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Susannah Reynolds Deeds 1675-1705

Deeds and Grants which identify Susannah (Susan) Reynolds as the daughter of Cornelius Reynolds and wife of John Goss and Thomas Meador

From Cavaliers and Pioneers, p. 168, Patent Book No., 6 (VA):

MR. THO. MEAD. 640 acs., New Kent County, N. side of Mattapony Riv., upon branches of Peanketank maine Sw., about 2 mi. from Mr. Tho. HOLMES; 6 Oct. 1675, p. 570. On Timber Br., along lland of Johnn PICC & Jno. MADDISON. Granted to Cornelius REYNOLDS 6 June 1664, assigned to Richd. SANKEY, who assigned to sd. MEAD. 8 Jan 1673."

Book 12 page 154 Deed. 14 Dec. 1705. Thomas Meadors (sic) and Susanna Meadors Daughter of Cornelius Reynolds deceased sell John Taliaferro, for 6 negros, 300 acres in the Freshes of the Rappahannock River which was granted Mr Cornelius Reynolds 16 April 1683, and by him given to said Susanna as by assignment recorded 14 June 1683.


Thomas Meades (sic)

Susanna x Meades


Jno Battaile

James Coghill

Weldon Jefferson

Ack by Thomas Meades (sic) and Susanna his wife and rec 11 Feb. 1705 / 6.

Old Rappahannock Co Deed Book 7 - 1682-1686; pg 43-44

TO ALL TO WHOM these prsents shall come, I THOMAS LORD CULPEPER, Baron of Thorsway, his Majties. Lieut, and Govnr: General of Virginia send Greeting in our Lord God everlasting. Whereas his Majtie. hath been gratiously pleased by his Royal Letters Patents under the Great Seale of England bearing date at Westminster the Tenth day of October in the Eight and Twentieth yeare of his. Reigne amongst other things in the sd Letters Pattent contayned to continue the antient lidge of granting Fifty acres of land for every person imported into this Collony of Virgo.: NOW KNOW yee that I the said THOMAS LORD CULPEPER &c. Governer &c, doe with the consent of the Coun cell of State accordingly give CORNELIUS REYNOLDS Three hundred acres of land according to the antient and lawful' bounds thereof being in the Freshes of Rappa: on the South side of the River in the County aforesaid the said land being formerly granted unto JOHN GODFREY deced and lately found escheat to his Majtie, as by an Inquisition recorded in Mr, Secretarys office under the hands and seales of Coll, ISAAC ALLERTON Escheatr: Generall of said Collony and a Jury sworn before him may appeare dated the Fourteenth day of Decembr: One thousand Six hundred and Eighty one the moyety whereof was sold and assigned him the said JOHN GODFREY the Sixth of May 1674 by RICHARD PERK INSON the assigne of JOHN DOLTON who possessed the said land by the last Will and Testament of THOMAS FARRELL deced; the other moyety being sold to said JOHN GODFREY by the said JOHN DOLTON the legatee of said THOMAS FARRELL assignee of JOHN SPEED the eighth of Aprill 1674 as by the several! Deeds upon record may appeare and since granted to the said CORNELIUS REYNOLDS who lately made his composition according to Act; To have and to hold the said land with his due share of all mines and mineralls with all right and privilidges in as larg manner as hath been allowed since the first plantation, To be held of or: Soveraigne Lord the King &c. yeilding and paying &c. Given under my hand and the Seale of the Colony this Sixteenth day of April One thousand six hundred eighty and threen

Recordatr Test NICHO. SPENCER Secrety, THO: CULPEPER

Recordatr x4 die Junii anno 1683 Test EDMD, CRASKE CI Cur

June 4th 1683: Be it known unto all men by these presents that I CORNELIUS REYNOLDS doe freely give unto JOHN GOSS all the within mentioned land during his own natural life and to my Daughter, SUSAN, his Wife and her heires forever, and if in case my Daughter SUSAN should dy without an heir then the said land is to return to the said CORNELIUS REYNOLDS and his heires forever Witness my hand the day and year above written



Recordatr x4 die Junii 1683. Test EDMD. CRASKE Cl Cur

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