …an examination…applicant suffered from chronic inflammation of the liver, was weak and feeble from age, not able to do any labor 
And we have no interest in said pension if allowed.  

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18th day of Feb. 1901
M. Franklin, Ordinary, Habersham County}                       
I A Ketron MD
J K Burns, MD

Ordinary’s Certificate
State of Georgia
M Franklin County}
I, M. Franklin, Ordinary for the said county, hereby certify that the applicant, Mrs. Eliza C. Ivie resides in said county, and has been a resident since …1838, 
and that the witnesses, Mr. A. W. Harper, and Drs. I. A. Ketron, and J. K. Burns are of trustworthy character, and that their statements are entitled to full
faith and credit. 

…I further certify that the tax digest of Habersham County shows that the applicant returned for taxation in her own name in 1899 nothing worth of property, 
and in 1900 nothing worth of property. 

Witness my hand and official seal, this 18th day of February 1901. 
M. Franklin Ordinary
Habersham County

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